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    Postgame Quotes - Indiana vs. Wisconsin

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 26, 2010

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    Indiana head coach Tom Crean

    Opening Statement:
    "Let me tell you what I told the team, I reviewed the history with them. I broke it down very, very simply to this - everywhere I have been as a coach, the cornerstones of the program come back to toughness on defense and rebounding. The ability to share the ball offensively and guys who are willing to be great teammates. We walk into Western Kentucky as an assistant to Ralph Willard, we got seven points and eight rebounds coming back and three years later we are in the Sweet 16. We go with Tom Izzo and three years later we are in the Sweet 16, and four years later in the Final Four. Four years at Marquette (and we are in the Final Four). It isn't a secret. It is a very, very clear blue print, and it is now for me more than ever. It comes down to this - there is going to be absolutely no question that when this program comes back, it will be synonymous with the word fight, toughness, aggressiveness. It will all be there. Is it there right now? No, it's not even close to where it has to be. The only way it is going to go is to have those things, and that's exactly how we are going to build it. I am looking for a group of guys who are going to fight with me and that's what we are going to get established here. That's the only way that it can go. That's what the upper echelon of this country is built on when it comes to college basketball and that's exactly where this program has been and that's exactly where we are going to take it. There's never going to be a compromise on effort. There's never going to be a compromise on toughness. There's never going to be a compromise on what it takes to be successful. We just work day after day. I cannot wait to get back on that court tomorrow to practice and get ready to play Iowa."

    On how to get toughness out of the defense:
    "Every day. You just keep driving home the same message on what we are doing. Is it there? No, has it been there at times? Absolutely and I see it in practice. So that's exactly what we are going to continue to do. Playing at this level is not for the faint hearted. We have got to continue to grow on the defensive end and the rebounding end and understanding the toughness. We played a major league basketball team tonight as you do most nights when you play teams in this league because of the strength, the toughness, the versatility, the ability to move the ball. Possession by possession is the hardest thing for somebody to learn. It takes five out of five guys doing everything they can do every possession. We have to continue to work that way."

    Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan

    On the run late in the first half:
    "A couple of them came off of opportunities, second chance opportunities or the ball moving here and then they rotated and we kicked it out. Keaton (Nankivil) got two good looks. Jon (Leuer) got a good look. We're an opportunistic team and we didn't take that many threes because we were penetrating. Our guards were doing a good job of attacking. They were overplaying quite a bit on the outside so you take what's available and I thought our guys made some pretty good decisions considering it was a very physical game."

    On getting out in front early:
    "I can't say I'm unhappy if we're getting those kinds of results. Defensively we tried to take certain things away from them. We did a decent job of that. We'll find a few things here when we break this down. I thought, for the most part, 80 percent of the game we played pretty well."

    On the play of Trevon Hughes:
    "He was opportunistic. He didn't force things. That shows his maturity. That shows where he is in his game right now. Other than a blip in the second half against Illinois where he couldn't buy a shot, I think he's shot it pretty well and he's made pretty good decisions."

    On the shooting success:
    "Indiana was playing hard. I thought our guys were patient enough to get good looks. Ninety percent of our shots were pretty good shots. They were making it work, either off the attack, off of pick and pops, pick and rolls, good use of the skip pass, good use of the drive and dish. We scored in a lot of different ways."




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