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    Indiana at Penn State Post Game Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 28, 2009

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    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean

    Can you talk about the looks that you guys had in the last few seconds?

    They were tough looks. They [Penn State] were switching everything, but we ran the plays that we wanted to run. You always want to have a couple-shooter options and that is what we had. They did a good job of switching That is the way we prepared, to run certain things at the end of a game. We came down with possession before the last timeout and we were playing for the best basket, whether it was a two or whether it was a three. Then at the end we had the last timeout and obviously we had to have a three and we got another look out of the side out of bounds.

    How did you think you guys were going to play tonight?

    I knew we would play well tonight. We have had two great practices. Lets put it this way--I would have been a lot more shocked if we didn't play extremely hard and work at execution and defend better. I would have been shocked. They [Indiana] really rebounded over the last couple of days and that is exactly what you have to have with a team. Unless you are going through it, it is unfathomable to think about what happens to your mentality, your confidence and all those different things. We just have to continue to build on that every day. Build confidence with habits, build confidence with competition and that is what we are going to try to do. Today they did battle very hard tonight. Penn State is good, they are very good. I think that they belong in the NCAA. Not many teams have three guys that can play the way those three can. They have other guys that did a great job when we were doing some different things defensively to have more shooters in the game. They have a very solid team and there is no doubt about it.

    Can you talk about the way Devan [Dumes] played?

    He was really locked in defensively. He had a big task tonight. He was a key component in our ability to change defenses and do things like that as well. He played very hard, played a lot of minutes and played through the fouls. When he wasn't getting to the line like maybe he should have or wanted him to, he didn't get frustrated with it, he just kept going.



    There was a point when Penn State swung into the lead and you called a quick timeout and got Jones [Verdell] into the lane. Do you see your team picking things up with your coaching?

    Absolutely, there is no question. That is why I don't want the coaching to end and I don't think they want to stop playing. You just have to be in it every day to get the feel. Early in the week they didn't believe when we played that way against Northwestern. Then the last two days and today, they are locked in. Confidence is such a fleeting thing. When you don't have a lot of things to look at to find natural confidence you have to find it in a lot of different ways. That is what we are trying to do, trying to make it creative, interesting, try to hold their attention, and at the same time win games while teaching them about winning efforts against losing efforts.


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