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    Indiana Postgame Quotes vs. Iowa

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 28, 2010

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    Indiana Postgame Quotes
    Indiana vs. Iowa
    February 28, 2010

    Head Coach Tom Crean

    On tonight's game:
    "We had 10 straight possessions where we didn't get anything. But we were holding in there. We were in a grinder. It was a different deal for us. You never know if your jump shot is going with you, you never know if your free throws are going with you on the road, but your defense better come. We did a pretty good job defensively. We battled and kept grinding it out even when we weren't scoring. We weren't letting them play in a free way. What hurt us more than anything else in the first half was not only were we not scoring, but we were turning it over. They had us 12-2 in the first half in points off turnovers."

    On the team's toughness:
    "We were in a fight tonight. They fought and have a very good group of players and an excellent coach. They have very strong bodies. We were in a fight and our guys understood it. That showed up even with the way we played in the end. Indiana fans and people who follow us in general would agree we look a lot better, even though we didn't get the win, when we are in there with a fighting spirit. That is the way it has to be. That doesn't excuse the fact that we didn't win, but we never backed away. That is what we have to continue to find ways to do."

    On the team's shooting:
    "We're not shooting the ball very well and that's obvious. We're not making a lot of shots, so we have to get the ball into the paint and get to the foul line. We are one of the better free throw shooting teams in the league over the last month of the season. That is the way we have to play. Our game is just not built on our three-point game. We have to be in a grinder and that is the best way for us to compete.

    "We have to find ways to win. When you are not shooting a high percentage it is not a real good idea to cast threes. We still have some three-point makers. We have to get to the foul line. That is something we do very well. We have to get closer to the basket. We know we are not a great decision-making team, and we have a long way to go in that area."

    On tonight's strategy:
    "We had too many turnovers in the first half, end with 20 and it ends up being an 11-point differential in points off turnovers. We turned them over a ton at our place, but we also exposed ourselves to too many easy baskets for them off of rebounds. That was the trade off tonight. We weren't going to play it that way. We were going to try and contain more. They do a very good job of moving the ball, and they have very good potential shooters that you have to guard."

    On how the team has to compete:
    "That is the way it has to be. I am going to fight and I am going to look for people to fight with me. That is how the program is going to be built. There are a couple "I's" in Indiana and there is an "I" in fight, and everybody better bring that. I thought those guys did. If they didn't, they didn't' get on the court much tonight. If they did, that is the way it has to be and that is the way we are going to progress."




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