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    Postgame Quotes - Wisconsin at Indiana

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    March 4, 2011

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    Wisconsin at Indiana - Postgame Quotes
    Thursday, March 3, 2011

    Head Coach Tom Crean
    Opening Statement:
    "A game like this tonight where you've got 48 shots that the starters take, four didn't come from three people. It's a little misleading because you have to make sure that everyone else that he puts out there can make plays. He's got three guys that really can make plays - that make the ball go. Jordan Taylor had an incredible performance; some shots that he made tonight were amazing. Maybe they've seen them in practice, but I've never seen those made in games. He made some incredibly challenged shots. He took advantage of us a few times when our coverage's weren't right. The biggest thing on a kid like that, is his rise, you are not going to steal the ball from him. We can never have our hands down, we are not going to reach and grab him, we might have even deflected some, and it's not going to be a steal. You need to be chest in front and hands up.

    First half we didn't do a very good job at that. The kid makes challenged shots, you can deal with it. When our hands were down and he was rising up, that's a pretty clear indication that our coverage wasn't as good. You saw what happened when we trapped the post, they baited us, and swinging it and kicked it. Bo's got a program and a team out there that he never has a player out there that can't make a shot. We are not there, obviously. Trapping is not a good thing especially when his kids are leading the country in turnover to assist ratio. Our game-plan was when that game got into the shot clock, do everything we can do to deny Taylor the ball; when the clock was winding down we go ahead and switch our defense. When a kid is making shots over 6-8 or 6-9 guys and they've got their hands up, I guess you have to look at them and give them some credit. They've played an excellent game and as well as he was playing, the game was right there for us. We didn't have a good night shooting the ball again from 3, it wasn't a better shooting night from the field. We never want to get into a free throw shooting contest with Wisconsin, but tonight we did. For us to have more free throw attempts than them is a small miracle in itself. It was just too much Jordan Taylor making shots. The ones that I would like to have back aren't the ones that he was falling away and hands out stretched, or contested because he is a great, player, a special player. It is the shots where they got by us and our chests weren't in front of us and our hands weren't up. We wanted our hands starting at the chest, not at the knees or the waist. I am proud of our effort, and I've said to the team today that I have blinders on; all I am looking for are guys that committed to doing everything they can defensively and on the boards, and believing that they can win."

    On defense of Taylor:
    "We were going to switch with the pick and roll because you saw the game-plan was starting to go under. The problem with them is dealing with the traps because they just bait you, whether its pick and roll, trap, or post-trap. They have two big's that are two of the best all around big's in the country. We were doing a pretty decent job on them and Leuer didn't have any points until the very end. We were comfortable with switching and riding down into the post and guarding with the big. We had enough people in the lane if he got to the rim. The one thing you don't want to do with them because they are so well-schooled is Taylor getting into the lane and they got us early on this. They end up spacing out into the behind and they hit shots a couple of times. It is not the mismatch or the matchup it's the open shots. For a kid like Taylor, the open shot is anything less than your outstretched. He made shots over 6-8 and 6-9 guys. We were doing everything we can to keep the ball out of his hands with the shot clock winding down. That was the whole game plan and we did a pretty good job with that. They are not built for half court offense, they are built for shot clock offense. They are the best in the country at it; and that's where they score the bulk of their points. You can't give them free looks and the one thing you want to do is make them take challenged shots."

    On run cutting the lead to 1 point:
    "Yeah, and then Jordan Taylor made some shots, when our coverage was bad. That is the bottom line, when he got on a run because we dropped our hands. I wouldn't have changed anything with our game-plan. You are not going to make a play of trapping him because he is going to kick it out and find other shooters. That is why they can win it. He is a special player, he is a high level player. He is All-American and a first round pick when that time comes and he is the real deal. Tonight he took it to a whole new level. That was the momentum and then we didn't make some shots. You are not going to beat them shooting 18 percent from the 3-point line."

    On Saturday's game:
    "I am playing to win. I am not going to baby these guys. They are going to go to school in the morning because that's what is best for the student-athlete. That is the hardest part of an 11 o'clock in the morning turnaround than anything else."

    Head Coach Bo Ryan
    On joking about Jordan Taylor only having one assist/his big night:
    "Hey, if that's the best joke that you guys have in this room then we're in trouble. Jordan just did some things that very few people, I think, can do against any teams. At any time he just he just created openings. He was ready to pass it, but he was also open so he's got to shoot it when he's open and he got to the line, attacked, drew the fouls, did everything a point guard should do. Yeah, I don't think anybody would talk about ball hogging when you get the looks that he gets. He was able to get separation and he was able to attack so anytime you can get both."

    On Wisconsin foul trouble:
    "We made a run, got a little spurt there and then the substitutes did a good job, that's when they happened to hit their run. They cut into that and that quickly evaporated but then we hit that one stretch where Jordan just carried us. But our guys didn't get down, they got in foul trouble, they went to the bench and then they got ready to get back in, they were anxious to get back on the court." Yeah it was a toughness move, a move where he got a little bit bumped off his honches and still was able to finish at the basket - I thought that was pretty good. He's going to be one of those guys, the next two years that people will hear a lot from. He's biding his time and working hard in practice, hopefully he's got some more to give us this year."

    On Mike Bruesewitz play:
    "Mike is just a guy who, his motor never stops running."

    More on Jordan Taylor's play:
    "You know, it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the fight in the dog and Jordan can play pretty big at times."

    On facing Ohio State this weekend:
    "There aren't any thoughts about whether we won the last game or they won the last game, that has nothing to do with what our preparation will be. You know, you're always judged on your next 40 minutes as we told the guy before this game tonight. We catch two senior nights at the end of the season, I don't know how many teams over the years get to do that but to see Rivers and what he's done in the program ... I think Ohio State has a few seniors. We know how well we have to play to beat a team like Ohio State, forget ranking - forget everything else. They're just a solid team that's proven it night in and night out. They have two bumps: Purdue and us and they've kind of taken everyone else and done what they needed to do and we would still like to go in there and play and again see if we can do some things to take them out of their rhythm and the way they've been playing. Diebler with 10 3's in a game, that's hard to do. I know guys in our league, on our team to, that can't get 10 3's if you didn't leave anybody guarding them and they took 100 shots, so that's hard to do in competition. So they have so many marks and it will be a tough game."

    On how Jordan Taylor put the team on his back:
    "Well I would like to be able to say that, I don't know how to describe that but the best thing you know is he only had one turnover when he went to kick the ball out, he drew the help perfect and he's good at then firing the ball back out to a shooter and his foot came out, that's his only turnover. He would have had more assists, if it wasn't for the fact that he was getting to the rim when he drove and he was able to have separation on the threes he had so why not? His teammates were certainly encouraging him, they were ready to catch and shoot but he was the man of the night I can tell you that."




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