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    Postgame Quotes - Indiana vs. Northwestern

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    March 6, 2010

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    Indiana head coach Tom Crean

    Opening statement:
    "Obviously I knew we were playing a very good basketball team that shoots the ball at a very high level. To play pretty much 99 percent of the game in zone and for them to get 42 threes (attempts) something was going to give one way or the other and fortunately when you give up 13 threes (made) you don't always expect that you are going to win, but I thought our guys really moved well defensibly and we made adjustments throughout the game offensively and defensively. For such a young team on the court, I think that's a pretty impressive feat because on the offensive end it became more about the spacing and the concepts then it did about any type of play. We really predominately stayed in about two things, spacing wise and our guys did an excellent job of moving the basketball and I think that had a lot do with the shots that we got at the end of regulation. We had a set that we ran right out of the side out of bounds. I have to get a look on it on tape, tough play. I would have liked to have seen it move a little bit better in that play. I have to see it on tape. Maybe we could have won it in regulation, but to hold that team to 25 percent, in the overtime, that's impressive stuff. Our guys stepped up and they made plays. This was one of the games where, for the most of the game and at the end of the second half, and in the overtime, we had four freshmen and a sophomore on the floor and they played like they had been through a lot. I think that was really great for them to get this victory and I am proud of the way they played. One of the most miserable things in your basketball life is to lose on your Senior Day. You feel so bad for your guys, especially your older guys who are never going to play in that arena again, when you lose that game. To win it is a great feeling for them and I am so appreciative of how the fans stay for this and I really do hope that they look at these four guys that came in there and represented the program and continue to look after them when they get in into the world of business and their chosen profession down the road, because one of the greatest selling points we can have is to look back at the people who have played here. That is the biggest part of tradition, I think as anything else, is what people have done once they have left. I hope that these four as they graduate can add into that."

    On going with four freshmen at the end of regulation:
    "I didn't second guess it, as long as no one got too fatigued. We moved things around. We had Verdell at the point to start the game. We had Christian at the small forward spot to start the game. We did a really good job today of mixing positions and all of those types of things. To be honest with you, it hit me once when I looked out there on the defensive end and I knew we had four freshmen and a sophomore, but other than that, I didn't think about it. I just look at it as a basketball team."

    On Jordan's big shots:
    "Then he had a big air ball Bobby turned into a big shot. Jeremy Nash is one of the absolute best defenders in America. Jordan made some big shots and I think that's going to be part of his persona at Indiana."

    On Derek and Jordan:
    "We felt they were the two best players in the state of Indiana last year in that class, and certainly Derek was a recommitment from a young man that had already committed. Jordan, certainly and its well documented, after we had a chance. Tim Buckley was sold from the first trip to Pittsburgh for an AAU tournament and it moved fairly quickly because that's the kind of guy you want to have in your program. Neither one of those guys are just program guys, I mean they are because of their character, because of their development, because they love to work. But they are going to have a hand in turning the program. We are really fortunate to have them."

    Northwestern head coach Bill Carmody

    Opening statement:
    "I thought they deserved to win. That's what I told Tom (Crean) after the game - they deserved to win. They came out and played real hard, played with some urgency, and I didn't think we did. In the second half you have to make plays. We go up four, it's 44-40. We put the press on, we steal the ball twice. We missed two-straight foul shots and then its 51-47. We had two foul shots and missed them both. You give them opportunities. What would've happened if you make a couple of those? Give them credit, they hung in there, hung in there and played with confidence. We made a little comeback there to get it into overtime.

    "We don't have a third guy. We don't have a third guy that scores whether its jumpers or on the basket. It puts so much pressure on (John) Shurna and (Michael) Thompson). Mike, I thought, played great in the second half. He didn't play bad in the first half, he just missed some shots. It's hard to come back and make shots after that. Hulls - that's what he does. He makes shots. You can't give him open looks."

    On his team:
    "I told them before the game, it's not about building momentum now as it was two weeks ago. Now it's about winning today so that you can go Thursday just having won. I think we compete. It's just really disappointing. We had four-point leads twice there. We put the press on and stole the ball twice, missed foul shots, missed a couple of lay-ups. Alex (Marcotullio) missed a lay-up, Jeremy (Nash) threw the ball over the rim. They took advantage. They came down and scored."

    On splitting the season series with IU:
    "That happens in conferences now. You see it a bunch. We win at our place, they win at their place. Having just played, what do they get from it? What do we get from it? All these teams in our conference can beat us, and I think we can beat them all."




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