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    Indiana vs. Ohio State - Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    March 6, 2013

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    Indiana vs. Ohio State
    March 5, 2013

    Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening statement:
    "I definitely need to watch the film clear but my initial reactions of this game are obviously we didn't shoot it well but we had costly turnovers. We did not protect the ball the way we needed to. They were leading the league in steals on the road. From the way we looked at it they had those steals tonight. A lot of them were live ball turnovers that just turned into buckets for them. They played well. Both teams played extremely hard but they played smarter and that caught us. We didn't do a great job of playing out possessions. That's one thing that this team is good at is playing the length of the possession whatever it was. We didn't do a great job of that. To me it was the no defense to turnovers, especially in what is a contested game. Just a dagger was not switching when (Deshaun) Thomas hit that three. I think it was 56-50 and he hit it to make it 59-50 and we just made a defensive switch at the timeout. Those kinds of things can't happen. There were a few mental errors. There were a few situations where we didn't guard well enough throughout the clock and we had the turnovers. When you put that in there and you put it against a real good team and you put it in a contested game, which to that point it was. It was really close until Deshaun hit that three. That's what you get. That's what you get. This is the epitome of bittersweet tonight as far as I can tell. We're trying to celebrate what these guys have earned and at the same time we didn't earn it tonight. We didn't earn it tonight. So we just keep moving forward in a hurry. We'll be back right back at it tomorrow and get ourselves ready for a great Michigan team. The good news is all of our stuff is correctable. The bottom line is we have to do that."

    On celebrating and cutting down the nets tonight:
    "Oh yeah there was no question we were going to do that. These guys have earned that. I have a responsibility to them. We're going to hang our own banner up there. Eventually we're going to individualize those banners that are up there now. These guys have worked to a point where they have earned it. They came in here and they looked at those banners every day and now they're going to get a chance to hang one. That was a given once Sunday night came. That was a given. They've earned it. Whether it's shared, whether it's not shared they've earned that. You play the way you play in this league you deserve to cut the nets down. Obviously everybody wish this would have been a win but it wasn't. But we are still going to do it. We did it and there are going to be new nets up there tomorrow."

    On how Ohio State defended differently from the first game:
    "They were more active. We didn't hit the post a couple of times. It was a very physical game again. There's no doubt about that. That's just the way the Big Ten is. When we took Victor (Oladipo) and Cody (Zeller) out in the first half because of the fouls we got a little stagnant and I was disappointed with the mental errors we made with the guys that were in running the offense. We lost a little bit of movement and so then it became okay we got to get the ball into Christian (Watford). We were never really able to create any separation but fortunately they weren't either. So it wasn't a matter of us getting it in it was a matter of us making the bucket or getting the extended possession by getting the second shot. They were aggressive. They were physical. They're a very good team. We over-penetrated. They were really committed to getting into our drivers tonight. Early in the first half we were playing the game too much inside of the three-point line rather than outside of the three-point line, which would make our spacing better. We were trying to make something happen rather than let it happen. I've got to go back and watch the film to see some of that. The bottom line is we wanted to keep the lane covered on (Aaron) Craft. He made some tough shots tonight. Those are the same shots he didn't make against us. He's so good because he's looking for two things. He's looking for an open lane and if you converge he's looking to hit someone. What we wanted to do was make sure he didn't have an open lane and then choke his outlets a little bit. They did that. They forced Yogi into some situations where he should have kept his dribble a few times and they took some of those outlets away. That's when we got to keep the ball moving. I'm think we're going to be really disappointed when we look at our ball reversals. I haven't seen that statistic yet, though."

    IU Players Postgame Quotes

    Jordan Hulls

    On how the game got away in the second half:

    "We just didn't execute offensively. We allowed way too many transition buckets, turned the ball over too much, which led to them getting easy buckets. There were some stretches there that we would play really good `D' for the whole shot clock and then they would get a bucket right at the end. (Aaron) Craft hit one off the backboard, a pull-up jumper, you know whatever. We just didn't do a good job of coming out of that edge that we needed to have to win the ballgame."

    On whether it felt odd to cut down the nets after a loss: "Well, we earned that right. Obviously, we didn't like to lose, but we did earn the right to cut down the nets. We're happy with that but we definitely would have liked to have won. We can't dwell on that we just have to get back at it tomorrow and prepare for our next game."

    Christian Watford

    On how Ohio State defended the paint tonight as opposed to their previous matchup:
    "They packed the lane a little bit, but I don't think they didn't anything significantly different. We just didn't move the ball as well as we needed to and we didn't reverse the ball as well as we needed to."

    Derek Elston

    On whether Ohio State had more of an edge:
    "They definitely came out with that edge. I know in the second half we came out and got them to turn the ball over. We definitely had the game going the way we wanted in the start of the second half. Then somewhere in between the start of the half and the 12-minute mark it just kind of felt like too many mental errors were stacking on top of each other. Anytime you dwell on one of those, you're just not playing your game anymore, and I think that's what happened tonight."

    Ohio State Head Coach Thad Matta

    On forcing a lot of Indiana turnovers:
    "We were much more active tonight in terms of defense. It was no secret what they were trying to do: they wanted to go inside with Zeller and Watford. The spacing we got all the way along the baseline was unbelievable, but it was overall more activity. Guys knew that they were going to have to play hard the whole game and they took that seriously."

    On Indiana's quick scoring burst in the second half:
    "We knew they were a great shooting basketball team, and their first seven field goals of the second half went in. We just told our guys to make sure you keep your poise and we made some big buckets as well. We pressed a little bit to start the second and we noticed that they were scoring, but we were making some layups too. I thought our guys played through it pretty well."

    On the play of Aaron Craft:
    "He was huge. You want the ball in his hands. The other thing I thought was a key for us was Evan Ravenel helping off the glass and he had a put-back shot that was big for us."

    On Shannon Scott:
    "Shannon was tremendous tonight. Just his ability to push the basketball around was huge. We got some easy baskets off of our defense and that was something we haven't always done this year. Converting off our defense was key in the first half. Shannon had a great feel to him tonight."

    On what they learned from watching Minnesota beat Indiana:
    "We are a lot different than them. We don't have (Trevor) Mbakwe, being the biggest difference. We are just a different team. We didn't get a whole lot out of that, it was more our tape of game one over in Columbus. We didn't think we played real well in the first game, and they had a lot to do with it. We knew we had to create more havoc defensively and challenge shots better. We gave up a lot of easy baskets in game one."

    On Victor Oladipo's lack of shooting in the first half:
    "He was in some foul trouble and didn't get a ton of minutes. We said at the start of the second half, he's going to try and take this game over. What a terrific player he is."

    On the growth of the team the past few weeks:
    "I'm proud of this basketball team. We were knocked down and kicked to the ground and they've picked themselves up and responded at a really high level. We are not done yet; we've got to continue playing high level basketball. This was a tremendous win for these guys and for our program."




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