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    Indiana vs. Wisconsin Postgame Quotes - Big Ten Tournament

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    March 9, 2012

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    Indiana vs. Wisconsin
    Postgame Quotes - Big Ten Tournament

    Junior Jordan Hulls:
    On the team sensing the loss of Verdell Jones III today:
    "Yeah, yeah, definitely. Having a good player like Verdell not being able to play for us, it's pretty difficult, but a lot of years have been the next guys stepping up, and we have the guys on the bench who can fully do that. But you can't replace directly a guy like Verdell, but we just gotta adapt to that."

    On what the team can take from the two rounds in the Big Ten Tournament:
    "We always want to compete and obviously win, but I felt like we played hard, but we have to play a lot smarter to carry that into the next games that we have to play. So we gotta play more intelligent and get that team chemistry and keep building on that."

    On what the team did incorrectly on defense:
    "Just whether it's switching. Whether it's closing out with the hand lower than it needs to be on a shooter there, just rising up and hitting shots and pretty much open, so just gotta communicate a lot better and that's just part of being intelligent."

    On if Wisconsin was doing things to take away the 3 from him and Matt Roth:
    "I was just trying to be aggressive off the pick-and-roll, so my shots were just mostly pull-up jumpers. I wasn't going to try to force 3-pointers if it wasn't there. So for me, that's what I really felt. But as far as Matt or anybody else, that's probably partly my fault too not driving and kicking enough and finding an open man on the 3-point line."

    Junior Christian Watford
    On trying to stop a team that gets hot from 3:
    "It's difficult, but we did some crazy stuff. We just weren't playing intelligent on the defensive end and they made some shots."

    On knowing that Selection Sunday is coming up to help regroup from the lost:
    "Oh, yeah, it does. But, like you said, we definitely didn't want to lose today, but we'll go back home and we'll get ready and we'll find out where we're playing and who we're playing. We'll be ready."

    Freshman Cody Zeller
    On what Wisconsin did to limit his rebounds:
    "I mean, some of it has to do with them shooting 3s, but a lot of it had to do with me. I gotta catch up at the boards harder. I gotta give better effort."

    On defending Rob Wilson:
    "I mean, our coaches did a pretty nice job of doing the scouting reports and stuff for us. We knew that he could shoot the ball, but we gave him too many openings. Especially once he got hot, we didn't change anything in our defensive strategy to get out on him more."




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