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    Postgame Quotes - Indiana vs. Wisconsin (Big Ten Tournament)

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    March 16, 2013

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    Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening Statement:
    "We made a couple of comebacks in this game, and we did an excellent job of that, and every time we made that comeback with what was working for us, we got a way from it. We had some critical turnovers at key times. We had some critical second shots we gave up at key times. The biggest story for us is we've been defending the three the last six, seven games at an incredibly high level, and today we didn't. We didn't. And they got some kick-out threes and things of that nature, but we got away from what had been making us better. We started to over-help again, and tried to cover for one another when there was no need to do it.

    "Those are the things we just can't do. I mean, it's possession by possession games. And there were times we got the pace going in a good way and there were other times we just have to bare down and play. They are all correctible, because they are all things that we do -- but they are areas that we just have to be very, very consistent with. But Wisconsin played well. They shot the ball very well. They made some open ones, and they also made some tough ones, there's no doubt about that. And they answered the bell every time we made a comeback.

    "But the biggest disappointment is every time we had something working, like I said, we had to come back in and we didn't stick with it enough."

    On Wisconsin's success against Indiana:
    "They are a very good team, extremely well-coached, disciplined, great staffs, inside-outside scoring, great balance, and just an all-around great team. They are an excellent team and have been for a long, long time. As long as he's the coach there, they will be."

    On whether he is happy with how the team is playing now:
    "Well, I guess we just need to improve. Bottom line is there's certain things we can get better at. That's an a lot of tough questions when you get beat today like this, but if you asked me the question yesterday, I probably would have had a different answer. But we didn't play as well today. So it's just a matter of going and looking at the film, making the corrections that we need to make and moving forward."

    On how much stock he puts in winning a Big Ten Championship versus a National Championship:
    "That's a hypothetical in the sense of 2003. My mindset is you try to win every game and take the next one as it comes, and certainly we would have liked to have won it.

    "But it doesn't undo what we have done to this point. It doesn't undo any of that. We have had an excellent season. There's room for growth, there's no doubt about that. But we would have liked to have played better today, no question."

    On his conversation with Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan after the game:
    "I told him he's a great coach and always looked up to him and what he's done in his program. I hope they go a long way in the NCAA Tournament and I hope his father starts feeling better."

    On Bill Carmody being fired at Northwestern today:
    "First thing that came to my mind is when Rob Ryan lost his job with the Dallas Cowboys, he said he would be out of work about five minutes. I doubt Bill Carmody will say that, but that should be the case.

    He's a great basketball coach. He's done a phenomenal job at that university, did a phenomenal job long before that. He should be one of the more higher-demand coaches, and all anybody needs to look at is what Bruce Weber has done this year at Kansas State after leaving Illinois.

    Bill Carmody should get the same opportunity at another league, there's a lot of prestigious leagues out there and get an opportunity to coach in, and I would be shocked if he didn't have great success. I don't know him well personally but I know him enough to have great respect for him. When I see on film and going against him, I have incredible respect for him."

    On the quick turnaround for games at the Big Ten tournament help prep for NCAA Tournament:
    "I think it always helps, yeah. I think it's a matter of understanding. But we didn't do some of the things that we do on a consistent basis today, and that hurt us as much as anything. They played an outstanding game, but like I said at the beginning, you've got to understand what got you there, and we did a great job coming back and then we got away from that a little bit. But we can play better. We will play better. We have played better and we are going to go find out next week."

    Cody Zeller
    On his thoughts on the game in the big picture:
    "Obviously we wanted to get this win today. We'll learn from it. We'll figure out what we did wrong. We'll make the corrections and get ready for next week because that's what's most important."

    On what was different with the way Wisconsin defended him today vs. the first game this season:
    "Nothing, nothing too big. You know, I always want to be aggressive. You know, they do a nice job inside of not fouling me, going into the lane a lot. They weren't falling as well as they were."

    On whether other teams will use this game as a way to beat Indiana:
    "They have been trying to slow it down on us all year. We always want to speed up the pace, and you know, with our pressure, if we are getting after them on the defensive end, getting deflections, then that's how we want to play. We didn't do enough of that and enough to speed up the pace tonight, which is why we got beat.

    Victor Oladipo

    On Wisconsin making a run each time Indiana responded with a run:
    "It was tough. Credit them, they did a great job down the stretch, and you know, we had some key turnovers like Coach said that we have to look back and see what we did wrong and fix it and get ready for the NCAA Tournament."

    On whether the team is playing its best basketball right now:
    "A little bit. Like Cody said, we really wanted to win this one. We are going to have to go back and watch the film and see what we did wrong, correct it, and get ready for the big tournament, because we want to be successful in that, as well."

    Christian Watford

    On Ryan Evans success against Indiana:
    "He made some tough shots and we tried to take the ball out of his hands and stuff like that. He made some tough shots, hats off to him.

    On what caused the offense to struggle at times:
    "We knew what we had to do. We knew we had to move the ball in order to be successful against Wisconsin. We just tried to force the ball in; it happens."




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