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    Southern Indiana vs Indiana (Exhibition) Post Game Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Oct. 26, 2013

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    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean
    Postgame Quotes
    Oct. 26, 2013

    Opening Statement: "I thought the first game under the lights, the first game in front of the fans, I thought our guys played with tremendous energy. I thought we got better as the game went on. I think these guys understood that at some point in time, if you just stick with it, stick with your energy, you keep pushing the ball, keep attacking, good things are going to happen.

    "It was certainly not a situation where we played as efficiently on defense in the second half. We had 53 deflections. We outrebounded them by I think 16 or 18, but we still had our moments where we didn't challenge shots as well, we didn't rotate as well, we didn't go through screens as well.

    "I thought it was a great eye opener for us, in the sense of everybody's playing to win. It doesn't matter who it is, you've got to hit, you've got to have an aggressiveness, you've got to be down in the stance, you've got to chase 50-50 balls.

    "Then I think the biggest thing, especially in a guy like Troy [Williams], is like I mentioned at one point, I said `Do you know who Babe Ruth is?' and he didn't. I said, "Well Babe Ruth was an unbelievable home run hitter and a strikeout king, and right now we don't want to be Babe Ruth. We don't want to hit home runs and we don't want to strike out. We want to just play solid basketball.'

    "With his aggressiveness, there were a couple points where he tried to make plays that would've brought the house down, but unfortunately they made the baskets, and that's a great example of our night and where our team is right now. There is a lot of talent. There is a lot of athleticism. There's a hunger, but we just have to gain an understanding. We've got to understand when it's time to take a chance and gamble, but most importantly when it's just time to bare down and be solid.

    "To me, that's what the growth of this team will come down to. I think the growth is there. I think the desire to get better is there. I think the aggressiveness is there. We'll get better with our offense. We'll get better in every aspect, but the most important thing is we came out and we played, for the most part, with really, strong energy. Not as physical as we could've been. Not as intelligent as we could've been at times, but we did some really good things.

    "Devin [Davis] was in a situation where he had just had a tough week. We decided to hold him back. Just allow his body to rest up and recover. Stan [Robinson] has not been cleared yet. Hopefully at some point next week we'll be able to get him back. Peter[Jurkin] had been gone for a substantial amount of time back to the Sudan to see his father, so he's behind in a lot of respects. We looked at different combinations as the night went on, and saw guys do different things.

    "I'm sure you'll have some individual questions on different guys. I love their attitude, love the upbeat way that they play. I think the fans are really going to enjoy the team, but I think they are going to be like me. They'll pull their hair out once in a while and hopefully they'll understand that these guys are trying to do everything they can do to continue to hold Indiana to the standard they're at. They want it and that's well over half the battle."

    On the defense and how the team played tonight: "We don't have a ton of things in, when it comes to different defenses and we don't have all of our concepts. It's really been about, with this team, just understanding how connected you have to be. Team defensive-wise, what your footwork has got to be like. We spent a ton of time on trying to play without our hands, and we probably had 75-80 percent of our practices be officiated with at least three officials, and I think that showed up tonight. It really showed up. In my mind, that's the story of the game for us, that we only committed 12 personal fouls.

    "Now could we have been more aggressive? I don't think for as long a team as we have, they have any idea how long they are. I think that's going to come with experience, come with time. We switched some tonight. Other times we went to a zone. We don't have very much in at all. So really it's just a matter of bearing down, but there are certain things defensively that we want to do where there is a chance to switch out and go for a steal. But, he's got such a firecracker in his body. He's on the explosion all the time. So I think once he figures that out, like I say to him, `We don't want you to be Victor as a freshman, we want you to be Victor defensively as an end of sophomore year type of guy.' I think he's good enough that he could get to that point."

    On Kevin Yogi Ferrell play: "I think the whole key is you take what the game is giving you, and Yogi is good enough where that's got to be the key. The shooting was excellent, the way that he got them. There are some footwork things that he knew about that we'll continue to get that corrected. Some of our misses were all footwork related. They were not getting that left foot down, not getting turned. All the things that we're just harping on all the time that I think has helped this team the last couple of years be as good as they were from 3-point range.

    "A lot of times it's not just if you're open and if you get your hand through the ball, it'show your body is placed, and where your left foot is and are you behind the ball, and all these different things. Especially when you're shooting it off the dribble like he is. He is going to have to be a guy that is going to shoot a lot more free throws than two in a game. He's got to be a guy that gets a lot more than two defensive rebounds in a game because last year it was off the charts on how many buckets he scored off his own defensive board and in the break. If you've got one guy to beat, we're gone. It just eliminates so many steps when he gets a defensive rebound.

    "But the other thing is with these rules, he's got to be a guy that really get's to the basket. He's made big jumps. I think you can all see that. And he'll continue to make those jumps. This past week of practice was his best overall week he's had probably since he's been here, so I think that really gives us something to build on."

    Indiana players vs. Southern Indiana

    Kevin Yogi Ferrell

    What did you like and what didn't you like about the game tonight?

    "I felt like as a team we played very hard. I felt like we need to step it up defensively in the second half. For the overall performance, I felt like we played better than I expected. I felt that we were more together. The guys were on the court talking to one another, and helping each other out, getting each other through mistakes. For our first game as a new team, I felt that we played very well."

    Talk about the six three's you made tonight and how you worked on your shot in the off-season?

    "That just shows that I have been shooting in the offseason. Especially shooting with guys like Jeremy, Evan, Stan, even Noah. We're always shooting after practice, getting shots up. We need to continue to do that."

    What impressed you about Troy's play tonight? "I felt like he played with high energy. I felt like he is very explosive. The thing that I really like that he does is attack the offensive rim. We got 21 offensive rebounds tonight, a lot on his end. I felt like we are definitely going to need that, because we are going to need to get second chance points for our team."

    Hanner Mosquera-Perea Talk about your defensive play tonight? "I know I am going to be playing a lot of players that are going to be bigger than me. So I need to learn how to be quicker than them and move around them."

    Talk about extending your game beyond the paint? "I have been working on my shot a lot. I have been working on my post moves, my shot and I think it has made a difference. I feel like all those things in my game got way better."

    How would you rate the play of the front court tonight? "We all know we have a very long team right now. Luke and Noah are very long. Noah is a strong player. Luke is a very long player. He blocks a lot of shots. I feel very good about it."

    Troy Williams

    How big of an emphasis was it to be active on defense tonight?

    "We are an athletic and long team this year. We want to use that to our advantage. You could see tonight that everybody had their hands up to make us seem longer, it spread out our zone and man-to-man and made it longer. Having the length and quickness, athletic and ability helps us a lot on defense."

    Talk about having to play the whole pre-season with one hand?

    "Having to play with one had has really help elevate the play of my left hand. Before I came here, I had a left hand, but it wasn't as strong as my right hand. People see being it (injured right hand) as a setback, but I see it as a help to get better with my left hand. Having both hands with the same ability has really helped out a lot. Now I can finish on both sides of the rim with either hand."

    Southern Indiana vs Indiana USI Head Coach Rodney Watson Post Game Quotes - Oct. 26, 2013

    Opening Statement: "For a game in October, I thought it was really important that we accomplish two things- that we play extremely hard, and that we play together. The spacing and the timing will all come as we continue to work and our guys grow together, but I was really impressed with our effort and intensity. I thought we really showed a lot of courage in such a phenomenal atmosphere. In October for a practice there were over 15,000 people here. You can't simulate this kind of environment in practice. I thought we had a lot of great individual efforts tonight and I know that everyone who played in this game played their heart out."

    On how well the team played: "I don't remember at what point Austin Davis hit the three to cut Indiana's lead to four, but up to that point we were really in a good spot. We hit a little bit of a lull where we got tired and made some tired decisions, but as I told our guys, we were playing against some of the absolute premier talent in the country. They were playing at a level that's above anything else in college basketball. I know it was October, but I thought that game had as much of a `March' feel to it as any I've seen. The atmosphere was terrific, the pace was terrific, and there were a lot of excellent plays. We will keep building on it and hopefully have the muscle memory to remember what it takes to play at the highest level."

    On playing at Assembly Hall: "It gets you ready for any atmosphere you will play in. Now you go to places like Kentucky Wesleyan, Bellairmine, and schools like that where there is terrific atmospheres and our guys will be ready because we've been there. Now they know what it's like to go on the road and there is energy in the crowd and what they have to do to take the fans out of it. I think that was the best practice for our momentum we could ever have."

    On Yogi Ferrell: "I'd don't think there's a point guard at Indiana after Isiah Thomas who's better than Yogi Ferrell. I think he's that good. I love his game, I love his body, and I love his disposition on the floor. He keeps everyone involved. He is such a multi-dimensional player and for us to have the opportunity to try and guard him, it did nothing but help us."

    On what he likes about this Indiana team: "I love their length and I love their toughness. They're young guys, and a lot of times young guys don't understand the toughness you have to have to play at the highest level in the country, but they were going to the rim with authority. You can make the point that it was against a Division II and an undersized team, but they were going to the rim and playing fearless. I think they will have to make perimeter jump shots, like we will, to play games well. I love the way the hand check rule has come into play- it's going to do nothing but help all of us. It's going to help coaches, it's going to help players, the fans are going to love it, and the media's going to love it. It's going to be great for all of us."




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