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    Postgame Quotes - Franklin College vs. Indiana

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 3, 2010

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    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening Statement:
    "First off, we appreciate Franklin. I thought they were extremely scrappy like we thought they would be. The best thing they do that we saw on film was get to 50-50 balls, make the hustle plays (based on) last year. We thought that would be really good for us to have to deal with. Their break was outstanding and they continued to go the entire time. I think that's really, really important because we totally set out to compete for 40 minutes. I'm most excited about that. I don't think we had very many lulls at all. We got momentum back a few times and our guys never stopped competing inside of the game."

    "We had some defensive goals that we wanted to hit. We hit those and that was important to us. We continued to move the basketball in a very good way. That was important to us. A lot of the baskets that we got were in the context of the offense. I think we scored somewhere in the 47 to 48 percent of our points off turnovers. Last year I believe we averaged seven or eight percentage points of our offense off of turnovers. So obviously we're not going to be in that percentage all the time, but it does need to move up for us to be successful. We want to create off of our defense. We want to create off the backboards. We want to take care of the basketball. We want to share the ball on offense, but we want to be relentless moving forward defensively. Tonight we took some steps on that and our key is that we continue to get better at that all of the time."

    On Maurice Creek:
    "I was excited for him because again, outside of the other night in the Night of the Living Red scrimmage, that's the first time he's been under the lights, first time he's been in front of people because he didn't play in Hoosier Hysteria, so that's the first time he's done that since he was injured.

    "There's going to be some time to get his rhythm back, and we're going to be careful with the stretches of minutes that he plays and then get him loosened back up. Like I've said before, he's healthy, the knee is healthy, but we've got to get him in the shape with his legs where he needs to be and where he can be highly successful and get him stretches that gets that confidence back. I thought in the second half he did a really good job of that."

    On Christian Watford:
    "It started with his defense and that's what great players do. Great players that aspire to be that person and aspire to play that way, they have to be consistent in everything that they do. It's got to be all ends of the floor and that includes the offensive and defensive backboards. The baskets he got early, especially, were all in the context of the offense and his ability to create from there, in the sense of dropping his shoulder and getting to the rim. It was good. He's just got to continue to get stronger. He's got to continue to build his athleticism.

    "His day today, he was in for a 45-50 minute individual, hard individual this morning so we could work on things with him that we'd seen in practice where there might have been a little slippage with driving the ball to his left, dropping his shoulder in certain places. He comes back for a walk-through in the afternoon and gets 26 points in 25 minutes. That's a full day's work, plus class and he's a very good student. He's really working to improve. He's very hungry and I think he epitomizes where our team is right now. They want to get better and we have nothing to be confident about, other than our hard work. We need to stay extremely hungry to improve and guys like Christian and people that are playing significant minutes, they've got to lead the way with that."

    On Franklin College:
    "Adam Martin had a lot to do with us deciding to take this game. He's an assistant in his second year with Franklin, a good young coach. It was a pleasure to play those guys. It was a pleasure to get to know Kerry (Prather). That team represented Franklin College really, really well because they never stopped competing, they never stopped playing hard, they were scrappy the entire way. (Tonight) was a good test for us from a good team."

    Franklin Head Coach Kerry Prather

    On team performance:
    "We're not going to find a matchup for (Christian) Watford. We can look up and down that bench and around the corner and out the door and that's just something we're not going to find. And we did some good things. The first 10, 12 minutes of the game we got some stops, we got out and ran a little bit. But, that just wears us down. That's just too many challenging matchups in too many stops, but I was really proud of the kids. I thought they did a great job of kind of re-gathering and competing."

    On Will Conoley:
    "Well, it's hard for him. You're looking at some scoring opportunities that we're simply not going to get and we're honestly not going to create in a game like this. He's farther from the basket, which is not where he's most effective from. But, he did a nice job. I though Clay (Starrett) did a nice job. He did a nice job getting us up and down, and even some of the freshmen that were stuck in there given the situation. I think it's easy to see that we're a much better team than we were last year and I think in time, this is going to be maybe the deepest team we've had in a long, long time. We went through more kids getting more and more work before it got late, as far back as I can remember."

    On J.T. Barton and Terry Sargent:
    "I love [Barton] because he's such an aggressive kid. He's still at the feast or famine stage. He's going to push right down and go and good things are going to happen. Sometimes he's going to run over pedestrians, and trash cans and things, but I would rather, any day, take a kid like that and teach him the discipline he needs than constantly be on somebody trying to get him to play hard. Terry's the same way. Terry's very quick, athletic, but has obviously never been in a situation like this. He made some great decisions, but sometimes he gets going quicker than he can control, but he'll learn all that. Same with Bailey Howard, same with Troy Porter; I think all those kids are exactly what we hoped they would be. And they will be more ready to compete at our level because of an experience like this."

    On season preparation from this game:
    "I thought we were pretty prepared...we had spent a grand total, in about two weeks time, of about 20 minutes on zone offense. And it looked like about 15 minutes. We actually do have a play to set at the end of the shot clock, which I think we failed in 12 attempts to get it set. But, we had just spent very little time on that. That was just something we didn't really expect to see. But, other than that, I thought we ran some good stuff. We ran some stuff, that with normal matchups, we'll score. A matchup like this, we're adjusting some shots. The only thing that I was really disappointed in - and again some of this is youth and some of it is the panic that comes with youth - was that we just had too many unforced turnovers. The aggressive ones I can live with because we're trying to do something good; we play fast and that's part of it. The unforced ones are maddening. It's primarily old high school habits that we haven't had time to fix yet."

    Impressions on IU:
    "We watched quite a bit of film from their last several games preparing for this. But, I think they're much better. I was impressed with their patience and their discipline. That's still with a crew that's not completely healthy. I think when they get everybody out and they get everybody at full speed, I think folks that are looking for a turning of the corner, that corner is about to be turned."




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