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    Postgame Quotes Following Indiana vs. North Alabama Exhibition Game

    Go Hoosiers! Armon Bassett
    Go Hoosiers!
    Armon Bassett
    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 4, 2007

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    Indiana Head Coach Kelvin Sampson:

    Opening Statement
    "I thought the intensity of defense in the second half was a lot better. I don't know if anything tonight surprised me. There's first-half jitters, nervousness, playing four freshmen and two new junior college guys. I thought our defense in the second half was really good. You can see as we go through this thing we are going to get a lot better defensively, and we are going to have to."

    "Lots of positive things. I like that we had 24 assists. I like the fact that D.J. had six assists and no turnovers. He has really gotten better handling double teams. A lot of the things we have worked on offensively, we were able to get."

    Asked about the play of Freshman Jordan Crawford:
    "Jordan is a good player. There are a lot of really good freshmen in this league, but I think Jordan Crawford, E. J. (Eric Gordon), Brandon (McGee) and Eli (Holman) can all do things that contribute. We are young, but a lot of teams are young in this league. Our guys have a chance to be really good once they embrace the vision of the program and the identity that we want them to have. Jordan's just gotten better and better as he goes along. I don't know if I have even had a freshman have 30 (points) right out of the gate in an exhibition game though."

    "D.J. will have to be a decoy, we are going to have to throw it in there knowing that they are going to double him. So we are four-on-three on the other side of the floor or three-on-two. If we can get it out and get it reversed then we can attack the weak side. "

    Asked about the play of Sophomore Armon Bassett:
    "The second half he (Bassett) was really, really good. I thought he set the tone defensively for us in the second half. A lot of their turnovers led to easy baskets, the point of attack when he was in their in the second half was really good."

    Asked why Mike White did not play?
    "There is some thought from our coaching staff to redshirt him because of our depth at his position. That's not 100 percent, but that is something that I have had discussions with Mike about. We haven't decided yet, and Mike has to feel comfortable with it because ultimately, it is his decision."

    Asked about the play of junior DeAndre Thomas:
    "DeAndre brings us energy, that's his personality. He is real loud and gregarious in a good way. Everybody loves DeAndre, he is the big guy that is always laughing, always poking fun. He is just a fun-loving guy. When he comes off the bench, he sparks us."

    Jordan Crawford:

    "I got a lot of open shots because of E.J. and Armon penetrating and kicking it to me. It wasn't just me shooting, it was them helping me out and getting me open shots."

    How was your first collegiate game?:
    "It was fun. I was nervous at first, but I knew I had a lot of veteran guys behind me so it wasn't as hard as it could have been. It was great, nice fan support, a good game."

    Armon Bassett:

    How comfortable are you playing with the new guys?:
    "All of the guys are talented, versatile, have good basketball IQs, so it was easy to gel with them"

    Your thoughts on the increased amount of playmakers this year?:
    "Last year, a lot of the times I felt I was the playmaker and the other team keyed on it. I don't think they can key on me this year. We got Jordan, who can break people down, E. J. can get his own shot, we got Jamarcus and when A. J. comes back it is just going to be that much tougher. They'll pick their poison."

    University of North Alabama Head Coach Bobby Champagne

    On whether his team took a step forward with this game:
    "Oh, definitely. This is a great experience against one of the best teams in the country and some of the best college basketball tradition, so we have to take something from this. Obviously, you look at the score and things aren't the way we want them, but Indiana gave up around 60 points per game last year and we managed to get 74. That's a little lower than we would like to score but they had something to do with us not being able to score the basketball."

    On getting respect from Indiana at the end of the day:
    "I think so. We played hard and we competed, but their size, strength and athletic ability wears you down. I thought Quinn (Beckwith) did a good job of trying to take good shots and not rush things. He had to play point guard a lot, which is something he is not supposed to be doing. Everybody that got in there did something that we can take into our next game."

    On this experience showing his players what the next level of basketball is like:
    "I think this a totally different level. This isn't just some regular basketball game. I doubt many other places around the country, besides Kentucky and UCLA, would have the attendance that they had on a Sunday afternoon playing an exhibition game."

    On Indiana playing like the ninth ranked team in the country:
    "They might be better than that if they shoot the ball as well as they did today. I think we were guarding them and they were still knocking down 3's. They are a very good team and I think their recruiting class is very good. They are bigger, stronger and more athletic than us, but they came out and played like they needed to play today.

    On what he is going to take from the game for their next game:
    s "We have a game tomorrow. We are going to regroup, get on the bus and go home. We will go to class tomorrow and then head down the road to Alabama and take on the Southeastern Conference (SEC). We get the Big Ten, SEC and Sun Belt Conference in our exhibition games, so we are going to try to get better every day.

    "I thought we made improvements from practice yesterday and today's game and we are going to try to get better than we are today."




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