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    Postgame Quotes - Indiana vs. Grace College

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 4, 2009

    Recap |  Box Score |  Notes |  Photo Gallery  Postgame Player Interviews Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean Nov. 9, 2009

    Opening Statement "I think our three biggest points of emphasis tonight were, number one to pressure the ball. We have a long way to go on our weak side defense, in stance, rotation and things like that and we knew that going into the game. They are a young team and it takes a while for them to grasp. We knew that we would be pushed because of how well Grace runs their offense. We certainly weren't surprised by that. That is good for us to learn how fast we have to run it in practice. I thought we pressured the ball and we thought at halftime if we could keep that pressure up there would come a point in the game around the middle of the second half that we would be able to wear them down.

    "Secondly, we wanted to challenge shots at a really high rate without fouling. There were times where we put them on the line but I thought more of it was being late, not being in a stance. We probably gave them too many good looks early in the first half. We did a much better job of that in the second half, but there is a ton of room for improvement on challenging shots, having verticality and things of that nature.

    "We wanted to win the rebounding game decisively. We pulled away but we were able to get a lot better with the offensive glass in the second half. (At one run) I think we had two or three points off second shots and we ended the game with 17 so that has been an improvement.

    "We've got a long way to go. There is a lot of room to improve; a lot of things we do we have not even covered in practice yet. But I love their mindset; I love their attitude; I love their desire to get better. I thought they were competitive."

    On the play of the freshmen:
    "I put emphasis on our rotation, on playing through fatigue. I thought we took quality shots. We really wanted to be in the bonus at an early stage and part of learning on the fly is learning what happens when you get into the bonus. You don't become a shot-manufacturing team. You don't take tough challenged shots. You take open threes, you get drive and kicks, you get it inside, you get it to the rim. And I thought we did that. I thought we missed a ton of layups. But that is all part of the growth process for us. I thought all of our freshmen came in and contributed and made strides.

    "Jordan Hulls was really on the high end of the plus/minus game for us. I thought he impacted the game every time he was in. It was a great learning experience for those guys to get out there under the lights and see such a great crowd.

    On the crowd:
    I thought the crowd was awesome. I've coached in front of big crowds but never a bigger crowd than that for me personally in an exhibition game. Very thankful for the way the fans turned out for them."

    On the teaching aspect of tonight's game:
    "Teaching is on-going. There is no question about it. In a game like this, you are playing hard and you are going at it but you are also trying to make teaching points. There were a lot of basic mistakes that young people are going to make. And the opportunity to go through it in a game, the opportunity to correct it in a game, and then most importantly the opportunity to show it on film and get it corrected in practice is where the real teaching value is."

    On tonight's rotations:
    "I had no set mindset on who was going to play with who. We played time and score. All the players have to learn that what gets you on the floor is your ability to defend. And what keeps you on the floor is your ability to defend and make good decisions."

    On the team's chemistry:
    "I thought they were unselfish. I thought they really moved the ball well. I didn't think we took any real arrogant shots. I thought they really tried to understand how to get into the bonus and what to do once we were in the bonus. That is one of the ways we have to play. I thought they got better as the game went on."

    Grace College Head Coach Jim Kessler

    Opening Statement:
    "First of all, let me thank Coach Crean and his staff for giving us the opportunity to come in here and play. For our young men to get a chance to play against IU on this court, in this shrine in my opinion, we feel thrilled and thankful for the opportunity to play.

    "We came with the expectation to do the very best we could. I think we ran out of people a little bit. We got hurt on the boards obviously. We had turnovers in patterns, which create loss of momentum and create momentum for the opponent. We said on the bus, if you don't believe that you can do this then just sit on the bus. When you believe you can, if you determine your ready to do it, then lets get off the bus and go play. I couldn't be more proud of my men. We're playing part of the game with walk-on guys and I couldn't be more proud of them.

    "Obviously we need to execute better for us to be the kind of team we can. Coach Crean and his men were able to take advantage of the some of the things we didn't do very well. We didn't do a good job fronting in the post, and they took advantage of that. Again, turnovers hurt us. I thought we were able to run the basketball fairly well. We hurt from lack of second chance baskets. This is a practice game, and it's where we need to be. We wanted to play good teams early on and I think we learned a lot of things from this game, in terms of spacing and those kinds of things. It was a great game, and it was a great opportunity for us, and I wish IU the very best."

    On what the team did early to stay with Indiana:
    "We shot the ball well early. That always helps. If you shoot the ball well, you can play with anybody. That's really the only thing to keep track of, is how many shots are going in. When they'd get a lead, we would knock a three or two."

    Overall impressions of Indiana:
    "I think they are as young as a team can be. You look at some of the strength of their talent is in some of those young players. I don't care how talented you are, and they are talented team and they are well coached. Youth has to mature and has to grow. You don't grow until you get on the court. You can talk all you want at practice and show video tape until you are blue in the face, but you have to get on the court and play, and learn how to win together. That just takes time. For us to play them was a good experience for them I think. It gave them a little bit of freedom where they could begin to learn these things together. I think they'll be a good team, it's just going to take some time for them to grow and mature. It's just a matter of time. They're well coached and he's got a lot of experience."




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