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    Hillsdale College vs Indiana Post Game Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 4, 2013

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    Postgame Quotes
    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean
    Nov. 4, 2013

    Opening statement: "Our whole focus was to start to form an identity and we didn't form it all the way. We're still turning the ball over too much and that's going to take a while because we're still making too many unforced errors with our footwork and our driving and things like that.

    "But we're going to play fast so we're going to work through that, but I thought the identity was formed when these guys learned early on inside of the game, almost couldn't have worked out any better, you don't want to be down 13-2 and have your rim look like it has a bubble on it. This team has got to learn like any great team, if they're going to be great they have to understand it happens with defense and rebounding, and it happens with multiple stops. That's what has to happen for us.

    "The fact that we held them to 20 percent shooting in the last 33 minutes of the game, I thought was really, really impressive. To start, we had five deflections down 13-2 and we ended up with 69 in the game. We got some very good contributions from different people.

    "In one of these games like this I want to play a lot of guys, but I don't go in with a set rotation. I never have and probably never will. You want to look a lot of different combinations and the way it works out inside of the game and I thought those combinations were good. I thought we really didn't have to sub because a guy stuck out the wrong way. We had to sub for fouls a little bit and sub for fatigue, but we didn't have to sub because somebody stuck out because they couldn't keep up with the level or keep up with the pace. I think that's really important moving forward.

    "Any time you can overcome a deficit, anytime you can continue to get better throughout the game and any time that they can start to learn what really matters, which is defense and rebounding, multiple stops, creating points off turnovers, I think is really good.

    "There's a lot of room for improvement in taking care of the ball. We are going to become a much better shooting team. We spent a lot of time at it. We don't have just the absolute knock down guys that you and the fans have become accustomed to over the last couple of years, but they weren't always that way either. Christian Watford started out at 32 percent as a sophomore and ended up in the high 40s. Victor Oladipo obviously started out at 24 and 21 percent in his first two years and got to 44 percent. What we'll do is keep sticking with the same thing we've been doing, which is spend a lot of time making sure we're reversing the ball and getting the ball inside out. We were phenomenal tonight when the ball hit the paint, whether on the post-up, whether on the drive.

    "That had a ton to do with our identity starting to come alive after being down, because early on it wasn't getting in the paint and then we were 14-of-19 when the ball touched the paint at halftime. That's key and our guys continued to play like there was a lot of game left. I like that because this team (Hillsdale), they had everybody's attention. They had it after Valparaiso. They certainly had it after the film yesterday. There was a few seconds left in overtime and they're at the free throw line with a chance to go up three and they missed both of them to stay up one and then Toledo makes a shot at the buzzer to beat them in overtime. Toledo is picked to win their division in the MAC, so we knew we were playing against a team that was battle tested. I think John Tharp is an excellent coach. It's one of the reasons we scheduled them. I think he's got a good team and I'm glad we got to play two teams that are from as good of conferences as they are in Southern Indiana and Hillsdale. Now we continue to try and work and improve as we get ready for Chicago State."

    On mentality of attacking the basket: "We're going to have to get better. There are two things that are up for grabs when the season starts right now, there's usually one. One is that everybody is 0-0. Everybody's got the same level of energy and they can do things. Well now, the game is up for grabs because the game is being called so differently. Who makes the adjustments? Who understands it best? Who can apply it and then retain it as they go through it? Those are the teams that are going to be successful. There are going to be some wild, wild games the first month of the season, and we want to do everything we can do to be creative, to be innovative, to be fast, but be disciplined. That's where your hands have got to be free. You've got to move your feet and you've got to create angles defensively. You can't reach. You can't put that hand in the back.

    "I'm glad it was called the way it was tonight because we can't play frustrated. Yesterday in practice we were too frustrated. We can't bring any body language like that because it just knocks you off your game. They learned that the last two days of practice, it can have a mirror effect too, with the turnovers and fouls and the turnovers that come because of it. That, to me, is a big part of it. We have to drive the ball. We're not great at playing downhill right now with the exception of Yogi [Ferrell] and Stan [Robinson], but we'll get better with playing downhill. That's where so many fouls are going to be created and we'll get the ball in the post."

    On how the team reacted to Hilldale's early run: "That's the beauty of an early season, young team. They wanted it to come together in a few minutes, but we were determined. We got quiet, but we were determined. Sometimes you can get quiet and sad and that didn't happen. We were determined and probably in that time frame we took one shot that I would say `We need that back. We're trying to shoot too quick.' You're not going to get it all back in one shot or in one stop. It's always about the possessions. Are they plus-four or are they minus-four, plus-four, minus-four? Every time you get a stop and you got down and get a bucket it's a plus-four possession. Every time you have an empty possession and they get a point or two points, it's a minus-four. Sometimes they're plus-six, minus six. That's what the game just continues to be.

    "What they learned inside of that is that it wasn't that they needed to turn it up defensively. They needed to communicate and be more active defensively. They were in the right spots. We knew what we wanted to do, we had a game plan, but we just weren't as active as we needed to be. So the mind was right, but the activity wasn't great and I think they figured that out and we got rolling."

    Indiana Players Postgame Quotes
    Nov. 4, 2013
    Exhibition vs. Hillsdale College

    On playing for the first time in a game in Assembly Hall: Stanford Robinson: "Well, it started in practice. My teammates kept pushing me, learning from Yogi as always, learning from Evan (Gordon) and Will (Sheehey), they are very good leaders and they kept pushing me in practice, getting me ready for tonight and all of the other freshman ready for tonight."

    On what helped the team regroup after Hillsdale started out so fast: Kevin "Yogi" Ferrell: "The biggest thing is that we need to stay together. I feel like we weren't flowing together very well. Offensively, we were just missing shots. Defensively, I felt like we just weren't there. Once we realized we were down, we realized this is serious, we have to get back up. So I just think we could learn from that - to not get down early, because when we get into conference play, once you're down, you're down for a while."

    On attacking the basket: Ferrell: "Coach has always implemented using the new rules to our advantage - just a sense of attacking the rim. I knew I drew a couple fouls just going by guys, I was always just trying to kick out and find open shooters. But, the main mentality was just to try and drive and get to the rim. Coach has focused on getting in the bonus early and I think we got into the bonus with maybe 12 minutes left in the first half, so Coach was happy with that. We know once we do that, we can get more free throw opportunities."

    On Hollowell playing better with the ball in his hands: Ferrell: "Yeah. I'm pretty sure he likes to have the ball in his hands, so that's why he would be more active. He ran point a little bit in high school. Now, he is just a big point guard, really. So, he can kind of overpower some of the littler guards that were guarding him out there. He was doing a good job of driving the ball downhill and finding open guys."

    On the way the younger guys brought energy to the defense: Ferrell: "Hopefully, once they had seen that, it stresses that we have to jump out of the gate; no let off from the tip of the ball, even though it's exhibition. We can't take any opponent lightly. I'm hoping that these guys can learn to not take each possession for granted and to give it your all."

    On what the freshmen learned in the two exhibition games: Devin Davis: "Something I think we've learned as a team is that it has to start on defense and then we have to get out and run and always play together. For the freshman, when we first get out there, we need to be able to slow down and gather ourselves and focus on what the team needs to be done."

    On the comfort level having played two exhibition games: Davis: "I was pretty comfortable having guys around me like Yogi Ferrell just to talk to you during the game and keep you calm and confident."

    On what changed offensively after Hillsdale took the lead: Ferrell: "I think the main thing that changed was our communication. I felt that when we first got out there, no one was really talking to one another - leaving guys on islands. We can't win when we're leaving guys on islands. We need to have a collective unit. After that first TV timeout, we said that we need to talk more and give better effort on defense and that will lead to our offense and get easier buckets for us."

    On what Stanford Robinson can bring to the team: Ferrell: "I think Stan got his fuel from defense. Stan has long arms, is a great on-ball defender, and gets many defections. He was one of the top three leading deflections when he was healthy for practice. Once his defense got going he flowed within the game and he was driving the ball well and finishing."

    Hillsdale College vs. Indiana

    Hillsdale Head Coach Jason Tharp

    Post Game Quotes

    Opening Statement: "They really guarded us. I thought they did a great job with their switching and their length defensively is incredible. What they do to you is they take away your opportunity to make a scoring pass because of their length. Ferrell is really good. I felt like he was the one who really sparked their team. He does a great job of getting to the rim and finishing. They have a lot of different weapons and I feel like they're that team that's going to get better and better every single week. What they are right now, and what they're going to be in February and March is going to be two totally different teams. They're very good."

    On what they were able to do early defensively to slow Indiana down: "Our goal was to try to keep them out of the paint. With how the game is going to be officiated this year, I think you're going to see a lot more teams using a zone. We just used a pretty simple zone tonight and tried to keep them out of the paint. We just wanted to make someone other than Ferrell have to beat us. I thought we did a good job of penetrating the gaps and finding people on the edge. They got to the free throw line and that hurt us. They're a type of team that's going to hurt you a lot of different ways and it's because of how they run. If you turn it over or put up a bad shot they're going to hurt you in transition. They're going to get you on the offensive glass, which they did very well tonight, and then they're also going to beat you with their individual talent."

    On what sparked Indiana's offense the second half: "It was hands down their defense that created everything for them. They got a very good read on us, and how we were trying to run our offense. As soon as they got accustomed to what we were doing offensively, they started taking things away from us. Any time you make a mistake on offense, they are going to punish you by getting a score on the other end."

    On playing back-to-back games in two days: "I'm not going to use it as an excuse because we really don't know how much it was a factor getting beat in such a heartbreaker last night. You saw us in the first seven minutes running pretty good stuff, but then we stopped working as hard as we needed to to try to get scores. I think it played a factor but I don't think it had anything to do with the final outcome of the game."




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