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    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 7, 2008

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    Anderson vs. Indiana (Exhibition)
    Friday, Nov. 7, 2008
    Player Quotes

    Verdell Jones III
    Opening Statement
    "I think it was a great relief, I think for the whole team, to come out and play someone else besides ourselves. They are a good team, but we came out with a lot of energy. We loved the fans support today and hopefully we can continue on from here."

    On having pre-game jitters "I think we had a few jitters since it was our first real game for most of us at the college level. I was really nervous before the game, but I think after the first minute of the game we got rid of all of those jitters."

    Tom Pritchard
    Opening Statement
    "We came out with a lot of energy and started off the game really well and scored a lot points and played well on defense. We just appreciated the fans coming."

    On his performance
    "I wasn't really finishing very well today and I need to work on that. I got to the basket and made shots, also I need to work on my free throws. Staying out of foul trouble is another thing I need to work on. Coach Crean has helped me out a lot and I just played well today."

    On his passing abilities
    "It's just something that comes naturally to me, really. I've always been a great passer. My high school coach always said that I have a great mind for the game, so I'm just trying to take it out there and create offense for my teammates."

    Devan Dumes
    Opening Statement
    "The fan support was tremendous. I really had fun playing with my teammates and getting to go against somebody else and stop beating up on ourselves a little bit. I think I speak for everyone in that we had a really good time tonight."

    On the team's 21-2 start
    "We played defense real well and controlled the intensity of the game. I feel like once we got going, everyone saw that we are capable of doing something special. So everyone needs to get the jitters out and let's go. I looked up and it was 14-2, and then I looked up and it was 21-2, and I was like - wow."



    On what the team needs to work on
    "In the end, we needed to tighten down a little bit more. We gave up 70 points. They are a good school, but that's a no-no for us in preparing to play in the Big Ten. Like coach told us, day-by-day we will get better on this thing and that thing. We basically focused on a lot of running today and then we'll focus more and more on defense and rebounding."


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