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    Postgame Quotes - Ferris State vs. Indiana

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 8, 2010

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    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean
    Opening Statement:
    "I told the team after the game that usually with a team it might take five, six, seven games, might take a month, might take three weeks to figure out what your identity is. There's two parts to that, figuring out what it is and then buying into it. I'm not sure we ever really bought into, last year what it was going to take for us to win. Maybe we just weren't good enough to do it, but we have figured out in two games. They've figured out what our identity has to be. When you go to the other night, and again it's not relevant who you play, it's relevant to how you play this way, we had 18 minutes and we only gave up nine points. Tonight we gave up one field goal in 14 minutes at the end of the game. We had 22 deflections at half. We had 42 deflections in the second half. I don't know the numbers on this yet. We'll look at it later, but I'm sure we scored our most points in there. I'm sure we had our best ball movement. There's no question our rebounding numbers were right then.

    "We can't play without great energy, great effort, great enthusiasm, and then really solid execution. That's what we've got to learn how to do and it's going to take a while to do it. There's no way we have everybody where they need to be. There's no way we have the health where it needs to be. It's all part of it, but the bottom line for those guys tonight is that they kept going. I love the fact that a young team, young in the fact that they haven't won and probably chronologically too, but young in the fact that they haven't won, there was no panic over there. I loved it. I loved it and that's something we have to build on too. This will come back to help us some day. I hope it's on the road and not at home, but there's no guarantee. "We had a great week of practice. We had a great day in the walk-through and things of that nature, but we did not play this game early on the way that it needed to be played. They were the more physical team. They got more 50/50 balls. They got easy baskets. They were the vocal team. They were the enthusiastic and energetic team. We were the quiet team and we've got to learn that we have absolutely no room for error if we play that way. I don't think this is a situation where guys are looking and saying wow we escaped. It was not a locker room, they're concerned for Matt (Roth), but at the same time this was not a locker room in a wow, we escaped one mode. That's good and that's maturity too. We have a long way to go in that process, but going into the regular season it's very clear how we have to play. Now it's up to them to make sure that they're buying into that every day because they've established it."

    On what the team will take away from the game:
    "If we would have lost the game I would be extremely disappointed and upset. There's no question about that, but you couldn't have drawn this up any better for this time of year. Next year we're going to do a scrimmage against another elite type of team and we'll play one exhibition. That team right there, that team's good enough to win a lot of games. Indianapolis beat Tennessee tonight by 15, Bellarmine beat Xavier. They're in the same league where Grand Valley beat Michigan State a couple of years ago. He's a very good coach. He has a great coach on his staff in Ed Douma. They were so much better tonight than what they were in their first exhibition tape and really from what we saw last year. I was nervous when we took this game because I know what kind of program it is. I grew up 45-50 minutes away from that school and my nervousness was justified. I'm glad we learned a lot in this game."

    On making plays late:
    "Momentum shifted, obviously, but it shifted because of our defensive energy. It shifted because we turned it up. We made some athletic plays, but so did they. The thing I'm most concerned about is we did not deal with the physicality of the game and we've got to be way better at that. We've got to initiate that physicality a little bit more. I've got to watch the film. I'm pretty clear on where the ball stuck, where the screens weren't right, where the cuts weren't right. I said to Don (Fischer) in the pre-game show, I really hoped we'd see a lot of zone. We have not spent very much time on zone and that's on me. That's totally on me and I knew that going in. We put in a two-one-two press in during the game. We put in two zone plays during the game. That's all stuff that I just don't have in yet. It didn't look like we had been spending a lot of time on defense and rebounding in the first 30-some minutes, but we'll get better offensively and we'll get more used to playing against zones and things. They made plays and that's something that will be a great experience for them down the road I think."

    Ferris State Head Coach Bill Sall

    On performance of team tonight:
    "First, I want to thank Coach Crean for inviting us over here. It was absolutely a thrill to come down here and play in Assembly Hall. We played quite good basketball for a long period of time. We shot 20-of-38 from the free throw line and we turned it over 25 times. Last time I checked that makes it kind of difficult to win."

    On what Indiana did down the stretch to get back in the game:
    "They really picked up the pressure. Hopefully we can figure a few things out. We will have to review the tape. There were probably two or three minutes where we played not to lose instead of playing to win and that really hurt us."

    On shot waved off in regulation:
    "It was probably a fingertip away, right? We were going to win the game, but the momentum completely changed. Either we were going to win the game right there on the buzzer or we were not going to."




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