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    Bryant at Indiana - Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 9, 2012

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    Bryant at Indiana
    Postgame Quotes
    Nov. 9, 2012

    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening statement:
    "I'll open up with a couple of thoughts. First off, our crowd support, it not only grows in stature it grows in volume. From start to finish, whether it was last Thursday or whether it was tonight, from start to finish the energy in this building is incredible. It really is and we never take it for granted, I've always said that. When you get up and the crowd is still staying the way that they were at the beginning, that's a lot of fun and the players feed off that in a big way. I mean they really, really do. I think people are enjoying it.

    "I know you saw the press release and I didn't get to put in everything that I would say about the contract extension. The stuff that's already in there, that goes without saying. The administration, Fred Glass, the opportunity to work at a university like this, the opportunity to live here but none of this would be possible without what my coaches do. I have such a great staff and we lose Bennie (Seltzer) last year, who unfortunately lost his opener tonight, and he did a great job of helping build this, and then we replace him with Kenny Johnson who has been outstanding. I've got a group of people that have worked so hard and it just wouldn't be possible without them, and most importantly it wouldn't be possible without the way the players have persevered that have been here. Without the way they have improved, without their resiliency and toughness and their desire to win and compete and do things the right way and they have helped us try and get this as model of a program as it can be. They are the ones that are doing the graduating early, they are the ones that are getting the 3.0s, they are the reasons we have 1000 on the APR and getting ready to have that for the third year in a row. They are the reason why we have these opportunities that are in front of us now because of the way they've worked, so I'm extremely thankful for that.

    "As far as the game, as I try and say to these games, you know as you're playing, it's one thing to win but it's a whole other thing to improve while you're winning and I think we improved inside the game tonight. And the key is that we continue to improve inside of every game and in between those games if we want to be as good as we want to be and I thought that happened, especially on the backboards. To have two guys have double figure nights, or double-doubles I should say, but Christian (Watford) really had a triple-double because he had 10 deflections and to get his career high in boards...I really think Derek Elston is in there sorting through jersey numbers because I'm not sure we're giving the 32 back to him if Christian is going to get his career high in that number, so we just might have to do it even though it's a little tight on him but that's okay too.

    "Cody (Zeller) played an extremely good game when you look at it on paper with a lot of room for improvement even with what he does. It's uncharacteristic for him to go 2 for 6 from the foul line. We have expectations for him to be in the mid-80s from the foul line. I think he could lead the country in free throw attempts and if he doesn't Christian Watford might. When those two are getting fouled and getting to the foul line and we can shoot those kinds of numbers from the foul line that gives us a chance to be really good.

    "I thought the freshman got better as the game went on. Yogi (Ferrell), we can't take for granted those numbers like that and the presence that he had with what he did and another good deflection night. Jeremy Hollowell really got it going in the second half. Victor Oladipo had 17 deflections. I'm not even sure what the rest of his stats are here but 17 deflections. That is impressive stuff. Jordan (Hulls) played a very good game. Jordan has been very aggressive for us since last Thursday and that's what we need him to be. Remy (Abell) got better as the game went on. That's what we have to have.

    "We have to continue to have that kind of improvement especially because there is no question we are short-handed on the front line so we are trying to mix and match and do a lot of different things and the players responded really well to that tonight."

    On Jordan Hulls and Yogi Ferrell playing together:
    "Well I thought they did a good job defensively together because ultimately that will be the measuring stick as we go forward. Sometimes it's clear in the game and sometimes it's not as clear until you get into the film. I think we'll be happy with the way they defended. We didn't defend as well off the bench, especially in the first half. We had some miscues and some miscommunication. We lost sight of the ball. We made some fundamental errors that we need to keep correcting but if Jordan and Yogi - Yogi is ahead of his years defensively. That has been a joy because he just keeps getting better at that. And Jordan is a smart, savvy senior who has continued to become more athletic, stronger, all those types of things. When those guys can lead the way defensively, then we have a chance to have a really good backcourt with those two because I think they're going to be good offensively on the year and some nights they'll be better than others but the defensive part is going to be crucial."

    On the play of Christian Watford:
    "Well he had seven boards at half and I think that was important because he knows that that is an objective that he has to show up in. The next level wants to see that at a high level, there's no doubt about that. We need that at a high level. One of our goals for him is after every practice, and we record and stat and chart every practice. And then we have our cumulative stats that every day that he is the leading rebounder in practice and that it's everybody else's job to try and do the same thing. When he's rebounding, when he's aggressive, even some of the shots he missed he was a little casual on taking those shots instead of going up and shooting them and he's getting better and his strength is showing up. He can score and play in a lot of different ways. He can defend in a lot of different ways. He got 15 boards and he's probably not going to grade out that high on the block outs. So there is a lot of room for improvement with him too. He's a senior and he's got really strong maturity and an understanding of what this is all about."

    Cody Zeller
    On how Kevin (Yogi) Ferrell played in his debut:

    "He didn't surprise me too much. I have been practicing with him, playing with him for a couple of years now. And that's how he plays."

    On what worked and what the team needs to work on:
    "Obviously we have to defend and rebound to be successful this year. I thought we did fairly well throughout the game tonight. But there are certain plays here and there that we have to get better."

    Kevin (Yogi) Ferrell
    On his first game:

    "It felt great - just going out there and distributing the ball to those guys. Just watching them score. It was a great feeling, and this win was just good for us."

    On what worked and what the team needs to work on:
    "I kind of felt like we should have gotten back better on defense. At times they had a man leaking out, and we wouldn't always get back. That's mainly on the guards. We have to get back and just contain the ball in transition defense and just try and get more stops."

    On adjusting to his first college game:
    "I felt like I handled it pretty well pushing the ball in transition. It's a lot of fun, and I know that's what coach wants us to do. He just wants us to get out and run. I feel that's when we can be our best."

    Christian Watford
    On being more aggressive and wearing Derek Elston's No. 32:

    "Definitely. Especially trying to get to the offensive glass and getting on the boards. I just try to choose my spots. I'm not going to keep the number. Coach Crean may want me to keep it, but I'm not going to."

    On what worked and what the team needs to work on:
    "We let them get too many offensive rebounds. That was a big part in the game. I felt like we shared the ball tonight. We played well off each other tonight. Especially for it being the first game."

    More on wearing Derek Elston's number:
    "I just wanted to give a little tribute to Derek. He has definitely been with me from the beginning. He's endured some tough times. He's out, and he's just one of us. I just wanted to bring him out on the court with us."

    Bryant Post Game Quotes - Head Coach Tim O'Shea

    On his overall thoughts about the game:
    "I thought we competed well. If anyone saw us a few years ago, Tom mentioned it on the way up, just how much we've improved. There's a big difference between a team that plays in the Northeast Conference and a team that's picked to win the National Championship. Honestly, I thought we competed well. What we didn't do well tonight, and I know we've got some good shooters, but we shot very poorly from three and we had some good open looks. But then again, that doesn't surprise me. This is a very unique environment to come into with a big crowd like that. We had a couple guys playing their first game in Division I and a couple guys that sat out last year. I know what the scoreboard says, but I saw a lot of positive things from my team, and I can certainly see why Indiana is picked number one. They have a chance to win the National Championship. They were tremendous."

    On what Indiana did successfully against them:
    "One: they had a huge size advantage and they have the best player in the country. They played off of him, and I think he was 8 for 10 tonight. We don't have much size, and our two big guys fouled out, so it was very difficult guarding him; but that's understandable. I mean, we aren't going to play against another Cody Zeller all year, but I thought my big freshman Scocca did a nice job in his first game at this level competing in the post, and I thought my other big did a nice job. Again, we are going against a guy that could have been a lottery pick a year ago, but I like the way we competed to be honest."

    On how his team takes positives from a bigger loss:
    "These kids have all played basketball for a while, and they understand there's a big difference between our level and theirs. We had it again Monday night: Providence is in the Big East. But they aren't even in the same stratosphere as Indiana is right now. We know that with a few adjustments offensively and shooting the basketball better there are a lot of games that we are going to have an opportunity to win on our schedule."

    On how Yogi Ferrell changes things for Indiana:
    "He's very quick, and I think he's got a chance to be a really great player, but part of getting assists is that you have guys to throw the ball to that can make their shots. I mean, they are just an excellent team and that's why they are ranked number one. There's no magic to this, they have good players who can make shots. In order for anybody to come in here, whether it's Bryant or anybody in the Big Ten, the way they score the basketball, you have to make shots and be a talented offensive team. Nobody's going to shut them down. Look at the points they averaged last year. They are going to average just as many this year and maybe even average more with the addition of the point guard and the way they shoot the ball. You have to make shots."

    On what the team learned about themselves tonight:
    "That we are vastly improved and that we have a chance with the majority of our schedule this season to be successful."




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