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    Stony Brook at Indiana Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 11, 2011

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    Stony Brook at Indiana
    Postgame Press Conference

    IU Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening Statement:
    "First and foremost, I thought our energy right off the bat was the key thing for us, it has to be. It's where we get our momentum from. I thought the fans brought a ton of energy to our team. Our team, really, the key for them moving forward is that they continue to put not one or two or three possessions together that are good and a couple that are bad, but to continue to have as many solid, all five guys doing the right things, types of possessions as possible. I think, when you have that, you have a chance to break a game open. That's what happened with us late in the first half. The key for us is we came right back out with the same spirit, energy and toughness in the second half. I think we played a really good team and I think we played really well tonight. The fact that we got up and played defense the way we need to and got into their main scorers helped up gain confidence. That was really, really important, whether it was perimeter, whether it was post, whether it was drives, whether it was transition. We scored the ball from a lot of different places. We scored it in half court offense, we scored it off turnovers, we scored it certainly getting to the foul line which is very, very important that we get there early enough in both halves. We got it on the break and our guys - they really understood where we wanted to attack this team from. Especially initially, to open up things later in other areas and I think that really helped us. Defensively, there's always room for improvement just like there's room for improvement on the offensive end but I thought we made strides tonight. I thought we really, really made strides. I thought we got a lot of contributions from guys not only in the starting lineup, but outside of it. That's the best way for us to move forward. Sunday will be much the same. It will be a very athletic team, it'll be a team that's a little bit older. There's a lot of high-level Division-I transfers on it. They've got four guys that had 25 points or more last year inside of a game which is always a big deal. So there's going to be numerous guys that can score the ball. It's important for us to come back out with the same energy and mindset and hopefully our fans will have that same energy as well."

    On Victor Oladipo's play on both ends of the court:
    "We said last week that we've got to get individual defenders, really lock-up guys. Not just guys that could be, but guys that are, and I think tonight he took a big step in that direction. He drew the assignment of their best players, he drew the assignment of their go-to shooter/scorer. The guy that when you look back at last year: when he plays well they play well. He wanted that challenge and I thought he did a good job. I thought it got his offense going and I thought he played pretty consistent. A couple times he got tired and he stood up, but when you're playing hard that's going to happen some and when you go to the bench and hopefully not have a big drop-off that helps. He scored a lot of different ways, he was a great facilitator. He did not look for shots that weren't there. He took what was there, he attacked the rim and really needed to get him up the sideline and he did a good job of that and got some momentum going early with that which gave him confidence. He's a really, really important part of our team when it comes to the defensive part. We didn't start Will tonight even though he is a starter in my mind because we needed to be a little bit bigger. At the same time we wanted Will to come in and put that kind of pressure on number 10. I think Verdell did an outstanding job on him as well. We got a lot of good defensive play from a lot of guys. Victor was right up there near the front."

    On the production from Will Sheehey when he wasn't feeling too well:
    "If he wasn't feeling well in the first half, then hopefully he'll stay sick like that more often. I think it was more at the end of the first half when it really hit him and then throughout halftime. He wanted to go back in but that wasn't my call it was the doctor's call and I agree with it. I thought he really did a good job of coming in, bringing energy and reading the game. Nobody tonight tried to make something happen that wasn't there. That's going to be a key for us. That's not always going to be that way, and that's when you've got to be able to substitute. When you've got guys, and we've got some guys that can make plays now, but it's very important that they understand that everybody can. A key with Cody is, even when they were defending him that way that they were in the first half, and he migrates to that post the way that he does and he wasn't getting the ball enough to get to the foul line. We move him around, he gets it in different areas - he's so smart. When that comfort level comes of being able to play in a lot of different areas on the court, out of the corner, out of the short corner, out of the high post, the three-point line, and ball screens, whether he's setting them, receiving them, that will really help. I think the thing that was fun to watch with him tonight was all the stuff that he did defensively with the blocks, the steals, he lead us in deflections again with 12. Victor had nine; we had 45 for the game. When you get that kind of activity from your freshman, a big player like that, that's really good."

    Stony Brook Head Coach Steve Pikiell

    On Indiana:
    "Very good. Oladipo, Sheehey, I knew he was going to have a good year for them. Their size causes a lot of problems. Believe it or not, our defense is usually pretty good. Obviously, that's the most we've ever given up in points and that's the highest percentage ever given up and that's because of Indiana. I think Coach Crean does a great job, I have a lot of respect for him. I'm very impressed."

    On giving up free throws:
    "You can't defend the free throw line, so that really pushed them ahead. But it wasn't that, they just kept it on all night. We didn't execute the way we needed to when we needed to, but our defense was just nonexistent against a real good team. You've got to play. They've won 26 home openers in a row or something like that, you better play real good in order to beat that team. I think they've got a lot of weapons."

    On Cody Zeller:
    "He's going to cause a lot of problems. He certainly does against guys our size trying to score over them. He's big, I think he's got great touch. He's a real good player."

    On attacking Indiana early:
    "That's what our game plan was and when we got away from that, we really struggled to score, we became a jump shooting team. We've got a couple post guys that can score a little bit, they didn't get enough touches. But, our game plan early was to go at them and try to get them in foul trouble and try to use our body against his length. But, [Zeller] did a good job. He stayed out of foul trouble."

    On team heading into the season:
    "I felt good about our defense, I really did. Today it didn't show at all. But, it's a new year and last year we were very good defensively, obviously we're not right now, but I did feel like we would be able to guard them. I didn't know if we would be able to score here, but I thought we would be able to guard them, but that obviously wasn't the case."

    On Bryan Dougher:
    "I thought Oladipo did a real good job on him and plus his size, that's why he's in the Big Ten. He's a 6-4 point guard and our guys are six feet. He did a good job, but Bryan took himself out of some plays too."

    On Tommy Brenton:
    "It's a high level game for him. He's a better player, I think they're all better than what they played tonight, but unfortunately that's our resume right now so we've got to get back to work."




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