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    Postgame Quotes - Florida Gulf Coast vs. Indiana

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 12, 2010

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    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening Statement:
    "It was a great way to start the season, in the sense that we got a lot of good basketball from a lot of different guys. As I said to the team after the game, when you play a game you want to first of all judge the game on did you win the game or not. Second of all, you look at the fact, did you impact the game and the plus-minus chart is usually the number one way to figure out if you've impacted the game. We had a lot of guys that were really high tonight, led by Jeremiah Rivers with a plus 21 inside of the game. So those are the kinds of the things that we want. We didn't play anybody over 25 minutes.

    "Key point in the game for us is we had a lull in the first half a little bit after we got up, we let them stay around a little bit. In the second half, when it could've started to go either way and we were either going to be a mature team or an immature team, we were a mature team. We buttoned down the hatches a little bit so to speak and we played better. We played with more energy. We didn't allow this to just become 20-minutes of trading baskets or lets just go up and down the floor type game. We stayed really, really good. We had 56 deflections after having 29 in the first half, so that was positive.

    "I liked the way we regrouped and rebounded the ball better after being down two at halftime, especially on the defensive end. I liked our field goal percentage defense. Our turnovers have got to get better. The good or bad news, whatever way you look at it, we're still committing too many unforced turnovers. Some of that was because we haven't had our lineups together as much because of injury and some of that is we've just got to bear down, concentrate better, and be a little bit more assertive, especially with our driving and do a little bit better job with our feet. That's one area that we have really spent a lot of time and one of the biggest reasons that we bring referees in so much more this year is to help us not use our hands on defense on bodies and to help us get our feet right on catches and drives. We took a little bit of a step back with that tonight.

    "This is like an NBA schedule now. We play Sunday and we play Tuesday. As a coach, it's not an exciting thing because you want practice time. The players really look forward to it. They'd just as soon we show up here on Sunday night and play the game.

    "As far as Wright State goes, one of the things that we've tried to do with our scheduling is get teams that mirror something that we respect and mirror something we're going to see during the season. I think Wright State is a Big Ten style of physical basketball team. I think they mirror Butler in a lot of ways and certainly they're in the same league, but there's great ball movement. They get really, really good ball distribution. They attack in the pick and roll, but they're a very physical, contact oriented team and we've got to play through that. That scares me with this team right now. We've got to play through the physical nature of the game and get through cuts and set the screens. It'll be a good fight for us and not just a game, but a good fight for us and that's what we need because we've got to develop more mental toughness, more physical toughness on the court, but a better level of concentration with how we play. I'm excited to see where we take it from here."

    On Christian Watford:
    "I thought he did a really good job. One of the things we challenge him on, is that he's got to get fouls more on drives not just at the rim. He's getting better with that all the time. We're asking a lot of him, but he's going to be a really good player. That's what you do with good players. He's got to pick his rebounding up. I hope about eight of you ask him that when he comes in here because he's got to rebound better for him to be successful and for us to be successful. He's got to get more, because we're playing him at the three predominately, no matter who we have in. He's got to win that battle all the time on the board, but he's getting to the rim, he's finishing better, he's making his foul shots, he's shooting the ball well, he's playing through lulls and he's playing with more energy. We're just scratching the surface with him."

    On how playing defensive zone has improved:
    "They found some things and we're playing zone a little different. We haven't spent a ton of time on zone. Basically you want to play man-to-man principles in your zone anyway. They found a couple little things that they were going at and I didn't want to make the adjustment if we didn't have to in the game, I'd rather wait until practice. We're moving guys around in the zone to create havoc. We had 56 deflections which is really important and we need more of that. That's a big number for us. To get 56 deflections in a regular season game - we had 29 at the half. There were times in the last couple years, we didn't have 29 in two games combined. Those things are good, but we've got to take care of the ball better. One through five, we got to take care of the ball better."

    On Verdell Jones III:
    "He's missed, basically, three competitive weeks since he got hurt. And I say competitive, I mean it's live action where people are trying to knock him down and he's got to play through that. He's getting stronger, but he's going to get better as time goes on. When you miss training camp, which is what this has basically been getting ready for games, when you miss those types of practices, that can really set you back because he was really playing at a high level - the best he's played here when he got hurt. And I say that because of the way he was playing on the defensive end. So he's a little behind there a little bit but he really tried to work through that tonight. I don't want him to get disappointed and discouraged when a bad play comes, I just want him to keep playing through it. I think in a couple weeks, we'll see him at a really good pace."

    On the offense against the zone:
    "We moved the ball much better because we didn't settle on the first shot. We didn't take challenged shots, we got the ball outside either through the pass or through the dribble, we got the ball swung numerous times - sometimes early on too much - but we found open guys. To go 50 percent from the three and to have so many guys get three-point shots, that's good for them, but it's great for us to remind them that ball movement wins. When it sits inside and we're taking challenged shots, and we're not shot-faking and we're not driving the ball into gaps and creating open shots, we're not good, but I don't know anyone that is. When you're moving the ball, and you're getting it inside out and you're getting a lot of open shots, you've got a chance to be good. That's what we did a good job of tonight."

    Florida Gulf Coast Head Coach Dave Balza

    On game being close in beginning and then Indiana hitting threes:
    "I credit their passing. I thought they did an excellent job of moving the ball on the pass. I'm sure coach Crean has been working with them on that. They really moved the ball with good pace. We talked about putting enough pressure on the ball so they couldn't do that. It's hard to stop a team when they shoot 14 out of 28 from the arc."

    On halftime talk and getting within nine in second half:
    "We took a timeout midway through the first half when they made a big run, when they hit 5-of-6 from the arc in a row. We talked about chip it and chip back one possession at a time. There was no way they could stay that hot, although they stayed pretty close to that hot (for the game). At halftime we talked about the same thing. Really settling in and let's just peck away, peck away one possession at a time. I thought we really did a good job of that for a while. It hurt us when both teams got in the bonus pretty early. They made their free throws, we didn't. We allowed that gap to get separated a little bit. Once it got to that 17 or 18 mark, I thought our guys let down a little bit defensively."

    On what team got out of game:
    "I thought we got a lot out of it. We learned some new things about our newcomers. We learned an awful lot about our team in terms of what it is we need to work on. I thought we defended poorly down the stretch. We need to spend a little more time shooting them all when we are tired. When we had no legs we didn't make shots and Indiana did make shots."




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