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    Postgame Quotes - Wright State at Indiana

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 14, 2010

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    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening Statement:
    "Really proud of our defensive effort tonight, without a doubt. There were so many times in the game where we could have backed away a little bit because the offense wasn't in flow, we weren't getting easy things, we had turnovers, but we never got our head down, especially on the defensive end. We continued to play at a really high level with that. Our rebounding numbers at halftime were excellent and our guys figured out how to win a grind it out game and eventually things loosened up for them, but we knew we were going to play against a really good opponent. There's no doubt about that. They're very well-coached, very well-coached and we knew they would be. They didn't surprise us in anything that they did. They were very physical. They were very aggressive. Vaughn (Duggans) is an excellent player and could play at a lot of places. There's no question about that, including here. He's a very good player and he's done an excellent job for them.

    "I'm proud of our guys. Verdell (Jones III), I was concerned it may take a little time for him to get back in the flow, especially after the other night, but he blew that theory out of the water. I thought Christian (Watford) continued to play really well tonight in a grind it out game. We had foul issues, but our guys never really got down. Our plus-minus, again, was very, very high. As I said the other night, when we come in you have to ask yourself two questions, did you win and did you impact the game and we had a lot of guys impact it on that plus-minus, which meant we got a lot of really positive contributions inside of the game."

    On Christian Watford rebounding:
    "To build our transition defense, we are probably going to have to get more guys back. It's really, really important we get that back. We didn't get a lot of rebounding off other guys from the frontline. We have to have a team rebounding mindset. I thought our guys did a really good job of getting inside the lane, getting inside their man, especially when the shot went up. They did a lot of different things to create opportunities for them to score and our guys responded to that. Christian having a double-double tonight is very good."

    On seven and a half minutes into the game being down 5 and then went on a 15 to 1 run:
    "It was defense and taking good shots, and then we were in the bonus. So, the game plan changes obviously when you get into that bonus and, with the exception of one or two times where we took jumpers a little early, I thought we really played to the game plan. In the sense of now we are in the bonus and we either take wide open threes off inside-outside passes or off offensive boards, or we get to the rim or we get to the foul line, and that's exactly what they did. Again, it was a grinded game. You want to get out, you want to score more, but I thought our guys did an excellent job of getting some points off turnovers, especially Victor's basket at the end of the half - that was excellent. They were a very good screening team, cutting team, movement team and our guys handled that very well. For them to defend that way for forty minutes, for this team, where defense in the past has not been where it needs to be, I'm proud of that. It really gives us something to build towards."

    On turnovers:
    "It was recognition, we didn't come off the pick and rolls and the ball screens as strong as we need to. We didn't lower our shoulder and play through the contact like we needed to. They did a very good job of taking away the elbows from us. So, what we missed with our head down a little bit was the next pass. If you take away the elbow and you have Jordan Hulls in the corner, well, pick your poison. So, if they take it away, let's throw it to Jordan. There were times we were really trying to get to the basket and we missed open guys. That's stuff that we can teach them off of film and be better with. But there's no question we have to get better at taking care of the ball, but the positive side is, they only got 6 points off those turnovers. "

    Wright State head Coach Billy Donlon

    On keeping up with IU at the beginning of the game:
    "When you hold them to four or six points in the first ten minutes of the first half, you have got to have more than seven points. We got them to turn over the ball some, and we give them credit, that's their defense doing a terrific job with our offense. When you are on the road and you have a decent defensive game plan, we have got to get an offensive lead. That way when they do go on a run in the first half in their building, they are making a run to get back in the game, not take over the game."

    On the game turnaround:
    "We missed some front ends and some one-on-one's down nine points. There is no question that that hurt us. When you can't score, especially against a team as talented and as well coached as Indiana, when you don't score, it gives the opponent confidence in their offense. They then know that the other team can't score. We couldn't score on them so it gave Indiana a lot of confidence to play well at their end of the court. We have to make some of those free throws to make it a seven, six, five, point game and put a little more pressure on their offense"

    On the youth of both teams:
    "We are young, but they are young too. Their young guys played better than our young guys. Verdell Jones III was the best guard on the floor. I give him a lot of credit."

    On what he learned from this game:
    "As a coach I've got to do a better job offensively. Coach Crean and his staff did a fantastic job preparing for our defense. The game is fragile. I told our players, when you are down 15, we can make another run we did and cut it to nine, miss some free throws, without any hesitation, Indiana ran away with it. We have got to do a better job. Our young guys competed, I was happy with our competitive level, now it is about execution. "

    On playing in a place rich with tradition like Assembly Hall:
    "I think as a coach there is no middle ground on things like that. I made a decision to come in here and just play. We have to go to some pretty historic and traditional places too in our league, to be fair. I said that to our kids. I think they knew the moment and they knew the significance of the moments, but our guys are tough guys. Tonight some of our shots just didn't fall and a lot of that had to do with Indiana's defense."

    On Wright State's Vaughn Duggins:
    "Give it all. Give it everything you have. The only negative offensively was that he wasn't as tight with his dribble as he normally is. We put him on Jordan Hulls. We made the decision that you have to either try to stop Hulls or Jones and he did an unbelievable job on Jordan Hulls. I was pretty pleased with Vaughn and moving him into the one. That's a lot on a guy in 48 hours and I was pretty happy with the way he played. He could play better but I was pretty happy with his effort. "




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