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    Postgame Quotes - Indiana vs. Northwestern State

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 15, 2008

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    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening Statement
    "First and foremost, the players will never forget their first win as part of the Indiana basketball family inside of Assembly Hall. None of us will ever forget it. I thought the crowd was incredible from the very beginning. I thought there was tremendous energy in the building and I look forward to being a part of that for a very long time, as will our players. In the game, we did some very good things. We moved the ball well. We got the ball rehearsed, which was key. We got the ball inside out a little bit. We defended a good level, but obviously we have to get better in the rebounding department and taking care of the basketball. The biggest thing in the rebounding area, especially when you have so many new players, they are used to just going up and getting the ball. They are used to being able to out-jump their opponent. It's like that in high school or maybe junior college a little bit and that's not the case in Division I anywhere. We've got to understand that we have to get into bodies. We have to be aggressive with it. We've got to give a little size and rebound the ball with two hands a little more.

    As we're in this program a little longer, our athleticism will increase as we get older. They'll get stronger, more athletic, and we'll continue to bring in size. Right now, we've got to be focused on being one of the best blocked out teams in the country. It will get better. We'll get better with our ball handling. We're spending a lot of time in practice and in our individual workouts. We'll spend even more time with it because this team has a chance to be a good ball handling team, a good passing team. We have a lot of things to build on in a short period of time, but I think, as I told the team, this is indicative as the way it's going to be for the whole year. There will not be one team that does not come in here and not believe that they can't win this game. And we have to make sure we do our part and let that not happen."



    Verdell Jones III
    On opening the season with a win
    "It felt really good. After working hard in preseason and for us to come out here and finally get a win that counts. I thought that was great for the team."

    On the crowd support
    "I thought it was great. They gave it a lot of energy when they came out and were screaming and saying stuff to the opposing team. I thought they gave us a lot of energy and helped us get into a good run."

    Tom Pritchard
    On opening the season with a win
    "It was a good start to season. I'm happy with the fan support."

    On staying out of foul trouble
    "I tried to stop my guy from catching the ball and if my guy ended up catching the ball, I tried to stay up straight, which is something that Coach calls verticality. Just stay up there and don't reach in or go over."

    Devan Dumes
    On opening the season with a win
    "It was a good momentum booster for the whole team and fan base. I'm glad we got he first win under out belt."

    On playing in the first game
    "It was exciting. I had a great feeling about it. My teammates were into it. Everybody was enthused."


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