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    Indiana vs. Sam Houston State Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 15, 2012

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    Indiana Postgame Quotes

    Nov. 15, 2012

    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening Statement:
    "First off, it never gets old to have greatness in this building. Anytime you have a championship level team, it just brings a little bit something extra to the table. I think even though, obviously, our guys are not as familiar with that team, they are familiar with the tradition of Indiana and they walk in everyday and they see that banner. They see it in their locker room and they see it in their arena. A really special couple of moments there for them to meet everybody, to get that picture taken, which is something that will mean a lot more to them somewhere down the road, but it was also great to have that team in the locker room and share a little time with them. It's beneficial for everyone because it's such a tremendous tradition here and anytime you can have your players exposed to it, and they just get a chance to rub elbows, there's no question that it can work the right way.

    "As far as the game, I thought we had passion. We played with a lot of passion. We always play hard, we always work extremely hard; I have no complaints with that whatsoever. When energy, toughness, passion are all there together, you have a chance to be really good, and we were. We had 74 deflections tonight, we had the rebound numbers, I know we had the assist-turnover ratio, we had the 24 assists on the 30 field goals. We had great energy. It was important to get the game started off the right way with that energy mindset from the beginning, and we did. We came in and played that way. It's ironic that Christian [Watford] came in and led us in deflections with 13. Not only the were his numbers impressive, but the deflection numbers to me are even more impressive. To me, the stat sheet always comes down to did you impact the game on both ends of the floor. The more you can look at the plus/minus, the more that you can look at the deflections, the more that you can look at the free throw attempts, then we go back and we grade block-outs and the offensive rebound attempts and the shot challenges and the post feeds. We had three stops in a row, I think we had great numbers there, no fouls drawn. It's always about impacting the game. I thought for the most part, most everybody impacted the game in a very positive way."

    On Jordan Hulls reaching 1000 career points:
    "That was cool. I knew he was close and I just completely lost track of where he was at. When the crowd erupted, obviously they were well in tune with it, and someone reminded me, I was taking him out anyways, or getting him ready to take him out, and just an impromptu thing. I ran down and told the coach he got his 1000th point and I'm trying to make a big deal out of it, I'm certainly not trying to show anyone up, I don't think he took it that way. That kid epitomizes what we're doing. That kid epitomizes Indiana basketball in so many ways. I think people from the past can identify with him, and the Hulls family, people in the future, I think, can look at Jordan Hulls and see what can happen when you play in this program and you grow up loving this program, but most importantly he impacts our present. It's awesome. He thought I was taking him out because he took a long three. I love when he takes those threes, we need him to do that. Really, really, incredibly proud that he got that and it's an honor to coach him, it really is. We get on him and all those things, but he has grown so much as a player. Obviously he was so well coached before with J.R. Holmes and with his dad and with his family, but he just keeps getting better and better. He epitomizes what we want this to be about."

    On how much fun it is to coach a team that is so unselfish with the basketball:
    "Well, that's fun, but I think it's how we got to it, which was really important. We did some really, really good things defensively. Again, it sounds trite, but energy, toughness, passion, when those three things are combined and they're there, just a lot of really good things happen. I think what we did is we went back last night and showed the teaching tape that we show to recruits when they come and how we play. I think it was important that they see that because we've been playing pretty hard, pretty together. Again, we've got different things going on, we don't have a full team. We're missing a lot of our front line. Cody [Zeller] was just at the beginning of getting sick on Monday. Cody was in a sweatshirt all day, he hasn't done anything with this program besides with the doctors and (athletic trainer)Tim Garl and his mother, until this afternoon at walkthrough. I cut that short so we brought him back out to make sure he had a little bit of sweat. Like I said that other day, when he's telling you that he's sick, he should probably be at home in bed and that's where he's been the last few days. We don't have everything clicking yet and we don't have a full team yet, but we have a lot of guys that can do a lot of different things. When they get it rolling on the defensive end, a lot of things happen on the offensive end."

    On Kevin "Yogi" Farrell's off-the-ball defense:
    "Very good. I said to Yogi the other night that, and this is rare for a freshman this is why he's going to be a special player, because the offense wasn't there as much tonight, the offense wasn't there the other night, you never look out there and can tell that. There's no body language, there's no frustration, he's just playing. His defense was really, really good. If Jordan, Yogi, Mo, Remy, if those four guys can guard, we already know what Vic and Will are capable of defensively and they're a little bit bigger, but if those four guys can guard that way, we're just going to keep getting better and better. Yogi brings a ton to the table defensively. We were trying to do some different things in the second half. I don't go to the whole `it's 0-0,' I don't think anybody buys that. There's got to be things that we're getting better at in the game. We had about three different things going on in the second half. I thought they did a really good job with those things."

    Senior guard Jordan Hulls

    On scoring 1,000 career points:
    "I had no idea what was going on when coach raised my hand up but it's pretty cool to be able to do that but I couldn't have done that without my teammates. I'm not really into the personal accolades as long as the team wins but it's a pretty cool club to be a part of."

    On the importance of sharing the ball like they did tonight:
    "Yeah that makes a lot better team when we are playing very unselfish. We are an unselfish basketball team so if the ball is going in the hole, that's what we want, getting lay-ups. But I thought our defense was really good tonight, a lot of deflections, guys coming in off the bench the tempo wasn't dropped a bit so that was huge for us."

    On the importance on getting off to a fast start:
    "Yeah like I said the defensive energy really picked it up for us and we were able to get transition buckets and and-ones and get to the free-throw line so definitely something we are focused on is playing 40 minutes. If we want to get to where we want to go we can't play 30, 35 minutes, we've got to play a full 40 minute game." On the moment Coach Crean went out on the floor and raised up his hand: "Again I had no idea why I was getting my hand raised because I had just shot a terrible shot and I had no idea. I didn't realize it until I got to the bench on why he did it so at that moment that's what was going through my head. Like I said it's a pretty cool accomplishment but it's not the most important thing to me. " On being up big in the first half and then coming back out strong in the second half: "Yeah it goes into just playing a full 40 minute game. You can't go out and just play 20 minutes. We wanted to come out, be focused and have as much energy as we did in the first half."

    On what Thanksgiving break does for the players:
    "Yeah it'll be good just don't have to focus on school and basketball is a huge advantage but we do a great job when we do have to deal with school. But going into are upcoming games we just have to prepare the same ways and not having as much on our mind I guess can be a good thing."

    On the way he felt he was seeing the floor tonight:
    "My teammates were running the floor so we have an emphasis of pushing the ball up, getting it to the open man and just going out and playing so they made it pretty easy for me to make some no looks passes or whatever the case it was so that's how I got those."

    Senior forward Christian Watford

    On coming off the bench for only the second time in his career and if it provided any extra motivation:
    "It was but it's Coach Crean's decision and I'm for the team no matter who is playing. I want this team to be successful way more than that."

    On if it was odd coming off the bench:
    "It was, like you said I've only done it twice in my career so it was odd but you've just got to go with it."

    On his reaction to not starting:
    " Well you know once he told me that, there's nothing you can do about it just go out and get ready to play. Like I said I wasn't too worried about it just give 100 percent on both ends of the floor and everything will take care of itself." On how surprised they are if Jordan doesn't hit a wide-open three: "Very surprised. Every shot Jordan takes I feel like it's going in. He works on his game constantly and shoots the ball constantly. He definitely put that confidence in me."

    Junior forward Will Sheehey

    On if this is the best they've played:
    "This year yeah I think so."

    On what it signifies for a teammate to get 1,000 points:
    "Well you've got two guys at this table that both have 1,000 and I think I just cracked 100 or something. I mean it's impressive. These guys can both score the basketball and they bring way more than just scoring to the game, which is impressive because if you can do more things than just score and you still have 1,000 points not too many guys can do that."

    On if he noticed any difference in energy tonight:
    "Yeah I think there was no drop-off between the first squad and second squad coming in and obviously it shows what Christian did tonight and the guys that come in off the bench bring it, (Maurice Creek), Remy (Abell), and Austin (Etherington). If we can have like a baseline of energy the whole time we are going to be very successful."

    On how much fun this team is having playing together:
    "Yeah we have a lot of fun. Practice isn't so fun but we get to show it in games. That's the thing you work hard to have fun like nights like tonight. We all enjoy it obviously. You can tell when we have more energy than usual and I think tonight we did."

    Sam Houston State Head Coach Jason Hooten
    Opening Statement:

    "The first thing I want to say is thank you to the Indiana training staff. We had a guy that had a really bad bug when he got here and was throwing up. Their doctors took him and got him an IV and really took care of him. That was really first class. He wouldn't have been able to get on the floor tonight if it hadn't have been for them, so I want to say thank you for that.

    "The second thing I wanted to say was that I apologize for our performance tonight. We are better than that. We were not very good tonight and I am embarrassed by it. Not taking anything away from Indiana, they have a great team and they had a lot to do with our performance, but we didn't do a lot of the things that we've been taught and that's disappointing as a coach."

    On what Coach Crean had to say to him after the game:
    "He's a class act and a great coach. He said that I'm doing a really good job and that I've got a really good team; that we're better than I think we are. He said that he watched a lot of tape and that he had his guys prepared because he thought we were really good. He admitted that they just played really well tonight, and I appreciate him staying that stuff. It doesn't make me feel any better, but he's a first class guy and one heck of a coach."

    On whether he was more impressed with Indiana's offense or defense:
    "I was impressed with everything; they're really good. I think right now it's hard to tell because we were so poor in transition defense, and that's the thing we pride ourselves in. We were 28th in the country last year in defense. I'm an old-school guy and was taught by a guy who taught that defense is first, and we just gave a team 57% from the field and allowed 99 points. It wasn't very good, but at half time they had 52 points and 25 of those were in transition. I thought tonight, transition wise, they were really good."

    On whether he was surprised Christian Watford didn't start:
    "No, they have a good team. That guy (Will)Sheehey, he's a really good player too, so it really doesn't matter who they start; they're 10 deep. That's what it takes to have a team like they do and to play at that level: you have to have depth, and they do. When they put a new guy in they don't lose a lot."

    On their center getting into foul trouble early:
    "It affected us and hurt us a little bit, but I was just more disappointed with how he came out and played. I don't think he played real good early, and he's been pretty good. Obviously we have to give (Cody)Zeller a lot of credit for that. It was a tough match-up for him because Zeller is more of a face-up post than he is a back-to-the-basket type post. It was a tough night for him, and he didn't play his best. I'm an old school guy and I look at little things; I'm more concerned about getting back on defense and blocking out than whether someone had double figures or what the case may be."

    On how Indiana compares to their previous opponent Arkansas:
    "Well we were their first game of the year, and like us who had seven new guys on the floor, Arkansas had eight, so that's really hard to tell. Coach Crean's got a lot of guys back after last year's team; in fact they have the starting five back, so that's a hard comparison to make. I think Arkansas by the end of the year will be really good, but we played really well that night. Right now our team has to shoot three's and make them, and we got off to a bad start with that, but again, you have to give Indiana credit because in their scouting report they took away our three point line early in the game. We shot them, we just didn't make them. When we play a team of this caliber, we have to make perimeter shots."




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