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    Postgame Quotes - Indiana vs. USC Upstate

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 16, 2009

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    Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening statement:

    "The first thing I would say is welcome to the wacky world of freshmen and sophomore predominant basketball. That's where we are at and we have a lot of learning to do. We have a lot of growing up to do to understand how to put people away. There were times tonight that I thought we played extremely hard. I thought we were really trying to throw that dagger, especially defensively. But young guys, they don't understand that the other team is not going away. That is a very good coach over there and a lot of competitive, prideful people. They are pretty good players who I think are going to win quite a few games when they get into their conference play.

    "It was a great learning experience, I didn't say that to them. But it was great for them to go through something like this learn how important situation basketball is. We can't mirror that in practice and as I have said to you, we are so far behind in understanding those aspects of the game. Because as you can tell, when I came in there yesterday and tried to be completely honest and transparent as I can be with this, we still have to learn how to compete on a consistent level. The other team could care less about anyone's returning minutes, or about what anyone did in high school a year ago, just like we could care less when we are playing against the other team. We have to learn that, and sometimes when you win a game like we did the other night, we haven't won like we didn't win last year. It's very easy for people to start to feel like I don't want to say invincible, but we are headed in that direction. We aren't, we are freshman and sophomores with the exception of a junior and two seniors. So, there were some really positive things tonight. I thought Derek Elston with his plus-18, on the plus-minus was a very positive aspect. Devan Dumes was a plus-11 for the game. The reason I changed the lineup at halftime was because of that.

    "It's like practice, why practice if you are not going to put value on it? Why keep score if you not going to put value on the guys that are helping create the score in your favor? So, that's where we are at and I thought Jeremiah (Rivers) did some good things inside of the game, but we just have a lot to learn in the leadership aspect of the game. Our communication and our ability to communicate with one another, that has to change. We are still searching for those couple of voices that are really going to direct this team outside of the coaching staff. So we will grow into it, I have no doubt about that, but there will be more nights like this."

    On possibility of players being too unselfish:

    "Oh yes, that can happen. But it's a lot easier to get that changed than it is the other way around. Because if somebody was hogging the ball right now, even at the end of the game, Maurice took a quick shot in the corner, in the flow of the game it's a great shot, but that other team still expects a win, now we are in a situation game. We go to the lineup card of all of these different situations on the bench, even though we haven't had a lot of chances to go through them yet. During the game it's very flow-filled and react to the situation and look for match ups and things like that. When you are trying to put the game away, you are trying to stay true to what you think is best. None of us wanted to have to ice the game at the end, but we had to. So we have to learn how to do that.

    On being able to get to free throw line:

    "That was a huge emphasis tonight. We were poor at that the other day. We had thirteen attempts, they had thirty. Tonight we get the thirty, we didn't make as many. I am more disappointed that we didn't rebound those. I know this may sound bad, but personally, I can't start thinking that any shot is going in. I have to treat it in my mind like it's not, whether it's a jump shot, lay up or a foul shot. Now the player, they want to expect that every shot is going in. But the difference on being a special player is when that player can have the same mindset. When they are not shooting the ball, they are going to get in good rebounding position to take advantage of it. "I am more concerned about the fact that we didn't rebound the missed free throws we weren't in position to rebound, that was a lack of physicality. We weren't as physical and there are going to be nights that that happens. Right now, man-on-man there is no way we are as physical and as strong as Ole Miss. When we go in there I will probably say that about all the other teams. I haven't really looked that far ahead yet. We are getting ready to play some high level guys when we get to Puerto Rico. It's going to be a really good test for us to see where we stand. If we don't match-up and play with that will and that fire and we are not as physical as them, we will get embarrassed."

    USC Upstate Head Coach Eddie Payne

    Opening Statement
    "It was good to see us compete. We were getting ready to get buried, and we were able to make some plays to get back in it. We were on the road against a quality team, playing in a historic arena, and our youngsters competed very well."

    Overall thoughts on Indiana
    "I thought the Indiana size in the backcourt may have been the most significant factor in the game. I thought their bigger guards really hurt us with getting to the rim and playing over the top of some of our smaller kids. Indiana is a young team and they will do nothing but get better. They've got talent. I've known Tom a long time and I know what kind of job he'll do. His kids will just continue to get better, not only this year, but from now on."

    Thoughts on Indiana's quick start in the second half
    "We expected that. I think Verdell Jones played over the top of us. We had a hard time with Rivers even though he didn't make a lot of shots. He was able to get into the paint, dish off, and make interior passes. The size of their perimeter players was the biggest thing that we had trouble with."




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