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    Postgame Quotes - Mississippi Valley State at Indiana

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 16, 2010

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    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening Statement:
    "That team was exactly what we thought they would be, especially after watching them on film against Georgia. Aggressive, fearless, very good on offense, full-court pressure, trying to create turnovers, and I thought our guys did a very good job of staying with the gameplan and staying with the scouting report. Again, another night when things weren't really going for us offensively, especially early, they kept going with the defense and then we had an excellent run. A span at the end of the first half through about the ten minute mark of the second half where we went on a 27-3 run and that says a lot about our defense, a lot about it. Forty-four deflections tonight, we win the defensive rebounding game. We win the field goal percentage defense game. We win the points off turnovers. Those are usually a pretty good recipe for success. A lot of really good basketball from a lot of guys.

    "I felt like a hockey coach in the first half with how quick we were putting guys in and out because it just appeared it was going to be that kind of game. I think it says a lot about our guys to outscore their bench 32 to 9, because they're coming off a game where they had 35 bench points against Georgia. So that was really, really important. I think Sean (Woods) does an excellent job. I don't have any doubt that that team continues to get better this year and that'll turn out to be a very good win for us against an NCAA tournament team out of their league. You would have to see the Georgia tape to appreciate what I'm saying, but they did an excellent job there.

    "Our guys' attention was really strong on what we had to do. Christian (Watford) played an outstanding game and played long stretches where he just continued to get better. I thought Jordan (Hulls) had an excellent game in a lot of respects. An amazing stat, Victor Oladipo in 15 minutes had a plus 30 on the plus-minus. That's a lot of energy being displayed out there. I'm really happy that Will Sheehey was able to come in and get confidence inside of the game because he was ready for that. It was a team effort. I could talk about a lot of guys. Daniel Moore didn't play as many minutes, but he played really quality minutes. Bobby Capobianco gave us solid minutes. Derek (Elston), there's no update on that right now. He's being evaluated and we'll just take that as it comes. So I can't give you any more than that. All in all, I was really, really happy with the way that they defended and again, a grind it out game and we did a lot of the grinding in the sense of how we guarded."

    On tonight's play:
    "We did a much better job of getting five guys in the paint when the shot went up. I thought we challenged shots. We didn't gamble defensively. We played chest to chest and we kept ourselves in front, and we didn't have to over help. We got caught over helping a little bit in the first half, but there are also some adjustments that we made at halftime, offensively. We were not really reading the game as well, especially with the pick and rolls. We were trying to force the ball in to some areas where they had good help instead of really taking what they were giving us. I thought our guys really made a good adjustment there. They knew it, and they just executed better."

    On Jordan Hulls:
    "I think he is a leader in all areas. Tonight, that was duress, what he was playing under. They were aggressive and they were very active and he continued to play through that. If that pass to Victor [Oladipo] doesn't make the top 10, it must have been a great sports night, because that was impressive. We talk to these guys a lot about hitting the singles and doubles, not just going for the triples and home runs. It looked like a home run pass, but he made the right play. Tonight wasn't as much about sets and offense as it was about execution, ball movement, screening better, cutting better. It was just about moving, getting to open areas. The more that they pressed, the more we got to those open areas and Jordan had a lot to do with that."

    On Will Sheehey:
    "He had a very good game. Yesterday we did something, they never understand why, but we kept some guys out to play three-on-three and four-on-four. And Will was one of them. The first reaction from anybody, it goes all the way back to Dwayne Wade and those guys, first and foremost, think they are getting punished. They know it's a chance for them to get their confidence up, it's a chance for them to play, and for it to be about them. Practice is about the team. Every once in a while, when we are all out there coaching, it can be about them a little bit. And Guy [Guy-Marc Michel] is certainly a big part of that, and it's a good reminder for guys that they can play. It's not as much about the plays, it's more about playing and playing with confidence. I thought he did a very good job of that. He is going to be very good, and he needed that type of fake out game, but he also needed that shot of confidence that he's going to be just fine."

    On the players buying into the "Indiana Image":
    "I think they are. As a coach it's only as good as the next day. We have got to stay with that. When we hit some stretches where it gets hard, that's when we are going to find out if they understand that this is how we have to play. There is a lot of room for improvement in all areas - offense, defense, foul shooting, rebounding, after time outs. We are three games in. We played three games in five days and put the defense at the forefront the way that they have with the defensive rebounding advantage in three games, that was an area we were so weak in last year, that is crucial. They are, they are buying in and it has got to continue to be that way. This sounds a little psychological, but it is really true, this can only come through growth. They have got to go from buy in to commitment. They have to understand that they have to be committed to it. These games where the offense hasn't been as good, that's a lot closer to commitment than just buy in because they know that if they back away defensively, if they back off the back boards, that we are not going to be good enough. Almost to a man, every coach in there agreed that if we would have played this game a year ago, we would have lost this game. We would have been down 10 or 12 at half and our maturity level wouldn't have allowed us to win it. Our maturity level tonight had a lot to do with us winning."

    Mississippi Valley Head Coach Sean Woods

    On starting strong, then coming out flat after half:
    "We stopped making shots. What they did was they started to spread their defense a little bit and started taking away our jump shots, and we started driving and we couldn't capitalize. We couldn't get to the rim. We didn't get to the line enough and they did. Defensively, you hold a team to 38 percent from the field, I think that's pretty good."

    On the difference from the Georgia game (lost by two) and IU game:
    "I just thought that we didn't have the energy for 40 minutes this game. That was a bus ride compared to a plane ride. Coming into an environment like this, you've got to be hitting on all cylinders. We played good for stretches, but we just couldn't put a 40-minute game together. At Georgia, we did. We played for 38 minutes or 39 minutes. Hopefully, we can go back and get some rest. We've got to go all the way out west and play St. Mary's and BYU, so hopefully we can figure it out."

    On who on IU impressed him the most:
    "I thought everyone did. Not one particular person. I just think they stuck to what they do to give themselves a chance to win. I thought [Tom] Crean did a good job of making adjustments, especially against our dribble drive."

    On difference from last year's IU team and this year's:
    "More maturity. Every team gets better with age and as long as they continue to keep these guys, when they get older, I think the future is bright. He's [Tom Crean] signed some good players and that's the name of the game, and I think he's starting to do that now."




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