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    Indiana vs. Savannah State - Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 19, 2011

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    Indiana University Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening Statement

    “Tonight’s game was good in different respects. For one, we played a lot closer to a 40-minute game. I thought the other night against Evansville, as good as we were, we really didn’t keep our foot on the gas pedal in the second half like we could have and, we got the win and we played pretty good but there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Well, I think tonight we did a pretty good job of playing in a quick fast pace, hard pace but we also had to figure out things during the game and it would have been easier to stop the penetration and go to a zone, take our chances with the shot. But it was also something where these guys had to continue to really work to make adjustments, to get their stances right. We definitely had some technique issues early on with the dribble but our guys continued to improve in that and deflections are such a barometer. Back to defense, we had 30 in the first half and we had 25 in the second half, that was very positive. We out-scored by 15 in the first half and 14 in the second half. There’s a still a ton of room for improvement in the short term with this team but I think the long term potential of it is there too and I think that’s really important. I think the most important thing is that they recognize where they can get better at. That’s where player-driven really takes another step, when the player’s truly believe that there are things that will catch them if they don’t improve them and that’s what I’m hearing for them I think that’s really good. A lot of good basketball tonight, certainly we got the ball inside and a lot of good things happened from there. Cody was outstanding, Eleven deflections to go with his points and rebounds. Christian was very good, continued to play extremely hard. I thought Verdell and Jordan again did many different things, some that showed up in the box score, some that didn’t. Victor was good, he had a tough assignment, and a little under the weather today and that might have affected him a little bit. Will came back and really played at the rate that he needs to play at and to get a career high is really good. A lot of good basketball—I say this a lot lately—a lot of good basketball from a lot of different guys. We didn’t have a big drop off when we went to the bench. Again, our intensity was strong, even though we made mistakes.”

    On the physicality of other teams

    “I talk to our whole team about that, I wouldn’t just single out Cody in that. I think our guys are doing a very good job of handling that and they know the ramifications. Who knows what is going to happen down the road, I don’t think we have wallflowers. Cody is a tough young man. Those guys have a determination about them; they understand what is at stake. I would have a bigger issue with some of that if the referees weren’t on top of it but there’s no reason to believe that they’re not. I haven’t seen anything leads me to think they’re not on top of it. It’s a big part of the game right now, making sure those things get cleaned up but I think they’re handling it. When you watch it on television and you see other games I think it looks the same way. We want all of our guys to play with a real intensity, a real determination but to play with emotion, not emotional. For the most part, we are getting that. Cody certainly epitomizes that, he plays with some emotion and he plays with a lot of intensity, but you never look at Cody and think he is getting emotional about anything, which is good.”

    On the play of Derek Elston

    “I know Derek was good; he was aggressive. I thought the presence of mind at the end of the half was good. He’s really lining up the ball well, he’s squared up, he’s following through, he’s aggressive and we’re being able to do a lot more things with him on the defensive end right now and that’s good. He took a shot yesterday in practice and to come back from that and be as good as he was today says a lot about his durability and toughness as well.”

    Savannah State Head Coach Horace Broadnax

    On his team's performance:
    "We're getting better. The outcome of the game definitely wasn't what we wanted or expected, but we're getting better. I told them where we couldn't play toe-to-toe with these guys that we had to control the game offensively and defensively, as far as trying to keep the clock down. We wanted to shorten the game and try to get to the last 10 to eight minutes where we were within striking distance, but it kind of got away from us towards the end of the first half where we could have cut it to 10. In the second half it got away from us a little bit. We're trying to position ourselves to play well in our conference so this is a good test. Fifteen possessions over a 40-minute period that we have to look at and say hey we have to be a little more intelligent."

    On what was impressive about Indiana:
    "They shoot the ball well. They can shoot it. That's one thing that we were coming into this game saying was that we have got to guard. We can't give a lot of open looks and they shoot the ball. There are a lot of people that can put the ball in the basket. We definitely wanted to work transition defense and not give up open shots. The big boy inside helps a lot, which opens up things. They can get off the dribble and get to the basket. They can score. They've got more than one, two, or three people. They can put four or five guys out there that can score the ball so it's hard to defend that."

    On Indiana compared to last year:
    "Obviously they are better because they've got Zeller in the middle. Obviously they're better because guys are a year older. Tom (Crean) is going to do it. In this day and age, people want instant success and immediate gratification. I know the history here and the tradition here at Indiana, national championships and competing. Indiana went through a rough patch and they got tore down. A lot of things don't get built back quickly, but if they give him the opportunity and not be impatient he'll get it done."




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