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    Postgame Quotes - Indiana vs. Georgia

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 19, 2012

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    Barclays Center
    Legends Classic
    Indiana vs. Georgia
    November 19, 2012

    Head Coach Tom Crean
    On the game:

    "That was a great win for our team because that Georgia team is really good. We spent more time watching film of last year's Georgia team than the one that has been playing so far this year, because we knew that team that played in [earlier in the season] wasn't what it was going to be. I think they broke out and really started playing the way they're capable of. I haven't changed my mind about this, but I think Donte' Williams was the best offensive-rebounder in college basketball. We started out our preparation for this game by watching his four tip dunks he had at Rupp Arena. When they get him going at the level that he can go at, when they get Nemanja Djurisic and Ken Caldwell-Pope playing the way they are capable of then they are going to win a lot of games. This win is going to come back and have a lot of value for us down the road in a lot of ways...Great win for us, we are excited about playing tomorrow night in the championship and our guys really earned this one."

    On Jordan Hulls:
    "I thought we had a lot of energy sources tonight. No question about it, Jordan Hulls is a huge part of that. With all the NBA people here tonight, that is an NBA guard....that young man is a huge winner whose got a lot of skills and he improves constantly."

    On Cody Zeller:
    "I don't know what the NBA number (of scouts in attendance) but I can promise you that Cody was not affected by that. If he was affected by that then he would have left last year. He's not affected by that, he's Andrew Luck (Indianapolis Colts Quarterback - 1st pick in last year's NFL Draft), that's who he is. When his day comes and he decides that he wants to go (to the NBA) then that's when he will go. Cody is not affected by those things and it was probably my fault on the charging foul because I called for an isolation and we probably should have set it up out of a timeout, so that everyone would have been spaced a little bit better...We have a pretty mature group and tomorrow I expect him to be Cody Zeller."

    Cody Zeller
    On his performance and the second-half:
    "I finally got my wind back in the second-half. Late in the game it was tough to get it going but I finally got my wind...Victor Oladipo brought us a lot of energy and we had a lot of guys on our team in the second-half that picked up the energy. That was the difference in extending the margin (the lead)."

    Jordan Hulls
    On the bench helping the team to a win:

    "We went on the road and got a good win against a good team in Georgia...Our bench came in and did a good job. The guys that were in at the beginning weren't hitting shots and they came into the game and got us going."

    Georgia Bulldogs Head Coach Mark Fox
    On the Game:
    "It was a very hard fought game, a game we thought we could win and the real difference I thought was in the second-half. Their experience showed and we had a lot of immature plays throughout the evening. We spent several timeouts early trying to keep our guys poised. They capitalized on some poor plays by us in the second-half and that is why they're a terrific basketball team and congratulations to them because they're very, very good"

    On the Indiana defense:
    "I think their defense is good. One of the things we did in the first-half was we were able to get to the foul line and we didn't get that done in the second-half. I'll spread the credit through a couple of different areas but their defense is good. I thought we had some immature possession in the second-half, just because we knew we were ahead and they started to climb hard, we thought there were a few hero baskets out there and we settled for some quick three's and that's when we need to learn to be a little more patient."

    On Jordan Hulls and Cody Zeller:
    "Hulls is a very good player. He never sped up. He understands the game. Zeller is obviously a great player but I would like to credit our defense for his numbers tonight, not just his foul trouble because I thought we did a pretty good job on him and he is very good...Hulls has an old man's game. He can pivot away from pressure, he's got shot fakes, and he just has an old man's game. He is just a great piece with Zeller, because Zeller draws so much attention and with him he is a very good player. The way they're both used together is very effective. "

    On what his team learned from tonight:
    "We started the season and came out of the gate poorly. Tonight for 30-minutes we looked like the team we thought we were going to have. We just didn't do it long enough. I think our teams has learned that we are a much better team than we showed to start the year, but the key will be to learn how to play 40-minutes, not 30. That is the next step for out group."

    On Vincent Williams:
    "I thought Vincent Willliams was pretty good tonight. I thought he ran our team very well. I have been very critical about how he has played to start the year. I thought he made some real progress tonight and I thought he kept us very organized. He still had a few more turnovers tonight than we would have liked but I thought he was much improved."




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