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    Indiana vs. Gardner-Webb Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 21, 2011

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    Coach Crean Quotes 11/21/2011 - vs. Gardner-Webb

    Opening Statement:
    "Well there's no question, I'm proud of the effort of our players and the improvement. I thought we got better as the game went on. I think to start the game with the run we had, and then to start the second half with the run that we had, it was all keyed off of our defense. There's no doubt when we play with defensive intensity and have the energy to match it and we're active that we have a chance to create some havoc and that's what we did. There are going to be nights where we don't shoot it as well, and tonight was one of those nights. It's the least of my concerns when it comes to offense, because we have good shooters. It just didn't go down tonight but this game was about the hustle game. It was about the offensive rebounds and something that we really needed to improve upon: the overall rebounding, the defensive intensity and energy, and keeping the running game on. I think we did that. For them to have eight second-half points 12 minutes into the second half was a great statement to how hard and intense and effective our guys were playing defensively. We got a lot of deflections. Victor had 17 deflections, it's the most we have had at Indiana. It was really good. Obviously he would have had more if I had kept him in longer. We got lot of activity. We had activity on the backboards, defensively we moved the ball well.

    "The 19 assists isn't indicative of how well we the ball moved tonight. It was at a really good rate. Our interior passing took some real steps forward, and we knew we were playing a good team. We were playing two guys that were shooting 43% from the three. A team that knows what they want to do. They know who they are. They know how they want to score. They're quick. Much like Savanna State was quick the other night. This team was quick with the ball. Probably better shooting it off the dribble. It was good second half for us and a good start. We just keep getting closer and closer. We are trying to keep putting 40 minutes together at a high rate."

    On Derek Elston getting nine rebounds in 15 minutes
    "That's really important. I think we have seven starters and he is one of them. That can change from week to week or couple days to a couple days, but he is good enough to be a starter on this team. He just doesn't start, but he did in the second half. We needed a spark and I thought that he brought that in the first half and he didn't lead us to believe anything different in the second half. He is playing with a lot of confidence because he is healthy. I think when you look back at the season he had a year ago, it's got to start with the fact that he never really was healthy. It was always something that held him back, and right now he doesn't have that. So that's really important and he has improved. He is a diligent worker. He had a great offseason when it comes to the way we worked in the spring. I don't think there is any question he got better in the summer. He has been very good in our fall, and we can feel him and see him getting better constantly inside of our practices. He is a product of his work and his health."

    On Victor Oladipo and his defensive intensity:
    "Well he turned it up a couple gears, and that's the Victor consistency meter that we are going to follow from here on out, because consistency for him is a little different from others because he has a motor, that's very impressive. He has length; he has athleticism; he has toughness; he has grit. Defensive intensity has a lot to do with skill and toughness. Rebounding has a lot to do with technique, energy and grit. And when you put it all together and you put it with someone that is playing with a high motor, they are going to be good at a lot of things and Victor has a chance to be good at an awful lot of things. His defense keyed our team and keyed his offense."

    Gardner-Webb Head Coach Chris Holtmann

    On Indiana:
    They are explosive offensively now. They are a fast team. They are the fastest team I've played in two years since I've been at Gardner-Webb. I thought Michigan was pretty fast last year and they are as well. They have good offensive abilities and it's not just one guy. They have multiple parts. They are shooting the ball really well. I thought our zone might slow them down a little bit and it did for stretches. I knew before long they'd get out in transition.

    On who on IU impressed:
    Oladipo I think was the difference in today's game just because of his activity and his ability to make plays on both ends. I know he is a guy that is a driver first but he certainly celebrated his role at the highest level and does a great job for them. Obviously, Zeller is a difference maker and Watford's terrific as well. They've got some nice pieces.

    On what are they trying to get out of these games:
    I think you look at it as great preparation. You are competing to win and you are trying to play to a standard that you want regardless of competition. It is great preparation for what our league is and what our league is about and that's the way we look at it. We're not coming in here and certainly saying `hey it's going to be a blowout.' We're trying to fight every position and I want to hold our guys to a certain standard. We've got a very, very young and inexperienced team. We've got eight new players and four freshmen. We've started slow now at Clemson and at Indiana and a lot of that is just I think is our inexperience and jitters. Once we get in the flow it'll settle down for us.

    On changes under Crean:
    No question they are different. Now they are going to run into some adversity. They are playing very confident basketball. I think there is no question they are going to have a different team. Now what that translates to I don't know. NCAA Tournament, I know everybody certainly hopes that. There's no question that Zeller makes a difference but they have nice pieces and nice parts and I know they have a nice bunch coming.

    On Oladipo in the first half, Sheehey in the second half:
    He's improved I think. My understanding is he's really worked on his game. I just talked to our guys about that. From what I understand his preparation in practice and his work ethic has allowed him to be effective. He's a really active kid and if he shoots the ball I think he's going to give them a really nice presence off the bench. He's a talented kid. Like I said I think their offensive ability is better than any team we've played in two years maybe with the exception of Louisville. I think probably offensively there isn't a better team we've played in the past two years.

    How do these games help prepare for conference play:
    Well I think they help you if you kind of compete with a full heart and your kids understand this is a process for us. We want to be a different team in January then what we are right now and we certainly want to be a better team in December then what we are in November.  I'll know a lot about my team tomorrow if we come out with the right mindset in practice and I think we will. But our young kids have to understand that as much as they wanted to win this game our deal is about playing really well in February and March and in league play.




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