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    Postgame Quotes - North Carolina Central at Indiana

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 23, 2010

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    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean
    Opening Statement:
    "I think this game was exactly what we thought it would be. That's a well-coached team. Coach (LeVelle) Moton is doing an excellent job there. He's got one of the more improved teams from one year to the next that I've seen, judging from his first couple of games with Oklahoma and Miami. He upgraded his roster, upgraded his talent and athleticism, and they played that way. Our guys were really locked in to the fact that they were going to have to play very hard, very competitively, with a lot of energy and I think we did that. Again, it was another night where things weren't necessarily going great offensively. We stuck with what we were doing. We continued to play very good defense, even though it wasn't our best defensive percentage night. I still think we did some really good things. We got our deflections up in the second half. We got our deflections really moving after having three in the first 10 minutes. We ended up with 21 at half, so that was really good for us.

    "We got a lot of good basketball from different people, to go 30 points off the bench is really a positive for us. It was good to have Derek (Elston) back. That's not a CNN newsflash. It was good to have him there scoring in the post, being aggressive and alert, playing with a lot of energy. I thought he did an excellent job defensively and on the defensive glass. It was good to have Matt (Roth) back. It was the first time all year that we've had everybody available to play for us, so that was a positive. We got very good contributions from different people. Verdell (Jones III) and Christian (Watford) were able to play through a few different lulls and continue to go. Jeremiah Rivers was excellent and Victor Oladipo was plus-18 for us, which was very positive. Certainly it was good to have Jordan (Hulls) making shots and even though it wasn't Mo's (Maurice Creek) best scoring night, he did some excellent things team basketball-wise. A couple of his turnovers were trying to make things happen for teammates.

    "All in all, we got a lot of good basketball against a good team. A lot of people shared in the victory and there's a lot of room for improvement, and as a coach that's what you want. You want them to understand they've got to keep getting better, but when you're winning and you can improve, a lot of good things can happen and that's what our focus is."

    On the bench's production:
    "Thirty points tonight from that bench and again, it was defensively as well. We had a couple of highlight defensive sequences at the end of the game and that, to me, is really important, even in the last five or six minutes. When the game is still somewhat hanging in the balance and to continue to guard at a high level is really good and a lot of that was with guys from off the bench."

    On the positives from being able to use many players and only play two players over thirty minutes:
    "I think that's important and I played some guys more minutes than I would have through some stretches because that's just what I want to be able to do with this team and where I maybe had to play guys through stretches in the past because there really wasn't a choice, now there's a choice, but at the same time I want them to understand that I want to get them through it. There's going to be nights where no matter who they are, whether one of the higher scoring or higher minute guys or whether it's one of the lower minute guys, they're going to have to play through things to gain confidence and I think that's important.

    "It's also important for the development of the team to know that you can go into the bench and get quality minutes from those people and I think that gets everybody's attention that they've got to continue to get better in practice, which is truly what you want out of having a competitive format anyways with your team and the improvement level of them. You want them to compete with one another, knowing that if they take some time where they're not getting better, someone can go by them in a second and that's the way it's got to be built here. That's the way you have to build a high level program."

    North Carolina Central Head Coach LeVelle Moton

    On being able to stay close early:
    "We felt like we came in here to win a basketball game. Our intent and sole purpose wasn't to come in and compete or try and make it close. Our guys have the attitude that they are better than the opposing team. For a brief stretch we stopped executing. I felt the biggest play of the game as far as a momentum swing was right before the half. We had the ball underneath the basket with three seconds left for an out of bounds play, and one of our guys didn't do what he was supposed to do. As a result we threw the ball away, he hit a half court shot, got the crowd on their feet, got momentum, they started believing in themselves, and the rest is history. But we felt like we could compete. We saw some things on tape that we could take advantage of and we wanted to attack those areas, which we did.

    On make a run to start the second half:
    "We started executing. We really get in trouble when we try and go one-on-one. It's always tough when you're playing a high caliber opponent because physically, athletically, and size-wise they present some challenges whenever you get inside and touch the paint. We have to execute. We have to help one another get open and set efficient screens, which can hopefully get us some open looks."

    On how his team played hard and challenged Indiana during the game:
    "I think it's a symbol of us turning the corner. We're finally starting to taste success, we finally have a couple of kids with the mentality that they belong on the floor and I think that's where it starts anytime you want to be successful."

    On Indiana going to Christian Watford in the second half:
    "That was our fear. We didn't have an answer. When you're playing schools of this magnitude they really expose you and a lot of that is going to begin and end on that front line. He's a tremendous player and I think he's put on 20 pounds from last year. He's long and he can handle, which presents matchup problems."




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