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    Indiana Players vs. Ball State Postgame Quotes, November 25, 2012

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 25, 2012

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    Indiana vs. Ball State Postgame Quotes
    November 25, 2012

    Associate Head Coach Tim Buckley

    Opening Statement:

    "I'm really pleased with the way our guys played. We talk about it all the time, whether we're in a film session or practice session, a walk-through or warm-ups, we're always trying to improve and get better. We obviously felt like we did tonight. We got key contributions from a lot of guys and played really well, played Indiana-type basketball. We want to sustain that in order to continue to improve as we go forward."

    On how difficult it is to sustain that culture:

    "I think the culture is such where every practice has the intensity of a game. Everything that we do has that type of intensity. Obviously, it starts with Coach [Crean] and it trickles down. That's kind of what everybody expects every time we get together and we do things. I think our guys know that they want to be great, and in order to do that, we have to continue to push and keep getting better and better."

    On what was going right for Will Sheehey:

    "Where it starts with our guys is when they feel like they haven't played well, and Will probably didn't shoot it as well as he would have liked when we played in Brooklyn. He got in the gym and he worked. He got shots up, he shot free throws, he did all the things you have to do to get better. That's the only thing we know is work. That's what Will came and did, and you got a chance to see it tonight. I don't think it was a surprise or anything new. That's how he plays. He just got a little off-track when we played in Brooklyn and came back and worked his way out of it."

    On how encouraging it is to see the team keep up the defensive intensity throughout the game:

    "In order to be a championship-caliber program, that's the way you have to play it. You can't take any possessions off. Every possession is just as important as the last possession, and that's what we did. The guys that are coming in off the bench, whether they're a couple rotations down, they know that that's their time to get opportunities to play meaningful minutes. That's what we're about. When you don't, you come out and somebody else goes in. When Will [Sheehey] had that situation where he turned the ball over and maybe tried to get a little too fancy with it, he went right back in the game and played the way he's supposed to, and that's what we expect."

    On whether they were experimenting in the second half:

    "I don't know if I would call it experimenting as much as we needed some work with our zone. We needed some work maybe with some different guys playing different spots because we're not at full strength right now. Austin [Etherington] did a terrific job of playing post defense. Jeremy [Hollowell] did a great job of taking care of the ball, making good decisions tonight. That was a step forward for him and they got an opportunity to do it in game situations."

    Jordan Hulls

    On what this game meant after coming off the Thanksgiving schedule:

    "The coaches did a great job of preparing us for this game. They're coaching every game the same way, so we knew it was important for us to come out, get off to a good start and wanted to play a full 40 minutes."

    On the sluggish start to tonight's game:

    "We just need to get off to a better start. If we want to continue to win, we need to play all 40 minutes."

    On what it took to get out of that sluggish start:

    "Seeing a couple of shots fall, our defensive pressure was a lot better. We had some turnovers. That's when we're at our best when we're running in transition and just getting buckets that way. We found Cody [Zeller] and got to the foul line a lot."

    On being aggressive in his shot taking:

    "I'm just trying to be more aggressive and doing whatever the team needs me to do. I was just ready to get in the flow. I didn't really shoot early on in the first half. I hit a couple shots and then continued to be aggressive. That's just how it went."

    On why he didn't shoot early:

    "I just wasn't trying to force anything. We were getting it inside to Cody [Zeller] and Christian [Watford] and we were just doing different things, so I just let it come to me."

    On what the different lineups did for them:

    "Just different looks, getting guys in different positions that we may have to play in down the road. Just getting a different feel for it, and everybody has been in a different spot, so it's been good for us to be able to do that, but we can't let anything drop off when we do that."

    On the upcoming game against North Carolina:

    "We're just taking care of this game tonight, but we're excited about a good opponent. North Carolina we know is a good team, so we're going to have to go back and get after the film."

    On shooting the ball well in Brooklyn and if he thinks that has carried over:

    "Well, I put a lot of time in my shooting. I'd like to shoot the ball every game well, but my teammates were finding me, just drive and kicks, that kind of thing and I was able to create on my own and it feels good. When I put in all that time and work it should feel good anyways."

    Will Sheehey

    On his and the team's defensive effort:

    "Yeah I thought we played well on D. We got after it in the first half, dropped off a little bit in the second half but I thought overall it was a good game."

    On how the Georgetown game has helped them:

    "Anytime you get a win you're excited, so we came out of there with a championship. Everyone played well. Our coaches did a fantastic job for preparing for us every game and that carries over you know everyone does their job and they're continuing to do that."

    On how this week will prepare them for the upcoming season:

    "Well having two games in three days really just helps us because it's kind of like a tournament feel, and also we just played in a tournament, back-to-back games, so these past couple of weeks have been pretty good for down the road."

    On being not only effective but efficient scoring 19 points in 19 minutes:

    "Took open shots, teammates found me. That's it."

    On what he wants the younger guys to take away from the quick turnaround:

    "Just the fact that you're going to be tired. You're not going to want to give it all but you have to, and that's it really. Your body, you're mentally tired, physically tired. You've just got to push through it so as long as they know how to do it, how to prepare themselves, which they've got a good feel for it. They should be alright."

    Maurice Creek

    On his comfort level at this point:

    "I'm just taking it day by day every day, feel comfortable as time goes on and getting myself stronger every day and just want to get a feel for the game again, so every game is going to be different."

    Ball State Head Coach Billy Taylor

    Opening remarks:

    "I thought tonight our guys executed the game plan for certain spurts, but obviously, Indiana is a tremendous team, and they're number one in the country for a reason with their athleticism and their depth. I thought when we were able to run back on defense and try to control the boards, we did a good job. I thought there were some segments where we took some good, open shots, but we've got to be able to step up and knock those down. When you are on the road against a tough opponent, you have to be consistent, and we were not consistent enough tonight."

    On whether or not his players learned anything from such a tough defeat:

    "I would like to look at the film, but what I wanted to see was our guys execute our game plan and be committed to it for forty minutes, and we didn't do that for forty minutes tonight. I'm not pleased with that because I think that's something we can do; we can control that. Whether it was Indiana making a run, or shooting a three, or getting a dunk, there were too many times where we got mentally disengaged and weren't able to stay focused on what the game plan was, and that hurt us. You can't go through those four or five minute spells where you do too many things that are out of control, especially when you know you can't get it back."

    On the run Indiana went on to close the half:

    "I thought a lot of it was our bad offense and us turning the ball over. We did get some good shots, but it was our in-ability to get back in transition. I think it was 21-13 before that run, so the game had a pretty good tempo to it. I thought we were playing pretty well, but then we turned the ball over and missed some shots and didn't run back in transition. Most of the points they got were in the open floor in four-on-two, three-on-one type of situations, and that was not what we wanted to do."

    On how well Hulls and Sheehey shot:

    "It's just natural when a team makes a good play against you that you think `okay, let's get it back for our team,' but you can't get lulled into that because of the depth that IU has. They have so many different guys that can make a deep three on you or make a highlight play. You have to be steady and consistent and just follow what we are trying to do, and we lost focus on that."

    On what their game plan was entering the game:

    "It's pretty simple. When you're in transition, you have to get back and get your defense set. IU has an explosive fast break, so we wanted to get bodies back. Too many times I think our guys didn't really understand or appreciate the speed that the ball was going to be attacking them, and too many times we were caught with our head down not paying attention instead of being focused and sprinting back and being committed."

    On what he said to his players at half-time:

    "I thought we had about eight or nine minutes where we played pretty well in the second half, where we were getting back on defense and were taking good shots. We shot a higher percentage in the second half, still had too many turnovers, but we got the ball in the painted area. But again, it's tough when you're down thirty points and there really is no pressure on your opponent. They're still going to step in and take comfortable shots, and we couldn't get them out of that rhythm.

    On how to motivate a team when they're down so many points:

    "Our kids still have pride. They competed and they did not give up. I think our seniors Jauwan Scaife and Zach Fields set a great tone for us and continued to fight right down to the very end. We had a number of offensive rebounds and we produced in the paint. We didn't make shots and we had some bad decisions but I thought we still fought hard."

    On whether there was anyone he thought on Indiana's team that played particularly well:

    "They just have such a deep team, and they have so many guys that can hurt you. [Cody] Zeller is a tough cover, and he draws fouls on your bigs. Even though he picked up two early fouls, they just have so many guys with weapons that can hurt you."

    On what he said to Jauwan Scaife when he fouled out:

    "We were just talking about what lies ahead. This is not the end of the season for us; we have a lot more to go and a lot of room for improvement, and we certainly feel like we are going to get there."

    On switching from the motion offense:

    "I wouldn't even say that the motion wasn't working for us, because it was a similar type of motion in the second half. I think it was just us being more organized and guys understanding what they are supposed to do. They were communicating the plays more effectively to each other. We had a lot of wasted plays even in the second half where there was just a lack of communication. If we can get everybody on the same page to run our offense, then we get good opportunities and good looks."

    On playing a team early in the season that is physically so much better:

    "It's still a great opportunity for us. Not many players get the chance to play the number one team in the country. As much as this hurts and as bad as we feel because we wanted to perform better, it's still a great opportunity for us, and we can still learn from it. There is valuable film and valuable experiences that our guys got. We can look at it that we are going to get better from this."

    On Majok:

    "I thought Majok was terrific for us. I thought he gave us a post presence and he was able to score the basketball. There were a lot of big bodies in there, but he just did what he does: he got to the foul line and finished. He was aggressive in there, playing heavy minutes in a high transition game and he was very effective for us. I also thought Matt Kamieniecki off the bench was really important for us in terms of rebounding and tenaciousness. I thought our post play was really good. Now we need to get our guard play up and match what we are getting inside right now."

    On what Majok developed over the summer:

    "He's got good footwork, and I think that's what it starts with. We are trying to space the floor for him now, but he's been a willing passer. If teams do come in and double-team him, he is willing to kick it out and look for open teammates. It is just a matter of if we can give good floor space because he has shown that he can convert down there."

    On his team's morale in the locker room:

    "Our guys are competitors, so they're down. They came in here and wanted to perform well; this is a big stage. We will feel good about it when we can put together forty minutes of basketball, that's our goal.




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