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    Indiana vs. North Carolina Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Nov. 28, 2012

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    Indiana vs. North Carolina Postgame Quotes

    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening Statement:

    "Our guys played great basketball tonight. We played against an incredible opponent. Everybody understands how great North Carolina is. Our guys had an edge to them tonight. It was on the defensive side of the ball as much as anything else. We had a lot of great basketball from a lot of people. Looking at the numbers, Cody [Zeller] had 14 deflections. It was a phenomenal game from a lot of people. Don Fischer said that we had one turnover against North Carolina from the two and a half minute mark to somewhere late in the game. I certainly haven't slept very much over the past couple of nights thinking about their pressure. I'm really proud of the way our entire team played. We got great lifts. We just kept coming. We knew that we were playing against a great tea: the kind of team that you have to look at and say you could see a team like that down the road. I hope we both see each other down the road somewhere because they've got an incredible program. Our fans were as incredible as they've been. Andy Katz asked at halftime whether this was like the Kentucky atmosphere, and I said well, we're halfway there. He asked what makes it that way, and I said this is the best atmosphere in college basketball. I can be biased all I want, but it's hard to argue it. This is the best atmosphere in college basketball because of the passion of our fans. Young, old, it doesn't make a difference; it's phenomenal. It's a great victory all the way around, we want to keep improving, no doubt, but it was a fun night."

    On whether this was the most complete game he's seen since he got here: "Against that type of opponent, absolutely. We played a pretty complete game on Sunday. I didn't realize until tonight that we had 15 straight buckets in the Ball State game. I didn't realize the numbers with the turnovers. I knew Yogi [Ferrell] and Jordan [Hulls] had only had one turnover in 32 and 23 minutes, respectively, which is pretty incredible against North Carolina. The moment that I say it's the most complete game I've seen, I let my guard down as a coach, and I won't be able to be on them the way we need to be in order to keep improving. I'll defer comment to somewhere down the road on that."

    On what they did in the second half to go from good to great:

    "I think the matchup and the energy on McAdoo was huge. We told our team that they live for that break, but the heart of that team is the post up. We needed to do a better job on the post up. We let them get a little comfortable in the first half. We let McAdoo get some turnarounds. He's a tremendous player and he's as good of a transition rebounder and offensive rebounder that we've faced. We felt like that on film. I think the fact that he had zero offensive rebounds at halftime was a victory in itself. Will Sheehey did a phenomenal job on him. We gave up a couple boards, but Will was fighting him, was making it hard for him to make catches. We knew that they were going to need to go to him to get it going. I think everybody just turned up. We challenged the team to start with three stops; we didn't, but we ended up with three stops in a row seven times in the game, and we rarely ever lose if we get three stops in a row seven times in a game. That helped us."

    On what lead him to start Will Sheehey in the second half:

    "Just his energy defensively. I liked how he finished the half. It wasn't a negative towards Christian [Watford] at all, it was just a positive to Will [Sheehey]. I've said all along, I have no trouble with this. I think we have seven starters, I really do. I think when Hanner [Mosquera-Perea] gets some time, certainly that's a drawback now because he hasn't had a chance, but we project he would probably be one of those guys that you could look at that way as well. We'll see what happens down the road. I look at Will [Sheehey] as a starter; I don't look at those guys as bench players."

    On what it means to beat a UNC team by this margin:

    "I haven't thought about that much. You get so caught up in the moment. Our team just keeps getting better, and I think the key is that we don't get away from that. There's got to be humbleness, there's got to be a confidence, but at the same time, you're building your edge constantly, daily. We can't get away from that. I don't spend a lot of time thinking that way, and I don't think we will."

    Victor Oladipo

    On the hot start to the second half:

    "We played well in the first half but in the second half we realized that the game wasn't over and we had to come out on top, on our A game, in order to close out the game so we wanted to come out in the second half and get some stops on defense and move the ball round and round and I think we did a pretty good job of that."

    On what it means to have such a dominant performance:

    "It's cool. We've been working really hard and you guys know just as well as I know that this program, well not last year, but over the past couple of years has really been struggling. We were trying to get it back to where it belongs which is on top. For us to get a win like that is a humbling experience, not only for us but for this program as well. We're just going to continue to keep working hard and continuing to keep staying in the gym, continue to keep coming in here, our fans they did a great job tonight. Our student body, our fans, came out and they were our 12th man today and without them we can't win so I pray they keep continuing to come out. These players, my teammates, have been working hard and I have the upmost respect for them and that's why I call them my brothers. I don't have any brothers so these guys are all I got. They've been working really hard and a lot of people can't see that but it's been shows in our performance. We're a family and we've just got to keep staying together and playing for each other and the sky is the limit."

    On the defense in the second half:

    "Team defense, we've been working on it all year long and we're just going to continue to keep getting better at it. Defense wins games and I know people kind of criticize us for our defense. Well if Indiana doesn't play really good defense then how good can they be and at the end of the day we're going to keep going to the lab, aka the basketball court, practice and just keep working on defense and keep playing for each other and holding each other accountable and I think if we do that at a high level, we'll win at a high level."

    On what Yogi Ferrell and Jordan Hulls brought tonight:

    "Well it just answers the question `can you play two little guys together?'. They're phenomenal at what they do and they feed off each other and they play well together. They've been growing and they're going to continue to keep getting better and playing for each other and playing for us too. Jordan is phenomenal and Yogi is just getting better. He's just going to continue to keep getting better inside games and off the court as well so I'm glad they're on my side."

    Cody Zeller

    On the energy they played with in the second half:

    "The biggest thing was the energy. We just had to keep up the energy, keep pushing it in transition and keep getting after them on defense and we were hoping eventually they'd start missing shots so we just had to keep doing what we were doing and keep the energy up. That was the biggest thing coming out of the second half, keep up the energy, and keep it where it was at."

    On the dunks at the end of the first half that broke the game open:

    "The same thing. All of us we're going to keep on playing defense, we're going to keep doing what we do and eventually we're going to get some easy baskets here and there. Like you said we got on a run there going into the second half and then we kind of kept it up coming out of the half."

    On beating North Carolina down the court on offense:

    "They still got us a few times but we're still going to play our game. We want to get out and run and it was big for us getting back in transition but at the same time we wanted to push it back at them. We aren't going to change whether we're playing North Carolina or whoever else is on our schedule, we're not going to change what we do on offense."

    On Jordan Hulls' performance:

    "He's a great player. He comes up big when we need him most. He loves the big stage. We know that he was going to come out and play well for us tonight."

    On being able to attack the basket:

    "Like I said before, that's the game plan for every game. We're going to attack and get to the free-throw line. Our guards do a really nice job of attacking. If they come off they drop it off to one of the big guys so it's just what we do."

    ,b>On the mentality of this team:

    "We practiced hard. It was a great scouting report from Coach McClain. I think it gains a lot of confidence for us because of how prepared we are for each game. We had to be the hunters, not the hunted. We can't be comfortable with where we are at. We've got to keep every game like we're the underdog and keep attacking and we'll get better."

    On who on the team keeps them hungry:

    "Coach Crean does a really nice job of that but we've got some older guys, some vets that have been in this situation before, last year as we started to get recognized some so we aren't going to worry about it much, keep working hard and we're not even comfortable with where we are at."

    Will Sheehey

    On what kind of statement this game makes:

    "It's a huge statement. We prepared for this game for a couple of weeks now and that's about it. You saw the score. We played hard, we played well, we played together and for us to do that stuff is going to happen."

    On how much the players feed off each other:

    "Well if you go back and watch the game film of this game, there is one guy that brought it tonight and that was Vic. From the get go he was going to the boards, he was getting deflections, he was making stops and when you see one guy out there bringing it you've got to bring it to. So you've got to remember this game its Vic's game."

    On if their early years in the program keep a chip on their shoulder:

    "Well you always remember it, obviously, even the guys who weren't here they were even a part of it too because they committed to come here before when we were struggling. You've got to remember it. You've got to fuel the fire. The same teams that were beating down on you before, you want a chance to beat down on them."

    Head Coach Roy Williams

    Opening Statement:

    "Well it wasn't a very good night for us. I have to congratulate Indiana, and boy I would have loved to watch them play if it wasn't against my team. You look down the line-up and Cody Zeller is really a load to handle and two other guys that I didn't even hear of while they were in high school just kicked our rear-ends. You look at Hulls and think, `That's really something- five of eight, eight assists, and zero turnovers.' Yogi was six assists and one turnover. Oladipo- man what an aggressive basketball player he is. The stat sheet says he had one block and zero steals, but I felt like he stole the ball from us ten times. His energy level for them on the offensive and defensive ends of the floor was really something. Sheehey comes off the bench and gets nineteen. It was 31-31 the last time I looked at the score in the first half and then we just had a drought and we don't put the ball in the basket the last two to three minutes in the half.

    "We took Marcus Paige out because he already had two fouls and we didn't want to give him a third. Then we start the second half and we only make one of our first eighteen shots in the second half. Against a very good team you can't go two for seven to end the half and go one for eighteen to start the second half. I'm pretty good at math, and that's three for 25 and you just can't do that. They were more aggressive, they were quicker to the ball, and they have 21 assists, and we had eight. We have a young club, but that's not an excuse because we need to play better than that. For us to come in and have a chance to win we knew we needed to play well.

    "First half some of our baskets were really hard to get, while some of theirs were a little bit easier. They had 16 points off of turnovers in the first half, and they were just more aggressive. If you like Indiana basketball you had to enjoy the night, and I like Indiana basketball but not nearly as much as I like North Carolina basketball. We have got a lot of work to do; we have to get things going a little better together. Every kid is a good player an when we're down they think they can score a basket that's going to give us 25 points in one shot. The more mature you get, the better and stronger you get as a team and good things can happen for you. I thought we would make a comeback the second half but it just didn't get going for us. I think it is more of a case of our kids trying to do too much because I think they really care. I like my team but I don't like the way we played tonight.

    "James Michael and Reggie are the two guys with the most experience and one of them went scoreless in one half and the other went scoreless in the other half. Give credit to Indiana's defense because they really tried to focus on those two guys. For us it was it was a tough night to say the least. I had four freshmen in the game at the end and I didn't play the walk-ons, so I want to apologize to them, but I just want our team to get better and letting the freshmen be out there on the court getting more minutes will be better for them and better for our team.",b>On whether Indiana deserves to be the number one team in the nation:

    "I think they are. The thing I like about them is that they really are a team. They don't have one guy that beats you up; they beat you up so many different ways. I thought Yogi was really good and he was 0-6 from the floor, but he had things under control out there with his passes and those kinds of things. Watford, who is usually not 1-9, his only basket was a dunk because we had four guys out of position. He drove from the 28 foot line and dunked it because we had four guys out of position. They have a lot of weapons. I like how hard they play on the defensive end of the floor. We are not experienced enough or good enough or well coached enough to get the ball inside and try to hurt them inside. When you've got teams with two really good post players, which we've had sometimes in the past, I think that would be something that would bother them, but I think they are legitimately a number one team. They're well coached and they want their team to win.

    "I don't think there's a selfish bone in those kid's bodies, and I think that that's probably the part that I admire most. They really do just want to look up at that scoreboard and see that Indiana's winning. Cody out-ran us a couple of times tonight, and I thought I was watching his middle brother Tyler out there because that's what he used to do for us. I even told the guys at half-time, `That's what I'm trying to get you to do.' I'm looking at our freshmen and they're nodding their heads, but still they aren't catching it on the break. I definitely do believe that they deserve to be ranked where they are. College basketball is such a long season, but there are so many really good teams. Who knows what's going to happen at the end? Last year at the end of the season we won our game by 18 and then we had two guys get hurt and it's a whole different story. But they have a little bit of everything; I don't know that I could say that they have one thing that's a weakness. What they do with Watford is they can stretch you; they can make your big guy come out and guard you 25 feet from the basket."

    On the effect of losing this bad mentally on such a young team:

    "They better worry about the kind of effect it's going to have on me mentally."

    On the team's ball movement during the team's shooting drought:

    "I think their defense was a lot more aggressive, and their defense definitely won the battle against our offense. We sort of panicked. I don't think we're selfish but I think they think, `I can do this.' When you take it upon yourself it just makes it even tougher. We turned it over a few times during that stretch, but you just can't go 3-25 on the road against a pretty doggone good team and expect to be very successful."

    On Indiana's many offensive rebounds:

    "Part of it is `Want to,' part of it is experience, and part of it is quickness. I thought Victor had six offensive rebounds and 44 steals because I felt like he came up with every loose ball. A lot of that is experience of understanding what's going on, but we are who we are, so we better get better with what we have. They had 15 total offensive rebounds and we had 14 but the problem is they turned theirs into 19 points and we only got 10. There was one time in the second half where James Michael gets an offensive rebound and throws it to Reggie who is wide open at the three but he decides to pump-fake, dribble in, and take a contested shot- you're not going to get any points like that. He hurt his hand during the game so I tried to take Reggie out and give him a little more of a break, but still, it's North Carolina playing."

    On whether toughness was an issue:

    "Toughness can be shown so many different ways. I think toughness is a mental approach that says, `Okay, we've missed three shots in a row, let's make sure this is a great shot.' I think we rushed shots a little bit tonight. One time we had a defensive call and were supposed to switch and Dexter didn't switch. He started yelling at somebody else when he's the one who messed up the defense. The mental part of it is you just have to lose yourself in the game. Dexter's one of our leaders, he's probably the toughest guy we have on the team, but you can't make that kind of mistake."

    On Brice Johnson:

    "He's in the right spot at the right time which is okay because a lot of guys have made their living doing that. He and Desmond were two guys that probably didn't do a good job of getting back and letting Cody have the break-aways. Twice we had called a double on Cody and one time Brice left and one time Desmond left. If we call a double than we have to stay there. Some of it is just inexperience, but Brice is one that has to be not just mentally tougher but physically tougher too. The stat sheet probably doesn't say that he has more than two turnovers but a lot of times he had the ball and let someone else take it from him."

    On whether the team will rally after this loss like last season's loss to Florida State:

    "We will find out. I'd love to say `Yes that's what's going to happen,' but we'll find out."

    On clarification that the two players Williams' was referencing when he said `two guys I hadn't heard of in high school' were Hulls and Oladipo:

    "Yes. Please don't take that as an insult to them, maybe it just shows I'm a bad recruiter. If there were to be a contest out on the floor of any kind I'd take those two guys over any one of the 17,000 out here. They're just competitors. And Victor is just athletic as all get-out on top it. He has such a tremendous `Want to.' I want to get this loose ball. I want to take your ball. I want to get back on defense and block your shot. Jordan is just a smart basketball player. Here's a guy who's a senior who's on the number one team in the country who I guarantee is as happy as anyone else out there and he only took eight shots."

    On what the teaching moment is at practice tomorrow:

    "If they survive. The good news for them is that we are close to exam period and have things going on tomorrow. The greatest thing that's ever happened to North Carolina basketball is that we have no practice tomorrow."




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