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    Indiana-Maryland Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Dec. 1, 2009

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    Indiana head coach Tom Crean

    Opening Statement
    "First things first, I love our fans and I love our students. We come to the games and we cheer like crazy for our team and we can be obnoxious and we can be nasty and cheer against the other team. But we never use vulgarity against an opponent. We never use vulgarities against an opponent. That is not what happened at Indiana in the past and it's certainly not going to happen under my watch.

    "But I love our fans and I love the energy they brought us tonight. We did not match the energy of our fans. But at no point in time are vulgarities in the crowd going to be accepted. That cannot happen. We have too much pride, too many great students, too many tradition-based things here for anything to turn it the other way. And nobody deserves that. We have to find a way to be obnoxious without being vulgar because we are too good for that.

    "As far as the game goes, we did not defend nearly well enough to win any game. It is disappointing because it was a very winnable game. Maybe I shouldn't say that two years in with all the freshmen and sophomores and lack of experience we have. But it was a winnable game and we did not pressure the ball well enough. We did not play physical enough and we did not play tough enough on the defensive end.

    "There was a time in the first half where we let the game get away from us because we started shooting jump shots and manufacture shots instead of reversing the ball and getting to the rim. It's a learning lesson. I told them at halftime that we are seven games in and you play against a good team, you have to stay with what you are doing, and we didn't do that.

    "I am disappointed that we did not match the energy of the fans. I'm disappointed that our ball pressure was low and that's certainly visible to us that we had the lowest number of deflections of the year (29). But we are going to get better, and I have no doubt about that. The reason I'm angry is because I know we are capable of playing better.

    "I know I need everyone to accept that we are young and that we are in the second year of trying to rebuild from a train wreck. But I'm not in [the locker room] accepting it and there is a big, big difference. As the coach of this basketball team, my job is to keep driving them to higher levels than they think they are capable at this point. Obviously we have a long way to go with that, but we will get there.

    "It's nights like tonight where I have so much anger because we could have played so much better because there was a chance to win the game. That's what we will work on."

    On handling the Maryland pressure:
    "We thought we could attack their pressure, there's no question about it. That's what we wanted to do and we were doing it. We got what we wanted against their zone but we didn't make the next pass. We were making the next pass early on and doing a very good job with that. 13 assists on 23 baskets is indicative of that. We were able to the things that we wanted to do, we just didn't make the next one.

    On how he judges progress:
    "I haven't really thought about that. We go game-by-game as much as anything else. I do know this, that this game did not look like we have practiced the last couple days and that is disappointing. I am down about the loss, I'm not down on them and we are going to keep getting better. We have a long way to go in terms of learning how to hard it is win.

    "Then you get in a game like tonight where all we have to do is pressure the ball and get into guys and make it tough for them to make entry passes and read cuts a little better but we just didn't do it. We will make progress from it. And I love being in these types of games. If you look at the Wake Forest game a year ago, we didn't have a chance to win that. I judge progress on that. The wisdom of the people that schedule this challenge put us against a very good team once again this year. Last year we didn't have a shot and this year I'm disappointed that we didn't come away with a win."

    Indiana vs. Maryland Postgame Quotes

    Maryland Head Coach Gary Williams
    Opening statement:
    "Coming in here to play is always tough. I thought our senior leadership tonight was really good. Greivis Vasquez, Eric Hayes and Landon Milbourne were really solid. Right now we have to get away with having to play a couple of freshmen inside. They are doing a good job for us. They are learning in tough situations like tonight and over in Maui.

    "I was pleased with the way we came back. We had two tough losses over in Maui. We were able to come back, I think that shows something of the character of the team.

    "Indiana is doing a great job of playing basketball. They come right at you. I think what they are doing is a great way to establish the program in terms of making it attractive, to play the style that they are playing. Their aggressiveness offensively and defensively is really good.

    "I was really pleased with the win. We have Villanova on Sunday, and it was just a great team effort on our part. We did a couple of things that we gambled with, when were down seven in the first half, we went zone. That threw them off a little bit where they didn't shoot real well. That allowed us to get that lead back. Then, when we got 6-7 up, we did a very good job of running our half-court man offense. It was a good team effort in terms of us doing a good job in several areas."

    On appearing more settled in second half:
    "Sometimes when you go on the road, you have to take the other team's shot. That first ten minutes, they came after us, there is no doubt about that. Our press did not exist, they did a great job of attacking our press. We had to get out of it, and we don't get out of it much. But we did tonight and we were able to withstand that hit early and settle down and get the lead at halftime. That was the key to take the hit and then go play."

    On deciding to go to zone:
    "We did that quite a bit last year down the stretch when we played well. We have been working on it on-and-off during practice. Nothing was working, they were scoring on us, and they were hurting us in transition. At the same time we went zone, we also got out of our pressure. That helped as much as going zone, because we were giving them open looks in transition, which is their game."

    On Vasquez:
    "Greivis is a very experienced player, not just at Maryland, but internationally. Down the stretch, that's where he's at his best, I think, when we do have the lead and we have to protect the lead. He's a very good free-throw shooter and he's very confident with the ball. He's not going to make too many mistakes in those situations. I was really happy for Greivis because he's been struggling , fighting some things. Tonight he came out and, in addition to the way he played, he was a very good leader."

    On playing better late in second half:
    "We did a better job of screening in the second half. There weren't many screens set and our offense depends on screens. We were willing to bang pretty good out there in the second half. It's hard to do that. We are learning what we have to do to score. Each team develops a certain style. I think we are getting a good look at what we have to do. We are gaining some confidence when we do it."

    On Milbourne:
    "His first foul wasn't a good foul. That put him in a hole right away. He came up on a guy that's not known as a three-point shooter, and the guy drove on him and he got the foul. He had to play smart the rest of the way. Jin Soo Choi allowed us to play Landon out of there sometimes when we got in a defensive situation. He really helped us tonight. We were able to get him through the game and that was key for us because we need his inside experience right now."

    On the importance of the win:
    "We lost to two good teams. Cincinnati is going to beat a lot of people. They are as athletic of a team as we will see all year. Wisconsin is Wisconsin. The people here know Wisconsin. You need more than a day to prepare for Wisconsin. That should be illegal the way they run their offense. They are really good and over there you don't have time to prepare. We only had 17 hours, and they are a team you need as many days as possible to prepare for. I would have been more upset if we didn't practice well after we came back. We had three good practices after we came back from Hawaii."

    On Coach Tom Crean:
    "I think he's doing a great job, just looking at it from afar. He's got the crowd into it, I think that's really important. That's the Indiana crowd I remember when I was coaching `86-89. He's got good kids. They work hard. That combination will attract more players as time goes by. There are great programs in the Big Ten, but you have to be patient. Tom is going to get whatever he can out of this team. They are going to beat some people during the conference season this year."




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