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    Indiana vs. Stetson - Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Dec. 4, 2011

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    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean - Postgame Quotes

    Opening Statement:
    "Without question we are happy to get a win, a convincing win in the second half, on a day like this when there's so much greatness here with that '87 team. That's something we've looked forward to. I think the players, as I said to them, this is something they'll look back on, having the chance to meet those guys and have them here and knowing they're behind the bench. That's something they'll look back on and it'll be a pretty cool thing for them down the road. For the task at hand, it was a big deal to the Hoosier nation that they were here and we certainly wanted to do our part. I thought especially in the second half we did. We got a lot of good basketball. We did not have a 40 minute game, that's obvious. We had some stretches in the first half that were good and we had some stretches that were not up to par or at the standard that they needed to be, but in the second half, it's tough to find much fault with that.

    "A great start defensively and it just carried on. We had 59 deflections in the second half and we had 80 for the game, which I'm just blown away by their defensive effort. I want to get a little more blown away in the first half though. I think that's going to be important, but as we move forward, that we continue to grow into understanding how important a 40 minute game is. Maybe this is where because we haven't had success as a group over a period of time that we just don't understand how it has to be possession by possession and we're going to keep preaching it and keep showing it on film more and more so that we understand it. But they certainly show what they're capable of and there was a sense of urgency in that second half that just permeated throughout the entire building. Our fans were great and I'm really excited about the way we played.

    "I thought the key guys in this game, it was really good that Derek (Elston), Dan (Moore), and Will (Sheehey) they gave us a really good spark to start the second half, but the consistency of Cody (Zeller) and the consistency of Verdell (Jones III) were really, really big today. This is one of the best games that I've ever been a part of the process with Verdell Jones in on both ends of the court. He was solid in the first half, not as good as he needed to be, but he had a real presence in that second half on both ends. Cody just continues to get better and he continues to show that there's a lot of room for improvement in him as well, as there is our whole team. We knew we were playing a dangerous team and we knew we were playing a team that shoots the three really well. We let them get comfortable and in the second half we took that comfort away.

    On the lineup change to start the second half:
    "I wanted to change things up because I thought it needed to be. We needed more of a defensive mindset and that's not to say that the guys that we didn't start didn't have it, but the energy level, the synergy wasn't where it needed to be. It was just a feel and it worked out. It could've easily backfired, but it worked out."

    On the play of Daniel Moore:
    "He had a career-high 10 deflections and that's a big deal. I mean that's a really big deal just like Jordan (Hulls) last week getting 15 in the Butler game. When you're getting that kind of presence from your guards and they're active like that and the biggest point to me, we took Thursday off, coming into to Friday's practice was increasing our activity on the ball defensively. I could see in the first half that as good as it had been the last two days it wasn't happening that way. So in the second half I wasn't going to ask, it was just going to have to be better and they responded. Danny Moore keyed it because he got up on the ball, pressured the ball full-court, and was extremely aggressive. I was really pleased with how he ran the team. He played under control, but at the same time he played very fast, which is what we needed. Spark with a capital `S,' there's no doubt about that, to start the second half for him."

    On being able to use the bench:
    "You've seen over the past three years what happens when you can't, it's as simple as that. I shouldn't say it's as simple as that, it's not simple because you have to have talent and there has to be an understanding that when you're not up to par somebody else is going to get that opportunity and we all know sitting in here if you've covered this program that we haven't been able to do that and you can't truly build your program without depth and consistency of depth and having guys that understand that if they're not bringing everything that they possibly have that they're going to watch for awhile. That's just the way that it is and I hope we never ever run into that situation again because it's made the last three years as difficult of in-game adjustments and strategies as anything because no matter what you did there would be a huge talent gap if you substituted too much compared to what was in and compared to what you were going against, but I don't think like that anymore."

    Stetson Head Coach Casey Alexander - Postgame Quotes

    On Indiana's defense/creating turnovers that lead to points:
    "Well they're really good at it. I think they average maybe 25 or 28 a game off of turnovers. They lead the country I'm sure in deflections per game with almost 60 a game. Those are stats you know that it's because he coaches them well and they buy in and they do a good job. It's not just deflections."

    On the team's defensive struggles in the second half after a solid first half:
    "Well we were just able to grind out possessions in the first half and finish possessions off. We were a lot more solid with positioning. We rebounded better. Most of that is just being in the stance, concentrating and being determined to be as good as you can be. In the second half we let their guards, we let the crowd in. Usually the crowd affects you offensively but it affected us defensively. We weren't nearly as good and solid defensively in the second half."

    On Cody Zeller:
    "Well he's a great player. That's the reason why he's leading them in scoring. That's the reason why he'll continue to lead them in scoring and that's probably the reason why he won't play here very long."

    On the atmosphere and what they get out of playing here:
    "Well everybody knows it's one of the top programs in the country historically and even currently. Their fans are unique and it's a great place to play. There is a lot of history and tradition and it's fun. It'd be a lot more fun if it wasn't a beat down. It's a great place to play and I don't think anybody regrets being here at all."

    How would Indiana compare to other top teams they have played (Florida and Florida State):
    "Different. I think they are more of a complete package. Florida is great offensively and Florida State is really good defensively. I think Indiana has a chance to better, more solid on both ends of the floor collectively. Just as far as talking parts and pieces you know they are all really good."




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