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    Postgame Quotes - Central Connecticut at Indiana

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Dec. 8, 2012

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    Indiana vs. Central Connecticut Postgame Quotes
    Dec. 8, 2012

    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean Quotes

    Opening Statement:
    “I was really proud of these players for a lot of reasons. Number one, they had a great week of preparation. They were absolutely locked in, and our play showed it. They just played at a very high level. We got up, we continued to play hard, we created things off of our defense, we were getting some offense from the guys that were in, and then when Austin [Etherington] got hurt. There is no question when you have a close knit team like this, going through the recruiting process and the day-to-day interactions that they have together, it affected everybody, and I’m proud of the way they bounced back because they were really bothered; it wasn’t as much about the win. I know their thoughts, and they were really concerned for their friend. That’s what he is. He’s their teammate, and they’re all close friends, and that’s one of the reasons that we’re having the success that we have. It was really important that they continued to play and they did, and I thought we closed this game really well. We got a lot of really good basketball, I mean Cody [Zeller] with 19 [points] and 19 [rebounds]— goodness gracious, it was fantastic. It wasn’t like he was given any advantages around the basket by any stretch of the imagination, so he earned everything that he got. I thought Christian [Watford] played really well and again triggered his defense. Victor [Oladipo] had 20 deflections and five steals drawing the assignment of the nation’s leading scorer and did a fantastic job. They’re a hard team to play, and we knew they would be, but that’s where everybody is trying to do their very best. We definitely wanted to take [Kyle] Vinales out of the game. It created a few more opportunities for other people. I thought [Kevin] “Yogi” [Ferrell] did a great job on his match-up and at the same time played a great floor game. He had six assists in 27 minutes and to control the ball the way that he did, he played outstanding. Will Sheehey gave us a lot of solid minutes. Jordan [Hulls] was very content to move the ball and very content to be a strong defender. Remy [Abell] and Maurice [Creek] all came in. Austin [Etherington] had a couple of tough fouls, and I was getting him out when he got hurt, and that was a tough part of it because this would have been a really good game for him, but bottom line is there is a lot of room for improvement in our team. That’s never going to go away. We can get better. We will get better, and I thought our guys did a really good job of playing through their emotions throughout the game.”

    On Austin Etherington’s condition:
    “It’s going to take a little time to make that determination. They’re fully in the process of that. He was in a lot of pain when it happened, so it takes a little time for that to settle down before they can get to the degree of where it’s at. We’ll find out more later tonight, but right now definitely a significant injury, so we’ll just see how it’ll play out.”

    On if [Austin] Etherington stayed here for the rest of the game or if he went to the hospital:
    “He left shortly after halftime.  They moved on it right away just to get that process moving as quickly as possible for him.”

    On Victor Oladipo’s play:
    “In the first half, we really wanted to tag team [Kyle] Vinales a little bit with Victor [Oladipo] and Will [Sheehey] and then play them more together in the second half, which we ended up having to do, but Will [Sheehey] did an outstanding job on him as well. Remy [Abell] was on him. [Kyle] Vinales was the leading scorer in the country coming into the game and had only been out a total of 27 seconds the entire season. He was averaging over 40 minutes a game with their overtime win, so that was a big test. We gave up too many to Matt Hunter. I believe he was shooting 11 percent from 3-point range going into the game, but he came out and had a good game, so there’s room for us to shore things up over the week as we get ready for our next one and as we go through finals, but it was an interesting game. It was not a fluid game, so we had to bring that to it as much as possible. We had 53 rebounds, we had 50 some odd deflections and we did a lot of really good things.”

    On the importance of having two guys that want that defensive challenge:
    “That’s very important. I think we have more that can do that as well.”

    On Christian Watford’s performance:
    “He’s coming off his best practice of the year. He’s had a good week. Yesterday he was unguardable because nobody could score on him, and it carried right back into it today. He played with tremendous energy. I sat him over there a long time with the two fouls. We were up, and I didn’t want to risk it. I almost put him back in the first half, and he probably would have more, but then once I knew our bench got a little shorter, once we lost Austin [Etherington] there, I was glad that I hadn’t because I knew that he’d have to play more in the second half but he did a really good job.”

    On Hanner Masquera-Perea and Peter Jurkin being able to play in the next game:
    “It’s too early to tell. We’ll just try to build them into the flow.”

    Indiana Players Postgame Quotes

    Cody Zeller:

    On having to go back out and play after a teammate goes down with an injury:
    “It’s tough. There’s no preparing for anything like that. We just have to get back after it and play.”

    On setting a new personal single-game record for rebounds with 19:
    “Having a week off, I was fresh. I worked on a lot of little things in practice— posting up lower and working harder, just a lot of little things. It was good just to have a week off, but I think it’s a combination of a lot of things.”

    On how it will help him having Hanner Mosquera-Perea and Peter Jurkin able to play:
    “It will help a lot. Both of them bring a lot to the table. They can do a lot of things that I can’t, I mean have you seen their arms? I have to practice against that. It will be a good change having those guys come in; it will be really good for us.”

    On how he feels the team is playing thus far:
    “We are playing well. We came out with a lot of energy tonight, which was big for us. That’s good because we can never come out slow. We will get right back to the drawing board and figure out where we messed up and where we can get better.”

    Victor Oladipo:

    On guarding Kyle Vinales:
    “It was a full team effort. Will [Sheehey] was on him, Remy [Abell] was on him, and we all did a pretty good job of not letting him get comfortable out there, not letting him get to his sweet spots and making him use his off-hand. We all did a pretty good job on him, but we gave someone else 40, so it’s back to the drawing board. We have to do better than that; but again, I think we did a pretty good job on him and I hope we continue locking people down like that defensively.”

    On how the team is playing thus far:
    “I think we are playing well, but like I said before, I don’t think we have even scratched the surface of how good we can be on both ends of the floor. We just have to continue getting better on both ends, especially on defense. I think if we continue to keep doing that, we will continue to play at a high level.”

    On Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell’s performance:
    “He had six assists and one turnover. That’s pretty good for a freshman. We need him to win. He does a great job with the ball and he does a great job leading us on the floor. He also does a great job on the defensive end. He’s just got to stay consistent and keep playing with confidence. The sky’s the limit for him. We’re glad he’s here, and he knows that we need him to win. He has taken on his role very well as of late, so he just needs to continue growing as a person and as a leader.”

    On whether or not he took his match-up against Kyle Vinales as a personal challenge:
    “Yes, but I pretty much guard the best guy on the team every play. I’ve been doing that for a while now, so it’s a challenge every game. I’m on the leading scorer every game. Will [Sheehey] does a great job of coming in and guarding him too, Remy [Abell] gets on him as well and sometimes Christian [Watford] switches on him too. I might get all the steals and all the deflections, but at the same time without my teammates, I wouldn’t be able to lockdown half of the people I do, so it’s a team effort.” 

    Christian Watford:

    On how tough it was to watch Austin Etherington get hurt:
    “It was a very tough moment. When you have a guy who’s been through a lot with the program, it’s tough. He’s a teammate, but he’s also a friend of mine, so it’s always tough seeing a comrade go down like that.”

    On having a good offensive game tonight:
    “I had a couple easy buckets early on. My teammates did a great job of finding me for open threes.”

    On having their offense click:
    “It all starts with our defense. Once we pick up the intensity on our defense, I feel like the sky’s the limit on what we can do on offense. It’s kind of crazy how it goes hand-in-hand, but once you get stops, you get a lot more open shots on the other end.”

    Central Connecticut Head Coach Howie Dickenman Postgame

    Can you talk about your overall impressions of the game?
    “We knew coming into the game that Indiana is Indiana, and we’re Central Connecticut.  I thought we fought right until the end. We didn’t have a lot of answers for them defensively. It seemed like they got what they wanted, and when they missed, they got offensive rebounds. They moved the ball very well. They are a well-balanced team; they have a lot of depth. Coming here, we knew the task was going to be close to insurmountable, if not insurmountable. We just wanted to come here and work as hard as we could for 40 minutes.”

    Can you talk about what IU did defensively to shut down Kyle (Vinales)?
    “I knew coming into this game that Kyle was going to have a tough night. When you have the leading scorer coming into this game, and you’re Indiana, you’re going to make sure he doesn’t get anything. He really had some bad looks, got a little frustrated and took a couple of questionable shots; but his roommate from Detroit, Hunter (Matt), threw in 40 points. He had been struggling from the 3 all year. I told him, ‘you have to break out of it’, and he broke out of it today.”

    Did you tell Kyle (Vinales) anything at halftime when he only had 4 points?
    “If anything, I told him to relax. He has family and friends here. He is such a competitor. This kid shoots more shots than anybody that I have been around. He was shooting 1,000 shots a day this summer. He is addicted to basketball.”

    Can you talk about when the game started to get away with Olidapo’s dunks in the first half?
    “He got me into the game too. Where did you get this guy from? Fantastic athlete. We tried to find weakness with the Hoosiers and we had a tough time. They had a lot of answers, and Zeller, 19 points and 19 rebounds. We didn’t have any answers for him.” 




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