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    Indiana vs. Western Carolina Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Dec. 15, 2007

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    Indiana Head Coach Kelvin Sampson

    Opening Statement:
    "I thought our defense was really active, 12 steals and turned them over 21 times. Jordan (Crawford) just continues to get better, five assists, no turnovers, a steal. D.J. (White) has really set a high standard for himself, being consistent. He has been really consistent coming out every night. E.J. (Eric Gordon) had great energy. Silver lining with him being out is that he got completely healthy, but he also got a lot of rest. That one stretch we had there prior to the Tennessee State game, that was when he was out there playing 40 minutes a game. It is good that he got the rest."

    "It was a good game. We did a lot of good things tonight. We got a lot of guys a lot of minutes. A lot of good things out there."

    On what they are looking for in these three games before the start of Big Ten play:
    "We spent a lot of time this week putting stuff in. We put a lot of stuff in; little things tonight I thought we were really good at. We put some of our 1-4 stuff in; I think we scored five out of six possessions on it in the first half. Defensively, we were good. Rebounding, we are becoming a good rebounding team. That is going to be important for us, especially when we get into Big Ten play."

    "I was in the locker room today and I saw that Michigan State was up on IPFW, 49-41 or something like that. Texas was playing Texas State 42-40. That is why you don't take these games for granted. You want to win them, but you want to win them the right way. I like the way we won the game."

    On the team's focus during finals week:
    "This was a hodgepodge week. Really the only thing I want to talk about is the great job our kids did in the classroom. We don't have everyone's grades in yet; we still have thee or four kids that have grades out. This was the best semester we had in the classroom in the last three. I was proud of our guys."

    On the fans braving the elements to attend the game:
    "It was incredible. That is what makes this program unique, the fans. Players and coaches come and go, but the fans are here. We have great fans. They make this program special. That whole lower bowl was packed. I don't know how many places would have had that many people on a night like tonight. And we talked to our kids about that before the game. We have a lot of people coming to watch us play. They aren't coming to watch the other team; they are coming to watch us. And we are going to bust our tail for these fans tonight. And I thought that was important, that we played hard. Obviously you want to play hard anyway, but on a night like tonight with that weather and these fans sacrificing to come watch us play, we wanted to make sure we gave them an "A" effort because they certainly gave us an "A" effort."

    Freshman Guard Eric Gordon

    On how his back felt in tonight's game:
    "My back feels fine, 95, 100 percent. I don't feel any pain at all."

    Senior Forward D.J. White

    On not having to be the focal point of the offense:
    "I feel fine, in shape. Not having to work so hard with guards like Eric and Jordan making plays makes it easier for me."

    On recording his sixth-straight double-double:
    "I set a goal for myself at the beginning of the year that is what I wanted to do (average a double-double). I just keep trying to help my team rebound, defensively and offensively. I want to help our team on fast-break opportunities on the defensive end and with offensive rebounds."

    Western Carolina Head Coach Larry Hunter

    Opening Statement
    "It certainly wasn't a lot of fun to sit through that. Eric Gordon, I think he is a terrific basketball player, and was really a tough match-up for us. He had a great first half and got them off to a good start and they have a lot of weapons. Physically, at times, we were overmatched and at times I didn't think we competed the way we had to compete. But give them a lot of credit, they shot the ball exceptionally well most of the night. Some of that was our defense but some of it was them hitting shots and their execution was pretty good.

    "Their defense really took us out of our offense. At times we struggled to handle the ball and our execution would break down after one or two passes. They basically, most of the first half, took us away from the inside. In the second half we did things a little bit better. We got it in the paint and we were a little bit more efficient on offense, but the game was well over at that point."

    On what the team can take from playing against a ranked opponent:

    "The real bright spot for us was Mike Porrini. He showed a lot of competitive fire and his athleticism allowed him to get some things done. He was the one person that was able to take the ball and break down the defense a little bit and get in the paint and make others better or make a play for himself. He had 20 points and that was a hard-earned 20 because he was going against some pretty good athletes.

    "Arnold Gore was 7-for-13 and had 16 points. At times, especially offensively, when we got him the ball, he was able to go around people and get to the basket and the foul line, so it was good to see that. Defensively, our lack of weight guarding a post was very evident against their post players."




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