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    Postgame Quotes - Butler vs. Indiana

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Dec. 15, 2012

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    Postgame Quotes - Butler vs. Indiana
    Boston Scientific Close the Gap Crossroads Classic

    Indiana head coach Tom Crean

    Opening statement:
    "I thought this was a great environment for us to be a part of. We needed a game that was going to be really physically tough, and our fans did a great job. But there was no question that we were going into a road environment. The Notre Dame and Purdue fans didn't disappoint in their ability to make this a road environment, and that was great for us. The games in New York were pretty much split fan wise, but this was good for us and I think we will learn a lot from it.

    "That was a really good team. The thing that hurt us as much as anything else was the things we saw on film. Everyone gets focused on the 3-point shooting that they have, and that's really good, but it's the layups that kill you. It's the drives and the loose ball layups. The bottom line for us is that we didn't rebound the ball well enough today. Our communication defensively was good but it was sporadic and it didn't cut it in crunch time. At the end of the game we were going with an all-out switching call where we switch everything and making sure that we were keeping a man in front and getting up on the glass, but we didn't do a very good job of it. It was really about being able to switch everything with no fear of being driven, but we missed some shots and we missed some free throws.

    "To me, a big place we need to improve is in our rebounding, and we've got to keep showing up in our defense with confidence. I have no complaints what so ever with the amount of energy our guys played with or how hard they competed. Our spirit wavered a little bit based on the score, and we've got to play the same game in the spirit we made the comeback with. Hopefully we will learn from that and I'm excited about getting back to practice. I'm excited about the rebounding drills we are going to do even though I'm not sure there are many people who are going to share my excitement about that because right now that's an area that we really need to prove ourselves."

    On Yogi bouncing back from the turnover to make the game-tying three at the end of regulation:
    "That's Yogi. He did the same thing in New York and he's done the same thing in a couple of practices. He's got great toughness. He has great mental toughness and continues to understand how much he can improve. He's a `next play' guy, and I think that's why he's such a special guard at that age."

    On what spurred the comeback late in the game:
    "It was the pressure. We got up into full court pressure and we didn't waver. We felt like we could get up and full court pressure these guys and we did. The problem with doing it throughout the game is that when they send Clark deep, you run the risk of him hitting a bunch of threes. They were doing a good job of getting to the basket and making the play. You don't want to give a team that shoots the ball well from three too many opportunities to get back on the press. But if I have any regret in the game, it's not going to that earlier. It put us in position and it made us really aggressive."

    Cody Zeller

    On what the team's biggest issue was:
    "We got out-rebounded. There are a lot of little things that we need to figure out, but that's what we'll do. We will get back to work and figure them out."

    On whether he was surprised not to be out on the floor during their last defensive possession:
    "Well we were playing offense-defense and that's what Coach Crean thought was best. We do a lot of that `late-game situation' in practice, so I wasn't really surprised."

    Yogi Ferrell
    On their problems defensively on the perimeter:
    "There was a lot of miscommunication up top. In the heat of the battle, sometimes you are miscommunicating and everyone made mistakes. We will get back to practice and work on it there."

    On hitting the game tying 3-pointer at the end of regulation:
    "I just knew that time was winding down, I looked at Cody and he popped out, he gave me the ball and I was open to shoot my shot."

    Victor Oladipo:

    On what the biggest issue was:
    "Miscommunications. They played a good game, and they made tough shots when we didn't make tough shots."

    On the atmosphere at Bankers Life Field House:
    "It was a good atmosphere. We will have a lot of atmospheres like that on the road. It was good for us to play in. We have some things we need to work on in practice, but we just need to stay together, believe in one another, and be confident."

    Brad Stevens, Butler Head Coach
    Opening Statement
    "We're in trouble when it's 84 - 80, with three of our guys sitting on the bench next to me. Then Rotnei (Clarke) hits one off a loose ball, and Chase (Stigall) hits a big one. Chase has had his moments obviously throughout the course of his career, but how much guts does it take to miss the last one in regulation, which we had a timeout left. But as he was dribbling down the court I didn't see us getting a better look than that. I thought he just rose up over (Jordan) Hulls, and it looked good. I was kicking myself for not using it at that point. Such a gutty effort by our guys. I said on TV that both teams have such good character. Don't use this as an excuse to get down on Indiana. I still think they're a team to beat in April. Our guys just played really hard, and it really mattered, and they figured out a way."

    Can you talk about the last play of the game?
    "It was a baseline screen. We had run it all game. We had a couple of different options. One of the options is the guy on top can drive the basketball. Usually that Roosevelt (Jones) up there and Alex is usually a cutter or screener on the baseline. We felt like we had a lot of success in that action. We had to use or last time out with 19 seconds left to get the ball in. I thought that was our best bet moving forward. I didn't feel like we could call a set, because I didn't think we could dribble it around till 8 or 9 seconds because of the pressure. So let's just get into movement and see if we can figure out a way to get a basket."

    Talk a little bit about was (Victor) Oladipo was doing on Clarke?
    "He did a great job. Oladipo is just a hard guy to play against. I actually anticipated them putting (Kevin) Ferrell on Clarke, because I didn't think they wanted to risk one of those other guys guarding Roosevelt. I thought it was hard for them to guard Roosevelt. Really hard. Oladipo is a heck of a player. He has got a great of stuff to him. We walked out of our locker room, when these guys had all left and the when the second half was starting, and I said to Matthew Graves that I had never seen a guy that athletic. He had a couple balls on the floor, and they were just lay-ups. Good news was that it was so fast that we couldn't foul him. We couldn't even get to him."

    Alex Barlow
    What were you thinking at the top of the key?
    "I was looking for the options and they weren't open. I saw the clock get about to 6 so I decided to make a play. I like to get to my right hand so I made a little spin move. The flooter is a shot that I work on a lot, and I happened to get a lucky bounce. It was a good feeling."

    Was there any hesitation on your part?
    "Once it got down to six, there was no hesitation. I was going to shoot that unless Rotnei or Kellen (Dunham) got wide, wide open. I just figured I would throw it up to the rim. If I missed it, I knew they wouldn't get a shot off. Luckily it bounced in. (Cody) Zeller was out, so there wasn't really anybody inside. There weren't really any shot-blockers or threats. I just tried to get as deep and I could and float it up there once I saw the clock wind down."

    Roosevelt Jones
    What was it like watching the end of the game and you're on the end of the bench?
    "It was hard watching it from the end of the bench. I knew our team would pull it out because we have great players on the court."

    For this team this year, what type of confidence boost is this win?
    "It's a good confidence boost. We already know how good we are and how good we can be. We just want to go to the next game and prepare for Evansville, and get ready to play hard against them."




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