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    Postgame Quotes - South Carolina State at Indiana

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Dec. 19, 2010

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    Coach Crean Complete Postgame Audio

    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening Statement:
    "I thought this was maybe the best 25 minutes of basketball we have played. When you look at the 20-to-5 run at the end of the first half, we got back the understanding in the game that defense is about awareness, it's about being alert, it's about covering for teammates and being active. All those things - and we did a lot better job of that as the game went on. They made some tough shots early. Our guys answered the bell in the second half and we continued to improve in the game. I though it was one of those games where everybody that came in propped the level of the team up.

    "It's a very, very good win and very satisfying in the sense that so many people contributed in so many positive ways and the game was won on defense. We were able to get our bench points, our points in the paint - all those types of things - because our defensive intensity and energy set the tempo for the game."

    On moving the ball:
    "We moved it outstanding. If our guy's got a three-to-one assist/turnover ratio, he's got a chance to get drafted. When you've got a team that's got a three-to-one assist/turnover ratio that's good ball movement. Even early on, I wasn't concerned that we were missing open shots. I know some of the coaches thought we were over passing, but I'd rather have it be that way than you would be in a situation where guys are forcing shots. We didn't do that at all, we really moved the ball. Even when we took shots when we could have got a better one, I think the guys recognized that right away."

    On keeping defense motivated when up big:
    "We just keep talking about it, we don't back away. We went zone at the end of the game to give ourselves some different opportunities to do things different defensively. I think you just keep coaching the game. If they see us back off, then I think that gives them every ability to do that and you continue to sub for mistakes. I think that's really important. And it's important that these guys understand that there's no off-time in the sense of the game. We don't want to have wasted positions. We may make a mistake one possession but we don't want to turn it into two by not being in a hussle game. I think those are the kind of things. When you've got as many guys on our team that are capable of playing and want to play, I think it's easy to keep that intensity at a high pace."

    On Matt Roth's production:
    "I think it was good for him. We knew since last Saturday, and one of the things I said to him after the game was that it wasn't him. I didn't play him because of anything that he didn't do, it just wasn't a good match-up game for him. You go back and you look at the film and I regret even times that I didn't get him in there, maybe go zone a little bit earlier. But he did a very good job today and he needed that kind of confidence boost. You can see what happens whether it's with the crowd or it's with his teammates, him making a three is as exciting as someone catching an ally-oop dunk. People want to see that. We want to see that. It makes our team that much better and I thought, again, we'll look at the film, but I thought he did a good job on the defensive end."

    South Carolina State Head Coach Tim Carter 12/19/10

    Opening Statement:
    "I thought in the second half Indiana did an absolute superb job of executing in the half-court. We told our guys that the first four minutes of the second half was going to be the key to the ballgame. I believe they came out and scored eight straight points. I think that was the ballgame. We kind of got down and made some shots, but I thought Indiana did a terrific job of executing in the second half in their half-court offense."

    On what SCSU will take away from this game:
    "We've got to fight better down the stretch. I thought in some instances in the last eight minutes we were looking at the score and maybe fell apart a little bit. We've got to do a better job of sticking together, even in the tough times."

    On the positives in the game for SCSU:
    "I thought Khalif (Toombs) did a good job of trying to run the show for us. Darnell (Porter) did a good job of giving good effort. I didn't think that ball screens affected us as much as I thought they would. I was really concerned about their ball screening, but what really ended up hurting us were the back cuts and I think the open guys in the second half. We left too many of their great shooters wide open."

    On how Indiana compares to Northern Iowa:
    "They are very similar in that they are very patient in the half court. I think Indiana has better perimeter shooters than what Northern Iowa had. Northern Iowa had one guy that was an excellent perimeter shooter, Indiana has two or three."

    On what changed in the second half:
    "I'm sure Tom (Crean) got after them at halftime and they came out and did what good basketball teams are supposed to do against a team that's really not supposed to be in their league and they jumped them. They executed and I believe they scored four straight baskets which gave them that big of a cushion."

    On the success in the paint during the first half:
    "One thing we really thought coming into the game was that their post players were not typical Big Ten post players, low post offensive guys. I spent four years in the Big Ten. We thought they might not be as good on the low block as what most Big Ten teams are on the low block. I don't think that we tried to exploit that because they're much bigger and stronger than we are. We just got a little lucky I think."

    On what was impressive about Indiana:
    "The entire team, I think they're extremely well-coached, they're patient, and they executed. Their entire team impressed me. I think they're going to have a fine year this year."




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