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    IU-Lipscomb Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Dec. 28, 2008

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    Coach Crean Postgame

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    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean
    Opening Statement
    "Considering the energy and intensity we played with, the loss is disappointing on different fronts. But probably the most for me tonight personally is that we couldn't send Rick Greenspan off with a game ball the right way. I appreciate him so much. For those of you that have covered us from the beginning of my time here, you wouldn't believe what we had to endure in April and May and parts of June. I can't imagine going through that without him. I value his friendship and I knew this was going to be his last game of his tenure here and we wanted to send him off the right way and we weren't able to do that. He did leave our team with some incredible words.

    "Getting to the game, we played very hard and obviously with squandering the lead, we never hung our head. We didn't have the same level of defensive ability and rebounding ability that we needed to have throughout the 40 minutes. Offensively, we had some things go very well for us and we had some things that just didn't fall. Even at the end of the game, I don't think our players ever viewed this game like it wasn't a winnable game and obviously I wouldn't change a lot about who was at the line at the end. I wouldn't change a lot about the open three that Matt Roth got that just didn't go. They stepped up and did good things, they made their plays.

    "We had a lot of trouble with communication and transition early on and that hurt us. And as good of a job as we did we did on (Adnan) Hodzic in the first half, we didn't do that good of a job in the second half. He had 15 points in the second half and no turnovers. He did an excellent job and he is a very good player. They are fortunate to have him. I'm not going to get down on our guys one bit. We'll come out here tomorrow and work on our game, building on the energy and building on the fundamentals. We didn't lose the game because of lack of energy, we didn't lose the game because of not wanting it.

    "We weren't as sharp as we needed to be on the defensive end. We allowed too much penetration which allowed for follow-ups. If you really want to hang it on one stat, I'd hang it on the rebounding stat. We have to have more production from everyone on this team in a rebounding situation. They all have to be rebounders, especially on the defensive end. You are not going to win games, giving up 50 percent field goal shooting and getting outrebounded by 10. Those are the type of things we have to continue to understand and keep building. Like I said to them, the most important practice of the year is tomorrow. That's the measuring stick I have to use because we are getting better, but we don't just have that lock it in, we are going to get it done mentality. We just have to learn how to do that."

    On the runs in the game...
    "It's a game of momentum. We had it for a while, we lost it, they got it. At the end, it was a nip and tuck thing. We had some chances at the foul line, we had some good looks and we were aggressive without fouling, who knew that would hurt us at the end and we had to play catch up with the fouls."

    On Kipp Schutz
    Kipp Schutz was injured in practice. Unfortunately for him, we were really in the final days for him and he is going to go back to baseball. The plan was that he was going to go back to baseball when they got ready to start their workouts. He didn't dress, he'll still be with us when he wants to be with us. That's a major league baseball player there. I will say this, even knowing he was going back to baseball, he came back to this program to help us over this break. Obviously he knows that I believe in him and there hasn't been a day when that guy hasn't made this program better."

    Verdell Jones III
    On losing the lead...
    "I think we got too comfortable. We had the big lead and we had the fan support with us and we let up too much and they had a great run and they got back in it."

    On the final minutes of the game...
    "Sometimes when you let people get too hot then it's hard to stop them. That's a little bit of what happened. We had in the back of our head that we were going to win no matter what, that's a positive thing, but at the same time you still have to bring it."

    Lipscomb Head Coach Scott Sanderson
    Coach you were down 22 in the first half , what made the difference in the game in the second half?

    "I thought it was 24, but who's counting? You know we were up 16-14 and then they went on a run, and we've had- we did the same thing at N.C. State we were up 16-14 and we got outscored the next seven minutes to go on a 20-0 run and that's happened to us a bunch. We just have to get the score to a workable margin before halftime. We have to dig in. We got to start guarding. We got to create offense off of our defense. That's what we did. We got some easy baskets. Sometimes when you're not scoring offensively, your defense can create easy baskets for you."

    On the Hodzic in the second half:
    "The biggest thing is, you know in the first half, if you caught the ball outside the block, the other team is about a foot and a half outside the block.. The second half, you got the ball deep in the paint and the double team is about three of four feet, it's a little bit farther to get to. You have an opportunity to get fouled and make buckets. So when he gets in there deep under the basket, that creates space for our perimeter guy. He got it deep. You know its hard to double someone that's under the basket.. Where as in the fist half he was catching them under the basket.

    On what can a win like this do for your team:
    "I don't know, all I know is we are going back home tomorrow we're going to crack some heads tomorrow in practice. And you know, cause they feel good about themselves and they should feel good about themselves. I'm proud of them, but when we lace them up tomorrow, they're going to get their heads cracked in practice tomorrow because we have to understand where we are, what this kind of win can do, get down our pride, enjoy the ride home, enjoy tonight because they have work to do at practice tomorrow. Because we've been a team that has 10 freshman and sophomores, we're young like Indiana, we've got a lot of sophomores, played a lot of battles for us, we played Purdue down to the wire last year."

    On changing defenses in the second half:
    "Well we just tried to get to (Indiana guard Devan) Dumes. A couple times in the first half we went under his ball screens and well that's dumb. You don't go under 33, you go over the top."

    Lipscomb Forward Adnan Hodzic
    On the late baskets:
    "I was getting doubled a lot in the first half and I wasn't letting the game come to me. I was just rushing and trying to make impossible situations happen. In the second half, I just decided I need to start playing because we got a chance to win. I have to deliver for my team, and that's just basically what happened, I just took what they gave me and tried to get to the foul line."




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