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    Jacksonville at Indiana Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Dec. 28, 2012

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    Jacksonville at Indiana Post Game Quotes
    December 28, 2012

    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean

    Talk about the decision making of Kevin "Yogi" Ferrell

    “He’s been terrific. He just keeps getting better and better. He is an incredible worker. He’s joined the ‘no matter what time practice ends, no matter how long practice was’ club. He is still going to be out there working on his ball handling and shooting. That’s not easy. It’s one thing to do it once in a while, and it’s another thing to do it every day. I think that is paying off. He has had an excellent week. He just keeps getting better. To play this kind of game tonight, have 10 assists no turnovers in 30 minutes against a team that pressed for almost 40 minutes. That’s very strong. His rate of improvement is high. His coachability and learnability are all right there. It’s only going to get better.”

     Talk about the play where Victor Oladipo went into the crowd?

    “He is aggressive. He had 18 deflections.  Vic’s value is so high and obviously there are statistics that back that up. He can energize a team on both ends of the floor. A lot of people can’t do that. Maybe they play defensively very hard, or maybe they are tremendous on the offensive end. Vic energizes on both ends. The fact that he is on an enormous pace with the deflections for us, which is the most valuable stat for me. He has had two games of 20 deflections, and two games of 18 deflections. He is just active. He has really understood that the better he plays on the defense, the more efficient he is on offense. He just keeps getting better and better.”

    Talk about Jordan Hulls aggressive play today?

    “He was very aggressive today. We need him to play aggressive. We need him to look for shots. The whole team gets better when he plays offensively. It’s not just the energy that everybody gets from him shooting the ball. It’s the way he opens up the game for everybody else. That’s what he is capable of. He is certainly capable of playing like this more. I think the trick is now that he keeps this up. I liked that he missed his first couple of 3’s. Not only is he mature enough, but he is aggressive enough to keep playing. I think he makes those shots against anybody. He had a great mindset, and that’s what he has to have.”

    What were you telling Cody (Zeller) when you sat him down?

    “I had a couple of points that I wanted to make to him about the game. I knew that we were going to get him back in. There were a couple of things defensively that we wanted to do with him back in. It was a tough night for him early, because he couldn’t be aggressive. It was my choice for sitting him that long. Two weeks from now, I wouldn’t sit him with two fouls for that long in the first half. Tonight I did, because I knew there were a couple of things in the second half that we wanted to be able to do. At the end of the day, the coaching part of it, the strategy part of it, him having to play with four fouls didn’t hurt us. We practiced that in practice, but it’s not even close compared to the way it is in real life. Practice and situational practice is one thing, but when you have to do it in a game is invaluable. Now he has got that under his belt.  I thought he did a really good job of continuing to come back and play. I was happy with what he was able to go back and do defensively.”

    Indiana Players

    Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell
    On tying a career-high in assists

    “My teammates do a great job of moving and running with me, so they know where I am looking to pass the ball. They just find great opening for me and I just dish it off to them.”

    Jordan Hulls
    On Ferrell’s play this season
    “I love it. Like he said, the guys do a great job of cutting, and he’s a great passer and he find the guys right when they need the ball. He’s doing a great job of not turning the ball over and getting those assists and finding people at the right time and making the right plays. It’s good for our team and creates a lot of movement on the floor for us.”

    On the amount of Indiana 3-point attempts early on in the game
    “They were giving us the outside. We would have liked to have given it inside, and we may have took too many shots on the outside instead of moving the ball in and out, but it’s not like they were bad shots. We were open, and it’s what they were giving us, but I think we could have done a little better of a job getting the ball inside.”

    On the importance of mentally overcoming missed open shots
    “We put a lot of time into our shooting, so we just have to have the confidence that we can knock these shots down; but it also teaches us to be locked into our game plan.”

    On how prepared the team is for Big Ten play
    “I think we are very prepared. The coaches do a great job of working us every day. We’re getting better every single day. The Big Ten is a great conference with a lot of good teams. We’re going to have to perform every single night, so that is what we’re going to focus on.”

    Victor Oladipo
    On how prepared the team is for Big Ten play
    “I like that we have gotten better each game and have definitely learned from our loss. We came together and realized what we had to do to improve and recognized the things we need to get better at. I think we are ready going into Big Ten play. We have leaders who have been through it and we have young guys that are mentally and physically prepared for it, so I am looking forward to it and I know these guys are as well.”

    On the team’s progression against the zone throughout the game”
    “Getting the ball inside was key and getting to the bonus early on with 14 minutes to go definitely helped us a lot. We shot 31 free throws tonight, so I would say getting the ball inside helped keep our confidence up and it opened up the outside game as well.”

    Jacksonville Head Coach Cliff Warren

    On the team’s hot start:
    “I thought we came out and played Jacksonville basketball. We were disruptive, we got some deflections, and we took a lot of charges because we knew they were going to drive. I thought we were very under control and were able to get a bunch of easy baskets by driving the ball at their big guys. I thought we were just really in tune to the scouting report.”

    On Jordan Hulls’ high three point scoring:
    “I’m sure people see him do that all of the time. He can really shoot the ball, but we didn’t do a good job of finding him in transition and we never made him do anything other than shoot threes. We never made him drive the ball or really guard on defense; but give him credit because he made shots in the first half and the second half. That stretch in the first half where the game was close, he stretched it out by himself.”

    On the main difference between the first and second half:
    “I’m sure Coach [Tom] Crean had some choice words for them at halftime and got them fired up. I think their guys came out with a little bit more energy than our guys. We started the game with energy, but they started the second half with more energy. I think the types of 3’s we were getting in the first half were different than the types of 3’s we were getting in the second half. I thought we shared the ball a lot in the first half, but I think the ball kind of got stuck with certain guys and we didn’t reverse the ball or share it as much in the second. They were making shots and they were pushing the ball up the floor, so it was more difficult to get shots. We turned it over and they took our turnovers and scored.”

    On what the team can take away from this game:
    “I think there were segments in there where we did things that we were supposed to do. At the beginning of the game, we took charges and caused some disruption and made some easy baskets. If we can continue to do that against Atlantic Sun opponents, I will feel very confident.”

    On Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell’s performance:
    “He controlled the ball and never turned it over. I thought we would get him in some charges and I thought we would get him to take a couple bad shots but he didn’t. He was very poised and very good tonight.”

    On how the team played against Cody Zeller and Christian Watford inside:
    “I thought we played well early. We limited their touches and took some charges. Maybe they weren’t looking to throw the ball inside but then Hulls got going, so they just continued to go back to him.”




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