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    Indiana vs. Ball State Postgame Quotes

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Dec. 30, 2006

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    Head Coach Kelvin Sampson

    On the Hoosier run that ended the first half of play:
    "Ball State played us small. The hardest thing to guard in basketball is penetration. They didn't start a traditional lineup and it took us a while to get it figured out. D.J. (White) plays a lot better against 6'10" guys than he does against 6'4" guys, he guards the block and we defend the block. There was no block to defend tonight, everything was out at the 3-point line. Our pressure worked against us sometimes tonight. Without denying and pressuring, all of the sudden a kid turns a corner and there's no help sign. Normally, there are guys at the basket, but our guys were behind the 3-point line. I thought we figured it out and adjusted the last 10 minutes of the first half. The first 10 minutes of the second half we went up 25 and I think we did a lot of really good things during that period."

    On the different styles of play that the Hoosiers have seen from opponents this season:
    "I think there was a stretch there when I was coaching the Sooners, we played Princeton four out of five years. Even though they are a pain in the butt to play against, I always enjoyed preparing for them because it forced you to have to think. Ball State tonight, they were doing things tricky. D.J. (White) had to guard a guard, Lance (Stemler) had to guard a guard. Even against IUPUI, Kentucky and Duke, they all had big guys. This time they had five two guards - we hadn't seen that before."

    On if IU is ready for Big Ten play:
    "I think everybody in the country is ready for conference play. It's conference time. It doesn't matter whether you are at Ohio State on the road first or play Ohio State at home. We have 16 conference games, eight at home, eight on the road. At the end of the 16 games you shuffle them up, look and see where you are and go from there. We start with Ohio State, then come home and play Michigan State on Sunday and Purdue on Wednesday. You've got 16 games and play them all."

    On the contribution of freshman forward Xavier Keeling:
    "For a freshman, Xavier has pretty good basketball IQ. We're working on his shooting, and I can see improvements in that area in practice. He passes the ball pretty good, defends it pretty good and rebounds it pretty good. He's a tough kid. He needs to continue to develop his offensive game - it helps to have a four man as well as your post that can step out and make jump shots. Once `X' develops that part of his game, I think he's going to really help us."

    On the positives and negatives of the team heading into conference play:
    "I think we're pretty good at what we do right now. When you play in conference play, the most important part of the game is guard play. If we have good guard play then we'll have a chance to be successful in this league. Having played at Kentucky and at Duke helped us play in a tough environment. There are eight road games, but teams have to come to our place eight times, too. It's tough to beat a really good team on the road and I think it's going to be tough to beat us here. I think we're good. We're as ready as we are going to be."

    Ball State Head Coach Ronny Thompson

    On what lost the game tonight:
    "We hit a low right before the end of the half. I thought that we came down and took some crazy shots. I thought that at times throughout that little stretch, they outworked us. I thought we fought very hard and very well through most of the first half. Then in the second half, we hit a little stretch where we got some things going again. But you can't take anything away from Indiana. They are a heck of a team, they are strong and physical team, and they keep their focus, which is what you want to do to win games."

    On playing the small line up:
    "We had to go small from the beginning of the game. I thought the guys scrapped, I thought we competed. I thought that we did do some good things. For us to be able to come in here and out rebound a team like we did tonight, I think that is a testament to how hard our guys fought. We didn't lay down today which I was proud of. We didn't have all our ammunition today."

    On how Indiana ranks compared to other tough opponents this season:
    "They are just as good as any other team we have played. We've played a lot of tough teams, and (Indiana) ranks right up there with them. They are a very strong team. They have versatility in their back court. They have kids that can knock down shots. They are quick to the ball and they play hard, which is half the battle. They have a very steady point guard in (Earl) Calloway who seems to make all the right decisions. He doesn't come into the game forcing his shots, he takes what the defense gives him and then he makes them pay. This is one heck of a team. When we were preparing for this team, we were looking at different match-ups, and we saw some talented kids coming in and playing hard. You bring in a kid like (Armon) Bassett off the bench. You think you are going to have a let down. When you have a player like that who can play either guard position, who can work the pick and roll, and knock down shots, this is a very good team."

    On what Indiana did to adjust to the zone defense:
    "I thought our guys were getting out to the wings, and early Indiana was standing. Then when they started to penetrate and not just jack up shots, and become more patient in the half court offense, I thought they had some more success. We tried to keep them off balance because we knew going into it we just couldn't stand toe to toe and slug with them all night. We tried to mix some things up to keep them off balance so they couldn't get into a rhythm."




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