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    Coach Crean Talks About Wednesday's Game at Ohio State

    Go Hoosiers! Head Coach Tom Crean met with the media on Tuesday to discuss the Hoosiers' meeting with Ohio State at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Head Coach Tom Crean met with the media on Tuesday to discuss the Hoosiers' meeting with Ohio State at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Jan. 5, 2010

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Head Coach Tom Crean met with the media on Tuesday to discuss the Hoosiers' meeting with Ohio State at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

    Below is a full transcript:

    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean

    On Ohio State's Evan Turner potentially playing:
    "We're preparing for him, certainly. We have been since we really started our preparations in earnest. Our opinion of their program and their team is that without him they have an excellent team, without a doubt, and with him they're a national title contender. They put very good players on the floor. They don't play a lot of guys right now, but they can all make things happen. We're well aware of how good they are. He just adds things because certainly if he's there he's one of the best players in the country."

    On how Turner's availability affects the team's preparation:
    "You hate to say that it's two preparations. We've tried to really make sure that we focus on how we want to defend and the things that we want to do to attack, but you have to adjust for him being in at a different position or being in at the point guard spot. That's exactly what we've tried to do. Our players are well aware of how good he is. It only makes good sense to prepare for him and then when things start to come out today it makes you believe that you did the right thing, so we'll see what happens."



    On the difference between Ohio State with and without Turner:
    "He does so many things with the ball that creates for everybody else. They can all get their own shot. They can all make shots on the perimeter and they can all get their own shot. (Jeremie) Simmons is the same way when he comes off the bench. There's no question that they have a really good team, but with him, he makes you help and you have to really be conscious of it.

    "The thing that he does so well is he gets to the boards on both ends. He raises their energy level in their press and we fully expect to see the press as well. That's one of the absolute best things that they do. If you look at the games that they were down, the press brought them back, be it Butler or North Carolina. I'm sure they've watched us and might think that they can press us, which isn't a bad deduction.

    "It's not like you can drop everything you're doing and say Evan Turner's back, let's really focus on him. Jon Diebler has played extremely well against us. William Buford averaged 21 points last year as a freshman in the two games against us. David Lighty we didn't face last year, and he is a major league athlete, a both-ends-of-the-court gazelle. He just makes things happen. So we've got to really be locked in to what our game plan is."

    On the challenges of the first Big Ten road game:
    "It's the first time these guys have been in a totally hostile environment with the exception of the couple hundred people there that are cheering for us. It's a big deal. It's Ohio State's home opener when it comes to the league. We just have to understand that we pack our shoes and uniform. It doesn't necessarily mean our jump shots are getting packed. It doesn't necessarily mean our free throw shooting is getting packed.

    "It's corny, but they have to make sure that their ability to guard, their ability to get on the glass, their ability to share the ball, those things have got to come with us no matter what. Those are effort and execution related. We've got to really focus on that. We can't focus on this person's got to make this many shots and we've got to get this guy that many shots. We've got to focus on moving the basketball and understanding what we need to do defensively. We had crowd noise today, but it's still not even close to what you get on the road, especially with all those other people in the stands that make it that way, but we're not going to dwell too much on it. It's here and let's go play it and let's see what we can do inside of it."

    On how the practices have been since the Michigan game:
    "They've been very good. We backed off physically this weekend because certainly this is a break period. In past years, we would have gone full bore the entire time, but I wanted to back off them a little bit. Friday was a real execution day, a sense of breaking the game down to some of the finer points of it. Saturday was a lot of individual work and a lot of five-on-zero work. Sunday was a lift day and a film day, not a practice day. Yesterday and today we were very sharp."

    On Ohio State's four-guard lineup:
    "I think Ohio State is so dangerous because they not only put guys that can make shots out on the floor, but they can get to the rim. Every one of those guys can get to the basket. They want to middle-drive a lot. Maybe of all the teams we've played, and we felt like Maryland was the same way but Maryland had more of a continuity offense, this team really wants to attack the middle and they're very good at it. Turner just adds to that. When they're really good is when they're creating a lot of help situations, getting you in a lot of different rotations. I don't know how the game will play out in that sense, but matching down is certainly an option for us."

    On whether it helps to have a week in between games following the win against Michigan:
    "That's always the $64,000 question. A lot of times you just want to get right back at it, but we had a very emotional week. We came back from Christmas and we had the Bryant game and we had [Maurice Creek's] injury, which took a lot out of us emotionally because there's a lot of thought time into that with their teammate being down.

    "[Michigan] was such an emotional victory. We didn't play emotional, we played with great emotion, but at the same time it was emotional. In that sense, you probably want a little time to let them get that back up. As I continue to evolve as coach, you're constantly trying to be aware of your mental energy, as well as your physical energy. It's a long, long season. We keep preaching 17 one-game seasons, well that's 17 more games in that sense. We've got to make sure that we're doing everything to maximize the day, not just for that day, but for the long haul with this. I don't have a great answer to it. It is what it is, and we've tried to do the best we can inside of it."

    On what he wants to see from Jordan Hulls as his career goes on:
    "I think he just needs to continue to build on the pace that he's at. With all the young guys, you'll see a difference in their bodies in a year so that will be a part of it. With Jordan, I want to be able to move him around as much as possible and we're already doing that. He can bring the ball up. He can play the two spot. The next big step is going to be how he guards. He's a very, very conscientious defender.

    "Tomorrow night, for all of our guys, they set screens and move screens very, very well and it's a big part of their offense. If we expect a whistle every time that we run into a screen or the screen moves then we'll be sadly mistaken. We learned that last year. I don't like it, but that's the way that it is. That's part of being in this league. All you're looking for is the consistency on both ends of the screening.

    "At the same time, we can't coach that way. We can't coach in a sense of, `Hey, try to get around this.' You've got to do everything you can do to possibly get under it, get over it, and avoid that screen. Jordan is one of those guys that we have to continue to help learn how to do that."

    On the first road game being this late in the season:
    "This was the way that it was. Last year, by this time, we played at Kentucky and we played at Wake Forest and then we played the neutral games at Lucas Oil Stadium and in Maui. It's just part of the way schedule worked out for us. If we hadn't gone to New York we may not have played any other games on the road outside of Puerto Rico. Next year we'll be on the road more. We'll be at Kentucky and the odds are good that we'll be on the road for the ACC game so over a period of time it balances out. It is what it is. We're going to have nine road games and this is the first one."


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