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    Earl Calloway - Running The Floor

    Go Hoosiers! Senior Earl Calloway is currently averaging 10.1 points per game.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Senior Earl Calloway is currently averaging 10.1 points per game.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Jan. 8, 2007

    Earl Calloway likes to be the center of attention.

    He made headlines when he transferred to Indiana in 2005 from Georgia Perimeter College, becoming the first junior college recruit for the Hoosiers since the 1999 season.

    In his role as the point guard, he is the first to take the ball down the floor. His teammates watch him for what play they will run so they can be prepared to execute.

    Calloway had Hoosier fans looking his way in the 2006 NCAA Tournament, in which he played some of his best basketball of the season against No. 11 San Diego State and No. 3 Gonzaga. He nearly recorded a triple-double against the Bulldogs with 13 points, 10 assists and nine rebounds. In addition, Calloway had a then-career-high 18 points against San Diego State.

    Calloway is again gaining attention this season with his play at the point, both offensively and defensively. He has worked to earn his spot on the floor, and his dedication and tenacity is beginning to pay off. December has been a breakout month for Calloway, who led Indiana with 20 points against Western Michigan and tallied 21 against IUPUI.

    For Calloway, his focus on being successful starts with himself.

    "I want to be successful to help this team win," Calloway said. "I want to become a better player and be a better leader. Being successful on the court is what drives me to play well - to play hard. I want to win a Big Ten title and a national championship. I keep continuing to get better and improving each and every day."

    On the court, Calloway knows that his job, as both a senior and as a point guard, is to lead the other members of the team.

    "I lead by action, beginning defensively," Calloway said. "Offensively, I let them know what we're running and how to get organized on offense and defense so that we are all on the same page.

    "Coach (Sampson) has been emphasizing for me to control the ball, the team and my decision making," he adds.

    His leadership is also evident off the court.

    "I tell them to be ready to play," Calloway said. "I try to lead by example. Have the guys excited and ready to roll. I'll say different words and things of that nature to get hyped. I just tell them to be ready to go."

    To encourage himself, Calloway finds inspiration in his family, friends and motivational literature.

    "My father, my mother, a guy named Woody, and another person named Mr. Allen are my biggest influences," he said. "They were with me through the good and bad, and taught me to keep my head up and keep thanking God for the opportunities and blessings that he's disposed upon me.

    "I read self empowerment and religious books. I try to instill the lessons in my personal life."

    Despite his seriousness about his game, Calloway is a self-admitted jokester.

    "I'm a lot of fun," Calloway said. "I do a lot of joking around and cracking jokes on people. People enjoy my company, I don't know what it is."

    When he's not playing basketball or studying, Calloway is like any other college student. He likes to watch movies (his favorites are "The Godfather" and "The Count of Monte Cristo"), listen to music - "whatever's flowing in the iPod" - and go out with friends.

    Although Calloway is cherishing his time at Indiana, he's also looking forward to the next step.

    "I'm going to the top of the world," Calloway said. "I'm graduating from here with a degree, and I want to be a television host.

    "I'm sexy, you can't keep this pretty face off TV," he adds with a grin.




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