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    Previewing No. 7/8 Indiana at No. 5/5 Ohio State

    Go Hoosiers! Christian Watford
    Go Hoosiers!
    Christian Watford
    Go Hoosiers!

    Jan. 14, 2012

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Indiana head coach Tom Crean, along with senior Matt Roth and junior Christian Watford, preview the Hoosiers' game at No. 5 Ohio State on Sunday, Jan. 15.

    Head Coach Tom Crean
    On the Ohio State game:
    "This will be a high-level, intense game. A game where both teams will know each other very well and will come down to how well each team adapts to how they are being played."

    "OSU is a well-coached and talented team that can score the ball in a lot of different ways. They can play inside out, they can drive but more than anything they have a lot of different weapons you have to defend at all times."

    "It's important that we limit our turnovers and not allow them to get out in transition and get easy baskets."

    On playing OSU twice in four games:
    "Every game is different whether you played each other two weeks ago or two months ago. More importantly, as a team we need to have great communication and awareness and focus on the things that have made us successful thus far."

    "Right now players are getting into a routine with two games a week, classes, practices and travel. That's what makes conference play so tough, especially in the Big Ten."

    On Cody's play and how he is improving:
    "I think every time Cody plays, he learns something and he adapts that to his game. I think defensively he needs to continue to work on his verticality. Offensively, I thought he looked to make plays, Thursday."

    On Will Sheehey's contributions:
    "Will did a great job with his rehab. He paid attention while he was out and kept himself mentally ready. He was much more vocal than he has been and also trying to help his teammates play as hard as they can. Every day he gets better and his presence will increase competition in the games and more importantly in practice."



    "I think when you have something taken away, it gives you a different appreciation and Will has certainly come back with that type of attitude."

    Senior Matt Roth
    On the Ohio State game:

    "I think both teams will be coming in with an edge, both coming off tough losses this past week. I think both teams will make adjustments based on the game two weeks ago."

    On learning from the Minnesota game:
    "We have done a good job throughout the year of communicating and helping on defense and for whatever reason, we did not do that as well last game. It's something to learn from and take with us as we move forward."

    On playing an opponent a second time in two weeks:
    "It's tough to say whether it is an advantage or not. It's fresher in our minds and we remember how we played them, but we know teams make changes and we have to prepare for them like we always would."

    On playing off the team's defense:
    "We have to continue to understand that the best things happen for us when we play great defense. We are going to get deflections, we are going to get rebounds, fast break opportunities, layups and that makes the game easier."

    Junior Christian Watford
    On playing an opponent a second time in two weeks:

    "At this point, it really doesn't matter. You just have to be ready to go."

    On Sunday's game:
    "We have to be more active on defense and our communication level has to go up. I think they will try and pound the ball inside, but we also know they have so many players who can hurt you."

    On playing off the team's defense:
    "It's what has gotten us to where we are right now. If you get easy baskets in transition, then that turns into confidence on offense."


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