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    Previewing Wisconsin at No. 2/2 Indiana

    Go Hoosiers! Christian Watford
    Go Hoosiers!
    Christian Watford
    Go Hoosiers!

    Jan. 14, 2013

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Associate Head Coach Tim Buckley, along with Jordan Hulls and Christian Watford talked to the media on Monday about Tuesday's matchup with Wisconsin in Assembly Hall.

    Associate Head Coach Tim Buckley

    Opening Statement:
    "Good Afternoon. (We are) looking forward to a really good game tomorrow night, and a really good opponent. We feel like we've learned a lot over our first three Big Ten games. We're continuing to improve and looking at getting better as we go through it, and we know every game is going to be a tough game and a good game. So we really welcome that. We have had a couple of good days of very good preparation and we look forward to playing the game tomorrow night."

    On how Wisconsin has adjusted to their injuries and picked up their play in the last 6 games:
    "Well they have such great veterans up front. They have been able toease the transition for the younger guys in the back court.(Traevon) Jackson and (George) Marshall have both grown, as you can see throughout the season, and they are making better decisions and they are playing the way they want them to play. You can see that they are playing with much more confidence than they did earlier in the season. The other thing is that they didn't have a true team until (Mike) Bruesewitz got healthy. I think that had a little bit to do with how they played earlier in the season.

    On what he has learned in 4 years in preparing for Bo Ryan teams:
    "I have learned that over the past two years we are 42 and 10, and that we've got a few more weapons than maybe we've had in the past years and they have been very good. You have got to try and play at your pace and not their pace. They're not going to make mistakes; they aren't going to beat themselves. You've got to be physical, you've got to be tough, you've got to finish through contact, you have to share the basketball. You can't take quick shots or bad shots. You can't settle for the mid-range stuff and you've got to be very good on the backboards."



    On how important it is to control the pace against Wisconsin:
    "Well we're going to play the way we want to play. I don't think anybody can keep anybody from running unless you grab their jersey and hold them back maybe. We want to get out and run, but that doesn't necessarily mean we want to shoot fast. We want to get the best shot available, but we want to play at a tempo that we want to play at and I'm certain that they'll want to play at the tempo that they want to play because they have done that very well for whatever time Coach (Bo) Ryan has been there. They do that exceptionally well and so we have got to try play the way we want to play."

    On how you speed the game up against their methodical play:
    "Well I think that some of it is with pressure and some of it is with being aggressive. I also think that you have to be intelligent when you play that way, because you don't want to foul, you don't want to gamble and you don't want to give them easy opportunities, because they do have good basketball players and they read situations very well. We have to be intelligent with our pressure but we also want to play the way we have played for 16 games this year and continue to do that."

    On how it helps to have Jordan in the backcourt with freshman Yogi Ferrell:
    The first thing I would say is that freshman point guard we have has never been a freshman. He is pretty special in that regard. He's running the basketball team and he's played against some very good teams and he's played right through some Big Ten games. He just figures it out. I think he made the comment after the Minnesota game where he got a shot blocked and the next two times he went down the lane and finished both of those. He kind of said after the game "Well I guess he got me on that one." But it was just that one. And that's not how a freshman looks at things. So there's a great maturity to him in that regard. But, yes, I do think it helps to have an older player in the backcourt with him but I also think they have great chemistry regardless of how old they are. Those two play really well together."

    Jordan Hulls:

    On how difficult it is to prepare for Wisconsin considering they play a completely different style of offense:
    "We like to play the game at two different paces but the coaches are doing a good job preparing us the best they can. Knowing Wisconsin's sets and trying to take them out of different things and knowing how to continue to play our own game will be important. They are a good team and we just have to figure out early what it is they like to do and take that away."

    On the advice he gives to Yogi Ferrell about playing against Wisconsin's backcourt:
    "Any team in the Big Ten is physical and Wisconsin is no different. We know they like to crash the boards and we have to make sure we get back on defense because although they may not like to run the ball, they will if the opportunity is there. The biggest thing will be to box-out and rebound."

    On the Hoosiers' struggles against Wisconsin in the past:
    "It's a new year and that's the way we are approaching it. We obviously don't like to lose but it's a new team this year and we're going to continue to stay focused on that and do what we can do now."

    On Wisconsin's lack of turnovers:
    "They're just dedicated to running their offense and doing what their coach wants them to do. In order for us to get turnovers against them, we will just have to get in their passing lanes and create havoc and know their game plan and their tendencies as well as possible. Doing all that will really benefit us."

    On Indiana and Wisconsin being the last two teams without a Big Ten loss:
    "It's definitely a tough conference. We are going to take it one game at a time and try our best to win every game that we are in. Next game up is all we are focused on."

    On Wisconsin's shift from guard-focused in the years past to having more emphasis on their front court this year:
    "They have two really good big guys, but their other players are good as well. We just have to focus on their tendencies and try not to let them get to the spots that they want. They are very talented and they know what they want to do, so we have to do a good job of taking advantage of what we can with what the coaches are giving us."

    On how much a home atmosphere helps with setting the pace of the game:
    "It's always good to play at home. We love the energy that our crowd brings and we try to play off that energy but we have to be able to create energy for ourselves as well."

    On how Kevin "Yogi" Ferrell has performed so far during Big Ten play:
    "I think he's playing great. He's doing everything that we are asking of him and he's asking questions on what to expect and what he needs to do. He's willing to do whatever it takes in order for him to help the team and he's done a really good job of staying under control and playing his game. He's making great plays, offensively and defensively, and we just have to let him know that we have full faith in him and that we've got his back."

    Christian Watford:

    On playing more aggressive:
    "I've changed my mindset a little bit but it's just a question of playing the same from start to finish. Getting out and hitting the glass early is the main thing and then just keeping it going from there. Coach Crean wants me involved as early as possible. Getting lay-ups and getting open shots early will get me started."

    On the importance of the bench production during the Big Ten season:
    "It's very important. We feel like we have great depth on our team and in order for us to be successful as we can, we are going to have to rely on our bench a lot. They've been playing well all year before the slump against Minnesota but we will get them going again."

    On the importance of having Hanner and Jeremy come in off the bench:
    "They bring a lot to our team and they've both come a long way. The more they play and the more experience they get the better they will be. From what I've seen in practice they are getting better and better every day."

    On what he has learned playing against Wisconsin in the past:
    "They never stop coming (at you). As the game gets later, they start coming harder and harder so we have to keep them off the glass. If they can't grab the ball (on a rebound), they will try to tip it out or do anything to try to get an extra possession. With their big guys, you have to constantly have a body on them and stay aware of them at all times."


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