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    Coach Crean Talks About Sunday's Big Ten Game against Iowa

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Jan. 23, 2010

    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean talks to the media prior to Sunday's matchup against Iowa in Assembly Hall at 6:00 p.m.

    To watch the video, Click Here.

    Here's a partial transcript of what Coach Crean had to say:

    On the challenges that Iowa presents:
    "They present a ton of challenges because they are playing at a very high confidence level. They won last weekend at home against Penn State and they played very well on the road against Michigan State. They had momentum late in the game (at Michigan State), and if that game goes a few more minutes it could possibly been their game.

    "To me, they shoot the ball extremely well and they are rebounding the ball extremely well. Our ability to get on the backboards at both ends is going to be crucial, especially trying to keep them off of their offensive glass.

    "We feel good about our gameplan. We feel good about the way that we responded yesterday, in much more of a walk-through setting and today in a live setting, so I know we are anxious to play."

    On Christian Watford responding to the challenge of rebounding more:
    "I would like for him to get that double-double a little earlier in the game - he is so capable. It's always tough when you miss it by one. But we have to have that because that's what he is capable of and that's what we need from him. When he gets better with his blocking out, he will average a ton of rebounds."

    On Watford's confidence now:
    "I think our whole key is to move him around. He a multi-dimensional player and he is growing into that. We are very comfortable with him shooting a three on the perimeter and with his pull-up game, especially around the elbow and the basket. He got a lot of attention (at Penn State) because he was getting double-teamed. It is just a matter of having his feel and getting people up in the air a little more. And using the backboard always helps because we certainly want to get him to the foul line. I think his comfort level as a player is growing all the time and it's very apparent. It shows up in the way that he plays and the way that we are playing."



    On the team staying grounded after a couple of wins:
    "Oh definitely. They are hungry to play. There is no over-confidence. There is a confidence, but there is no over-confidence. We are well aware of where we were picked (in the Big Ten Standings) at the beginning of this year and where Iowa was picked. We are well aware of what this league has to offer. I think we got their attention in a hurry yesterday when we showed them how Iowa looks when they are playing the way that they want to play.

    But we have to make sure that we stay true to the way that we want to play. Defensively, we worked very hard at concepts and personnel. Now it's just a matter of getting that engrained to memory so that they are very reactive with that on Sunday."

    On whether it is easier going into this game with two straight wins:
    "It would be easier going against anybody. You win a couple games, you feel like you can play and beat anybody and that's exactly what you want. It makes for some spirited practices. We have a lot of learning to do. We are still coaching angles and how we play this play and that play. Concept-wise, those aren't real natural to us just yet and that's what practice is for. You are not only getting ready for the other team, which poses its own challenges, but you are getting your team better. It's always a lot better when you can improve while you are winning."

    On Iowa's leading scorer, Matt Gatens:
    "He is a great three-point shooter that is not just one-dimensional. He can hit if off the dribble. We had special preparation a year ago and we plan to have the same thing tomorrow."


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