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    Previewing No. 20/20 Indiana at No. 22/23 Michigan

    Go Hoosiers! Will Sheehey
    Go Hoosiers!
    Will Sheehey
    Go Hoosiers!

    Jan. 31, 2012

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Indiana head coach Tom Crean, along with assistant coach Steve McClain, junior Christian Watford and sophomore Will Sheehey, preview the Hoosiers' game at No. 22/23 Michigan on Wednesday, Feb. 1.

    Tom Crean
    On Michigan:

    "I don't know that there is a lot different (from last year). I think they have really continued to build on what they have done since John (Beilein) has been there. I think you are going to deal with a unique system of offense with a lot of cutting and movement. They are tremendous with the ball screens and they mix their defenses well. I think the one thing they are doing this year, not just judging from our first game with them this year, but overall, is they are rebounding the ball so much better."

    "I think they bring a lot of different dimensions to the game and they can beat you a lot of different ways. I think they is something that has continued to be built upon since John has been the head coach."

    "They're getting older, and those guys (Zach Novak and Stu Douglass) that have been through it. They have done such a great job of providing leadership in that program. Trey Burke has made a big difference in their team. They're doing so much more with pick-and-roll basketball, with ball screens and one of the hardest things to defend with them is how they play up top."

    "They never put a guy out there that can't score and Tim Hardaway provides them with so much versatility and they have a lot of guys who can shoot at a high level. One player who maybe does not get mentioned enough is Jordan Morgan. When he plays well, the team follows and we have to be very aware of him."



    On importance of the Iowa win going into two road games:
    "It's important to play well and I think it's like anything else, we got to 17 wins and you've got to find different ways to win them and we have. There are a lot of things to shore up, but our guys did an excellent job of taking what the game gave them, really following the game plan. Everything we practiced for, they did and we took some of it away, some of it we didn't, but there's still a lot of improvement for this team with a lot of season left."

    Steve McClain
    On Michigan being any different than last time the two teams met:

    "I think, again, they've got great veteran players like (Zack) Novak, guys that understand what this league is all about. They've been through it. Trey Burke is a freshman like Cody's a freshman, but those other four guys they're putting out there have been through this league. I think a year ago they started out 1-6 and they're 6-3 right now. They're a solid basketball team who within their system does a very good job."

    On Michigan playing at home:
    "I've watched their road games and I've watched their home games. I've always said this about conference play, you get wrapped up in home and road and you make a big mistake. When you get into conference play, I've always believed, it really doesn't matter whether you're at home or on the road and to say I could see them playing different on the road, I didn't see them play any different on the road than they have at home and they've had great games on the road. They may not have gotten the win, but they're not a team that I can see that on the road they play this way and at home they play another way. I don't think there's any team in the league that does that so I can't say that there's anything in particular that they do different."

    On Trey Burke and Cody Zeller:
    "I think they're both getting a lot of attention. I think they both play major parts in their team's success and I think they both seem to handle the success they've had very well. I think as you look at both of them, I'm sure there are games they would both like to have back, but that's being a freshman. You look at the pressure that each one has bad on their team, it's probably very similar."

    Junior Christian Watford
    On the tempo vs. Michigan:

    "I feel like they are going to run more. When we looked at film, they run a little bit more at home. I'm sure they feel a little bit more comfortable in their system that they're running, but at the same time, they are going to try and take away our transition and we just can't let them to that."

    On getting the post established early:
    "It's going to be a big key, but we're just going to take what the defense will give us, whether it will be Cody (Zeller) or myself. We're just going to play through him and see what happens."

    On adjusting to Michigan after the first game:
    "We know they've gotten better and they are playing a little different since we played them, so we're just going to try and take some of their strengths away and make everything a little more difficult for them."

    Sophomore Will Sheehey
    On Michigan:

    "They are on the their home court so everyone will have a better feel about that. They know their court, they run their plays every day in practice on their court, but they are a good team that plays well both away and at home."

    On Trey Burke and Cody Zeller as two of the best freshmen in the Big Ten:
    "They get a lot of attention, but they deserve it. Both play well and do things for their team that a lot of freshmen can't do, both can impact the game offensively and defensively. From watching film, as a point guard (Burke) can get into the lane and distribute and that's something that a lot of freshmen point guards really can't do. They kind of sit back and watch, so he's doing a great job and Cody, as well. It's a big thing that they do, they can both look for their teammates."


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