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    Coach Crean Meets With The Media Prior To Wednesday's Game Against Ohio State

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 9, 2010

    Press Conference Video

    Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean

    Opening Statement:
    "There's no question we have a tall task tomorrow night in this game because of their explosiveness on both ends of the court. They're an outstanding defensive team. They're causing a ton of disruption to people's offenses in the Big Ten because of the turnovers they create. They've got as good of length as anybody in the league and they really do utilize it. So we've got to take care of the ball.

    "The biggest thing that hurt us down there, offensively, was that we had so many unforced turnovers in that game and they forced us to run our offense too far out because we didn't get penetration. We didn't get great screening and hopefully we've learned a lot. I think we're so much different from when we played there. We've watched the film and I don't want to spend a lot of time showing that to this team because we spent so much time on it at first.

    "We're a better team, there's no doubt about that, but I think they are too because they have a healthy Evan Turner. They're playing with a lot of confidence right now. They absolutely blew out a few teams as of late, and I think so much of that is because of their defense and so much of that is because of the way they share the basketball and they make the next pass. I think they're as good as anybody we've played at making the next pass. Our rotations, our ability to pressure the ball, our ability to stay in the gameplan and still be able to make adjustments inside of it are very important.

    "We have to be in attack mode in this game too, and that's going to be crucial. We need to be able to execute and get the ball in the lane, get the ball inside, get the ball reversed. All of those things that we've been getting better at, we're really going to have to do that in this game."

    On the team maturing:
    "We're maturing, but I wouldn't say that we're ready to be that kind of team yet. We still have too many lulls. The big focus for us certainly the last few days has been can we continue to compete even more so on the glass and on the backboards and understand that that's what wins at any level, especially at this level. It's having a toughness, a `street fighter' mentality. It's very hard for young guys to understand that when there's not a lot of guys that have been down the road through that, to say that this is why we do this, this is why we do that. You have to continue to build that inside of your team.



    "We've really worked harder at stringing stops together, and put a lot of emphasis on stops in a row and trying to build our defense that way. We're better because we understand how to play harder longer. We understand that screening, driving the ball, all of those things get us to the foul line. We're better than what we were, but like I said, so is everybody else. I don't know where it begins and ends, but in a game like tomorrow night, as much as any we have played, the margin for error is so small because of their talent and athleticism. We have to be really, really good at taking care of the ball. And we have to be really, really good at keeping people in front of us at the other end."

    On team goals on the defensive end:
    "We have goals and numbers that usually work. A big thing for us is three stops in a row. How many times can we get that inside of a game. I think it's a pride thing, it really is. It's execution, it's talk, it's technique, but more than anything else, it's pride. Pride is really your will and coming together and imposing your will. That's where we're not as mature yet, and to understand that we've got to cover for each other defensively. We still haven't grown through all of that yet. We're still not always willing to get on a teammate when that needs to happen. I do think we're better at that, and we're growing into that because it's something that's expected constantly. We've got to become a harder team to score against and to rebound against for longer stretches in the game. Everybody's going to have lulls and that goes without saying, but we've got to cut our lulls down."

    On mixing up defenses against Ohio State:
    "I think you have to because they play so well with each other and they know how to find each other. They are not playing a lot of guys, and they don't have to, because their talent level is so high that they know where each other needs to be.

    "But you have to know what they are trying to do when they are at the top (of the key) and what they are trying to do from the wing and in the corners. But the most dangerous thing with them is points off turnovers, that's when they make their big runs, when they are getting deflections and turnovers. We are going to have to get the ball reversed, screen, be physical and aggressive and be in attack mode and not shy away from it like we did at their place earlier this year"


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