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    McClain Talks About Michigan

    Go Hoosiers! IU assistant coach Steve McClain
    Go Hoosiers!
    IU assistant coach Steve McClain
    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 11, 2011

    Steve McClain Video | Steve McClain Podcast

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Indiana assistant men's basketball coach Steve McClain met with media on Friday, Feb. 11, 2011, to talk about the Hoosiers' game at Michigan on Saturday, Feb. 12. Below is the transcript of the press conference.

    On Michigan's improvement over the last few games:
    "I think people have commented about how they're a young basketball team and they've continued to get better as the year goes on, like I think the whole league is getting better as the year goes on and you know, watching their game with Northwestern the other night, it's also the sign of when you go play someone the second time and people make adjustments. I thought in the game the other night Morgan, watching the tape of it, really stepped up and gave them a different presence inside and I also felt like Hardaway played with a confidence level that, again, he's played a lot of basketball, he's starting to change his level of play. So, in that game anyway, those two really stepped up and gave them a different effort.

    On the importance of guarding Michigan's 3-point shooters:
    "Well I think they're a team that one, any broadcast you watch of them the one thing people talk about them is they put four shooters on the floor almost all of the time and so you've got to in transition defense, in you're half-court defense always know where those shooters are and where their shots are going to come from and in our game here the first time, other than like you said the first possession we did a great job of being there on the catch. Again, give them credit, they've got very good shooters and they'll get it off quick if you're not there, and in the game here we did a great job of finding them.



    On how Jordan Morgan has developed for Michigan:
    "Well I think one, people forget he's a red-shirt freshman so he's really a year older and I think what he's done is become more aggressive. Just watching the last couple of games for them, whether its going to the glass or whether it's wanting the ball in the post, he seems to have just gotten a confidence and, again, give their guards credit, they've also found a way to get him the ball. So I think just an aggressiveness I didn't see out of him maybe three weeks ago."

    On how Jordan Hulls has improved since the last time IU faced Michigan:
    "Well I think Jordy does a great job, too many times in basketball people get caught up in the number of shots instead of the number of shots made. You know when I look at the stats sheets and see a guy score 20 points the first thing I want to do is look at is how many shots did it take him to get 20. Sometimes when you look at leading scorers in the country you know you go, `wow that guy's averaging 28 a game,' well what you better do is look at how many shots he's taken to get those 28. I think Jordy at times, probably a month ago, was passing up shots and you kind of start to figure out `I can't do that, I can't pass up an open shot' and when he still takes great shots. I think what he's done is get more comfortable and knowing where his shots are and when he's got to take them and he's become, I don't know if you say he's become more aggressive, but he's a sophomore, he's learning his skill at every game in what he can do and how it fits in. Now he's getting everybody's best defender and yet, the other night at Purdue when the game's over I think he had 15 shots and if you watched the game or you were there they were there every time he had the ball, they had a defender locked in on him. So I think he's doing better and better job all the time of finding where that shot is and to say there's a difference, I don't know if there is a difference. I think maybe he was passing up some open shots that he's not doing now."

    On how Hulls has adjusted to his role:
    "I think one, Jordy's always, again, there's not many times where you question the shot he takes. You know, like any shooter you're always going to have one or two that go `wow' but, I think he's done a great job of it. I always talk more about growth then I do `is he figuring this out or that,' he's learning ... how at this level to be successful scoring the basketball and I think his development as a player keeps getting better and better and so that's where more shots are coming is through his development as a player at this level."

    On how IU has gotten better since the first game against Michigan:
    "Well, I think we're defending and we defended pretty well that game. I believe they had 15 at halftime and I think you know, again you look at our games and we've found a way to defend, we've found a way to, when we've struggled to score, to continue to defend and rebound and keep ourselves right where we have a chance to win the game so I think we've continued to just get better defending the basketball and that's helped us have the opportunity to win Big Ten games."


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