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    Coach Crean Talks to the Media About the Illinois Game

    Go Hoosiers! Head Coach Tom Crean
    Go Hoosiers!
    Head Coach Tom Crean
    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 14, 2009

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    Indiana head coach Tom Crean

    On Devan Dumes:
    "It is still internal. We'll just have to wait and see. I'm not being evasive. I'm not trying to hold it from you. I'm not trying to play strategy games. We're just going day by day with this."

    On defending the three-point line against Illinois:
    "You don't want to over help. You've got to pressure the ball. We don't want to be in an over help situation. That is where they carved us up. We've got to do a much better job of guarding the dribble. We're getting better at it, but it is not anything to write home about yet. You don't want to over help against this team. They get great spacing, and they are as good of a passing team as there is in the country, let alone the league. They space the court really well and they put five shooters on the floor all the time."

    On Tom Pritchard's performance:
    "I think you've got guys moving forward all the time. I think I said this the other day, but that `freshman wall' stuff, that is real stuff. These guys are playing at a harder pace and a faster pace, and it is non-stop. You just have to learn to get used to it. He, since the third game of his college career, has demanded a lot of attention. He has gotten the double team in a lot of those games. A lot of game plans if their not build around him, he has got to be right there in the front of it. So, he has just got to continue to move around. We've got to put him in situations that he is not locked into one spot. He has to play through it, but at the same time, he has got to be more aggressive offensively. Much more aggressive looking for the basketball. Anytime somebody is not getting the ball, the offensive rebound is a great place to start. He is getting better, he just hasn't been getting the numbers. We want him to be very focused defensively, so we're not constantly playing in foul trouble because when you look back on it, that is a part of it too."



    On the approach after the first meeting with the Illini:
    "We didn't compete at all in the game, and they played great. They would've pretty much beat anybody in the country that day, but we certainly didn't help our cause. We were not competitive. We had the situation with Devan, where I sat him at the beginning of the game. He goes in and gets hurt right away. We didn't cut hard, we didn't screen. I keep telling these guys the two greatest forms of unselfishness on the offensive end are ball reversals and screens. We've got to be that way. At the same time, one of the purest forms of toughness you can show is being strong with the ball. We haven't show that. That was a big part of the problem the other night against Minnesota, we didn't show those aspects of the game very well and we need to do that."

    On the game being a sellout:
    "It probably won't hit until tomorrow, seeing that Stripe Out. The entire time here in the Big Ten, it has just been amazing watching this thing grow. I think for me, the Ohio State game was what was so amazing. We were sold out at 0-7. It says a lot about what people feel about the program. I know that they appreciate how hard these guys are playing and the fact that they are battling, but it says more about them and the way they love the program. That is what means a lot to me as a coach. When you come to Indiana, you don't expect anything buy sellouts, but then when you go through what we've gone through since we've been here, then you start to appreciate that anybody cares. Having it sold out, that is a big deal."

    On the internal process of determining whether Dumes will play:
    "It is just what we said we were going to do when it first happened. Putting him out there in front of you guys where it got picked up nationally like that. It is a whole process. There is no question. I've talked to Fred Glass about it. I've talked to the league office. We want to do the right thing, but at the same time, there are steps all along the way. That is what I mean by internal, I'm just not sharing that publicly. It doesn't mean that we've just blown it off. He has been with us every step of the way and that is really what it will come down to."

    On Verdell Jones:
    "I think what we've learned this year is with youth you can't depend on anything. The moment you start thinking that something is going to happen every game, that is when you make a mistake. With that being said, with him getting to the line and him playing with more offensive confidence. Like I said to him when he was shooting in the teens from three, in the past I've had guys stop shooting the ball. Even Jerel McNeal as a freshman, and now he is one of the best three-point shooters in the country, he was shooting in the teens and twenties and I said `We're going to be real selective now.' I never did that with Verdell. I thought that would've been the wrong message to send him confidence-wise. But again, if you're not working on your shot those things come pretty fast. He has continued to work on it. We want him to be a well-rounded complete player, getting to the rim, being able to shoot the pull-up, being able to shoot with range, being able to run the club, defensively being strong at the point of attack, off the ball, on the ball, all those things. Rebounding, we're a much better team when he gets four of five or six rebounds. That is a part of it to with him becoming a more well-rounded player."


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