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    Coach Crean Talks to the Media About Wisconsin

    Go Hoosiers! Devan Dumes
    Go Hoosiers!
    Devan Dumes
    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 18, 2009

    Indiana head coach Tom Crean met with members of the media to discuss Thursday night's game against Wisconsin at Assembly Hall. To listen to the full audio of coach Crean's interview, click Here.

    Indiana head coach Tom Crean

    On Devin Dumes:
    "I am going to play him. We are looking forward to doing that. I think we have covered the ground that we need to cover and its time to move forward. It is exactly what I hoped would happen and that is where we are at."

    On Contacting Commissioner Delaney before making decision:
    "No, I pretty much understood where this needed to be and I think we have open communication with people, like I have with the commissioner and like I have with Fred (Glass); and Fred doing the same thing with the league office to make sure that there is not a lot of drama. You just do what you need to do, you do what you have to do and we just do our best to take care, of like I said last week, take care of our house. You know, I am not going to get caught up with anything else that is going on around the country, we are just going to deal with what is most important to us and now we have done that it is time to move on."

    On Wisconsin:
    "Well they are like so many teams in the league, they can beat you a lot of different ways and they certainly have outstanding inside play. When you look at the way that Marcus Landry is playing and has played for some time and John Leuer is playing extremely well right now. Keaton Nankivil has been up more than down, and I know that injuries have kept him down a little bit, but he can score. He has already had a 20-point game shooting 75% in the league from the 3. Joe Krabbenhoft is well rounded and versatile and probably I think I have said this before, as good of a passer as there is. When you look at a wing passer, he is outstanding and he has been that way for a long time and we have been playing him since he was a freshman. At my time at Marquette we saw a lot of him.



    "Then in the backcourt they have penetration and guys that can make shots. So it is a very, very typical Wisconsin team in the sense that you know they are going to be extremely well coached. They can score early or they can take you down later with the shot clock. Or they will stifle you defensivly with the way they clog the lane and the way that they are very physical. And they are rebounding at a very high rate right now. Our whole key is to play smart. We want to be physical and tough. We want to bring that aggressiveness that we have in practice and sometimes show in games and make it more of a 40 -minute effort. We can't win in this league or win in any high-level league if we don't play for the full 40-minute period."


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