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    Go Hoosiers! Tom Crean
    Go Hoosiers!
    Tom Crean
    Go Hoosiers!

    March 1, 2014

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Indiana head coach Tom Crean met with the media on Saturday to talk about Sunday's game against No. 22 Ohio State in Assembly Hall. The game will start at 4 p.m. ET with the broadcast by CBS. Below is a partial transcript of what Coach Crean had to say.

    Indiana head coach Tom Crean

    On the defensive impact of Ohio State's Shannon Scott and Aaron Craft:
    "It's their whole team, I would never make it just two guys. Lenzelle Smith has done a lot of great things too. They are tremendous defensively. They attack the dribble. They do a great job of getting into the elbows and they will come off their man and cover a lot of ground. They are very, very experienced and they use that experience to create havoc. If you are not tough and strong with the dribble or if you over-penetrate and don't make simple plays and simple plays, they can really hurt you."

    On what the team has focused on going into this game given Ohio State's defensive reputation:
    "Just to be very smart and strong with the ball. There are certain places to say away from when attacking and there are other places that are a little more tangible for us. The big thing is to keep the ball moving and bodies moving and use the entire court. I can't stress it enough to be very strong with the ball. We have to have our head up and not drive into a crowd. We can't allow them to be at their best. We have to make quick passes and keep our head up."

    On Aaron Craft and what makes him so special:
    "The leadership is clear. The intelligence is clear. The toughness is clear. But I think what allows him - I think that he's not afraid to take and make big shots and he doesn't have to be the one to take it is clear. What separates him for me is the ground that he covers on each possession. He does multiple things, multiple times on every possession. That is hard to do. He can be in the corner guarding someone and he come all the way over to the other side to help. As we told our young guys, you have no idea what you are getting ready to see when it comes to hand speed and hand quickness - not only from him but from the other guards and the way they attack the basketball. He has been doing that from the beginning.



    "The thing that I look at him and see a guy that has always understood his impact on winning. He is one of those rare people that can set the pace for his team and he is good at trying to set the pace for the other team. When we didn't let him set the pace over there last year, we won. When we let him set the pace here last year, we lost, along with the fact that we weren't good enough with the basketball. That is a unique trait and he has it."


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