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    Coach Crean and Taber Talk to the Media about Michigan State

    Go Hoosiers! Men's basketball head coach Tom Crean took time to talk with the media on Monday.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Men's basketball head coach Tom Crean took time to talk with the media on Monday.
    Go Hoosiers!

    March 2, 2009

    Men's basketball head coach Tom Crean and senior Kyle Taber took time to talk about their upcoming game with Michigan State with the media on Monday. To hear what Coach Crean said, click here.

    Below are some of the things Coach Crean and Taber had to say:

    HEAD COACH Tom Crean

    On senior Kyle Taber:
    "With Kyle, I probably have not given him nearly as much credit as I will when it's all said and done here."

    "He did not practice on Thursday or Friday (last week) and went through the walkthrough in a very minimal way on Saturday morning with an ankle injury; and yet came out and played 35 minutes that night and didn't complain one bit. That epitomizes leadership, it really does. You show leadership or lack thereof in a lot of different ways. And when you are not a real verbal leader, you need to show it with your character and with your toughness, your body and your non-verbal ways. That's what he is doing. It's very fitting that he is playing his best basketball as the season winds down. It's a great sign of improvement. It's a great sign of someone that has continued to buy-in day in and day out and get better."

    "I'm proud to have coached him, and I know we've got more time but when it is senior night you want to make sure that everyone understands. I've been demanding of him, as our whole staff has and I've been hard on him, as our whole staff has because we have always looked at him as being a very, very valuable part of what we are doing her. He has done that. I am proud of the way he has contributed, proud of the way he has continued to improve. And proud he is a part of Indiana Basketball."

    "He is a very courageous person. He has excellent integrity. He's work very hard in trying to get better. That epitomizes what we are trying to do. There is a guy that has come out and here understood that he had the great honor to play at Indiana and he's taken advantage of that."



    On some of the problems that Michigan State presents:
    "They are so deep in talent. It's one thing to have depth, it's another thing to have the consistency of depth and it's a whole other thing to have the talent inside of that depth. They have that, there is no question about that. They can put numerous players out on the court."

    "There is a `never say die,' `never quit' attitude to them. They execute at a very high level and there are some things that they do as well as anyone in the country. They run the break as well as anyone in the country. They rebound as well as anybody in the country."

    On the continued fan support at home games...
    "I hope it is the start of something special, I really do. I believe that it is, I think that they (fans) believe that it is. There is no way that this team or this coaching staff or anybody would continue to have the energy and enthusiasm that they have for playing, practicing, working if it wasn't for the way this crowd has treated this team. And the fans have treated this team well all year."

    "It's one thing to support a team, and it's another thing to get behind it and be there with them. I know I haven't coached forever, but I have never seen anything like this, ever. That's why I could never get tired of talking about it, never get tired of thanking people. Every night you want it to be Fan Appreciation Night, because you appreciate what they have done and what they continue to do. I think it will continue to grow. I don't have any doubt that it will."

    SENIOR Kyle Taber

    On Tuesday night being Senior Night:
    "It's going to be special, sad and exciting at the same time. I'm ready for it though. It's my fifth year here so I knew it was coming sooner or later."

    On which teammate he learned the most from:
    "I learned a lot from D.J. (White). Just how he handles things especially with how big of a star he was around here. He did a lot of good things and you can learn a lot from just watching him and not even talking to him. So that was probably the biggest, but I have learned a lot from everyone that I have been around, all of my teammates."

    On the chance to become a freshman all over again:
    "It would be fun to be a freshman again and come in with this group of guys. They are fun guys and it would be a great four years to play ball with them."

    On his plans after graduation:
    "Try and finish up my masters in Sport Communication and maybe some college coaching - maybe get an assistant job somewhere while I finish it up."

    On the keys for success Tuesday night against Michigan State:
    "Control the middle part of the game, control the fast breaks and get rebounds at the end of the shot clock and then we are going to try and shut down their plays in the middle because they are really methodical. If we can stop those and make the player feed you, we will have a much better chance."


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